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is cramp during preganacy normal???

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trying4bump Thu 11-Aug-05 21:40:29

i have just found out on tuesday that i am 6 weeks pregnant but have had occasional cramp in my stomach a bit like period pains. A girl from work has told me she experienced the same thing but i'm starting to worry when i feel anything in my stomach.
Has anyone else had this????

tillykins Thu 11-Aug-05 21:43:41

I got it pretty much all the way through
Isn't it something to do with the muscles relaxing? Check with your midwife if you are worried

Miaou Thu 11-Aug-05 21:57:44

You can get pain during implantation IIRC, t4b. (ie when the placenta joins to the wall of the uterus). Also as tillykins says, as your ligaments relax to allow your uterus to swell, you can get pains in that area. I remember feeling the same when I went through my first pregnancy.

However if you are unsure it may be worth checking with midwife (or gp if you haven't been allocated one as yet).

Nemo1977 Thu 11-Aug-05 22:02:27

i had this from 5 weeks to around 12 completely normal stretching and adjusting.

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