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What/when were the first signs of SPD you noticed?

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plasticspoon Wed 09-Jun-10 13:52:48

As a hypochondriac confused I would like to hear what the first signs of SPD you noticed were and when. Does it always start at the front?

For the last couple of days I have been getting sharp pains right at the bottom of my spine/coccyx area. The left hand side is worse than the right, but I am getting niggles there too. When I sit it's just a bit achy but if I walk about it's really quite painful and worse if I am carrying anything (e.g. handbag). I am 20 weeks. Does this sound like normal pg back pain?

Thank you!

xMrsSx Wed 09-Jun-10 14:02:17

I got pain in my coccyx from really early on, about 10 weeks ish?? Then sharp burning pain usually in my left SI joint from about 14 weeks ish. Am now 20+5 and have pain in my left SI joint almost all the time which will also effect my right SI joint, hip joints and symph if I m having a particularly bad day.

It's a bit difficult to say wht is 'normal' or not, but if it is effecting you day to day then speak to your midwife and get a referral to a physio who can properly assess you. I got given a maternity belt (you can buy these) which helps it feel better, a bit.

If you are anything like me your handbag probably weighs about 2 tonnes so maybe pear it down a bit??? grin xx

Xavielli Wed 09-Jun-10 14:12:01

Mine started with clicky hips and I couldn't get up again after laying down as my left hip would just seize up. Then it gradually spread to the front AND around to my back. Unless it starts hurting at the front of your pelvis they won't admit that it could be SPD.

xMrsSx Wed 09-Jun-10 14:45:43

SPD is now renamed Pelvic Girdle Pain as it effects all the joints of the pelvis not just the symph so I don't think it is so important exactly where the pain is anymore... though this may well vary from HP to HP? Try this link it might be useful.

clairejs Wed 09-Jun-10 14:51:34

Symptons vary from person to person, for me it started around 26 weeks with achy inner groin, like I had pulled a muscle. then it felt like my leg had come out of place and needed to be 'popped back in'. now i cant get out of bed, turn in bed, stand up easily, walk more than ten mins etc. due to stiffness and pain. but its too late for me (35 weeks) to get physio unless it continues after birth, so i'd recommend to get it sorted asap. xx

japhrimel Wed 09-Jun-10 16:53:53

I've started getting hip pain at around 12 weeks, but I'm not surprised as I have hypermobile hips anyway. But that's PGP, not SPD, which is a very specific thing. Sitting on the wrong chairs and pushing s shopping trolley are my nemesis atm.

plasticspoon Wed 09-Jun-10 19:11:19

Oh, there's more than one type of pain?! i should have known! confused

xMrsSx I have exactly the type of pain you're describing...thanks for giving it a name! Sacroiliac pain. Just had to walk the dog - very unpleasant.

Oh, and the handbag thing...grin. Yup, it's massive. Carry my lunch (I'm eating for about 70) and walk into work. Will have to rethink.

Dunno if I really want to know, but <whispers> is it likely to get worse? confused

beccas Wed 09-Jun-10 19:26:11

I couldn't sit down through my first pregnancy because of cocyx pain - my DH is a physio and this is still def SPD. Get to your GP asap and ask for an immediate referal to the women's health physio at local hosp. they should be quite quick, because they know the quicker you get advice, the less pain and trouble you will suffer.
They will check you over, give you lots of advice and a belt so you don't have to buy one.
Yes it prob will get worse and the problem is that you need to rest, not be too active.
This pregnancy, I have it in the front and whilst it is 10 times more painful than last time, I can sit down!
Whatever you do, do not sit on the floor, it really is a killer. And totally agree with japhrimel on the shopping trolley! Get shopping online.
And if you don't have one, get a baby change unit or table etc, do not get on the floor after baby comes.
Another thing to consider is that if you have an epidural, check your pain threshold of opening your legs before they give it.
My hips were trashed after first preg, took a year to get anywhere remotley near normal.

Sorry to be so long!

mummytomyprincess Thu 10-Jun-10 10:27:21

I had it the last 3 months of pg.

Went to see Dr on midwifes advice who sent me for physo at local hospital - I jumped the Q as there was a long waiting list for physio - think it was the fact that it took me about 15 mins to get from the waiting room to his room!!

After being assessed (in bra and pants!!) I was given a series of exercises to do and was measured for a girdle.

It did help slightly but the pain was absolutely terrible - but I was very late on and heavy.

As soon as I gave birth it disappeared totally!

