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Anyone due in August?

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Neen99 Sat 12-Jul-03 10:15:51

I am due my second baby boy on 18th August. Just went to midwife on Thurs and was told he is breech - panicking slightly, as I thought by this stage (34+ weeks) they pretty much stay in the same position! Midwife tells me there is plenty of time for him to turn, so fingers crossed!
Would hate to have to have c-section as I found giving birth to my first little boy naturally 16 months ago very painful, but the most rewarding and fantastic experience I have ever had.

pie Sat 12-Jul-03 10:20:43

Hi neen, if you try this thread there is alot to talk about breech babies.

August is a great month to be born, I've had many happy birthdays lying in the sun

Good luck!!

pupuce Sun 13-Jul-03 08:34:07

Neen99 - no reason for your baby not to turn.... you can try homeopathy (Pulsatilla 200) for 2 days or at 37 weeks you may go for an ECV (baby being turned by a doctor)... but there is still time and room for baby to turn (especially 2nd time around).

SarahBee Tue 15-Jul-03 13:04:55

Neen99, I'vew heard there are things you can do to encourage movement - I was told scrubbing the kitchen floor could do it.....but I figured watching telly on all fours must do the job just as well! Seriously, other things like not going on long car journeys where you're cramped in a seat, lying on left side whenever you can to give him space (something to do with way uterus is positioned), getting into all fours if you ever feel braxton hicks contractions - worth a try. I'm due Aug 11th with 1st and have been told baby's head down, but stupidly asked whether that'll mean he/she will stay there and got same answer as you (plenty of time for somersaulting)- so I'm paranoid that'll happen and desperate for next midwife check to see whether baby is staying put. Funny how I manage to find something to worry about, whatever the answer is. Good luck.

LucieB Tue 15-Jul-03 13:07:18

Lots of walking is good. My ds was born last August and he was breech for a while, then back to back. In the end, he got into the 'right' position. The walking helps and I also went swimming - lots of frontcrawl! Its nice as it cools you down in the hot weather and is good for the breathing....

Katherine Tue 15-Jul-03 13:24:40

Hi All. I'm due August 8th but as both my other babies were early I'm hoping for release by the end of July! Neen there is plenty of time for baby to turn yet so don't panic too much. Just keep telling yourself that most babies end up in the right position so there is more chance the he/she will turn than that they won't IYSWIM.

Feeling very uncomfy now and had worst night ever last night with horrendous heartburn and lumps everywhere. DH snoring didn't help either.

Good luck everyone. We are all on the home straight now......

princesspeahead Tue 15-Jul-03 13:40:37

Hi! Due August 30th with no 3, but expecting to be late and in September....

bundle Tue 15-Jul-03 13:48:10

Neen, I've just had my second daughter by c-section and though I wouldn't wish it on you (it's far safer for mum & baby to deliver vaginally) and hope your boy turns for you, do find out a little about c/s just in case. it's a big operation and ok it medicalises birth, but at least if you know about what could happen it's less of a shock if it does happen in order to keep you & baby safe. lots of luck and huge sympathy to anyone pregnant in this heat!

Frogling Tue 15-Jul-03 21:54:55

Hi Neen, I'm due with my second on August 6th and she can't make up her mind which way round she wants to be at the moment! Agree with SB about going down on all fours and swinging your hips as if you're scrubbing the floor - it worked with my dd, although ended up emergency caesarean in the end because my pelvis was too small for her big head!
You never know what's going to happen with these babies so try and relax and go with