GavisconGirl Thu 10-Jun-10 10:31:56

I have this to a fairly mild degree, started with ache in coccyx and now have difficulty sleeping at night due to aching hips. I can also suddenly get very bad pains in lower back when walking which have had me in tears at points. I'm lucky int hat MOST of the time I'm OK though. I first reported this to GP around 22 weeks, finally got my referral to the physio at 32 weeks and have been diagnosed with pelvic girdle disorder (or whatever it's called) and given a belt.

The things that have helped me are:
Emptying handbag and only carrying essentials, buying a SMALL cross shoulder bag instead of carrying everything on right shoulder
Being careful where I sit on public transport - any seats that make me twist my back result in agony so better to stand than to sit perched on one bum cheek next to someone who takes up more than their seat! That has meant going in early and leaving work early.
Pillow between legs when sleeping (these need to be firm)
Sleeping on a duvet (recommended by physio and helps, apparently you need to lie on something soft when sleeping).
Staying fairly active (keep on walking when not too sore), swimming and pregnancy yoga have all helped

Also, I had severe problems at about 22 weeks, then was pretty good for about 8 weeks when problems have come back, but are still manageable. YOu won't necessarily get worse, it might get better. The doctor told me this and it helped me a lot at 22 weeks when I couldn't bear the thought of 4 more months of being in pain and immobile!

Sorry for long post btw

ktwiltshire Thu 10-Jun-10 13:31:09

my SPD/PGP pain started about 17 weeks, by 18 weeks it was affecting the amount i could walk so i got a referral to the physio, and 2 weeks later i saw the physio, got some cruthces and advice.

my pain from the SPD wasnt the normal/average type of pain at all, mine was almsot completely one sided (on my left), only very rarely central, and is anything from a dull ache in the background, to the rather odd sensation that the muscles/ligaments in my left leg were just not long enough, felt like i was completely unbalanced (still does lol), i also get/got sciatic pain, which is a sudden sharp pain down my left leg.

a lot of people dont get much worse from their initial symptoms and with good managment wont get worse, for some people it gets worse and worse. it will get a little worse, because the cause is most likely to be hormones, which increase as the pregnancy progresses.

it can get hugely worse, but thats rare. if you do develop SPD then come and join us on the SPD sofa thread! theres far too many of us!

emmadrew Thu 10-Jun-10 16:30:25

Sending all my sympathies and pelvis powers to anyone suffering with SPD/PGP! I'm just coming out the other side of it and - depending on the level you get - it can be very difficult to deal with!
My top advice would be to nag, nag, nag your midwives and doctor to make sure you get a referral to a physio as soon as possible. And for it all to be clear on your hospital notes.
There needs to be greater awareness of SPD/PGP...i'm off over to the SPD sofa to see what others are saying....

amyp567 Fri 15-May-15 08:25:02

I'm 18 weeks and have been struggling with hip and back pain for a few weeks now but my docs keep fobbing me off saying its too early to have SPD/pgp ???

Whatabout Fri 15-May-15 09:36:44

Amy this is a very old thread but - bollocks. I've had it from 8 weeks this time round. It's hormone related so can start early. Push midwife for a physio referral, I had one yesterday (they kept losing my form so had to wait to 22 weeks!) and they went through pain management, posture and some exercises.

blowinahoolie Fri 15-May-15 11:26:57

Spoke to midwife on the phone yesterday about my symptoms and she said sounds like PGP (pelvic girdle pain) so she's advised me to self-refer to physio which I've now done and got an appointment in 10 days time. Meanwhile I'm following the hospital's booklet on how to minimise the pain in day to day living until then....and trying pelvic floor exercises!

blowinahoolie Fri 15-May-15 11:28:27

I'm nearly 26 weeks pregnant so I've been fortunate that it hasn't hit me immediately this time. I've got two DC already and had this experience twice before....funny thing is, I had forgotten all about this until the symptoms came back a few weeks ago with this pregnancy!

CityDweller Fri 15-May-15 15:02:30

Pain in the butt, for me. Felt like I'd pulled a deep glute muscle on one side. So it took me a while to realise what it was. Started around 20 weeks. Eventually spread round to front, etc. Was worse weeks 20-30, then actually eased off a lot in the 3rd tri.

However, I'm on week 19 of pregnancy no.2 and so far it's not come back. I did have the 'glute muscle' thing early on in this pregnancy, and get occasional twinges at the front, but this time round have an excellent physio who puts me right. Or maybe it was just a pulled muscle this time.

ovumahead Fri 15-May-15 23:06:06

Get a back pack for your walks to work... Trust me! You won't regret it.

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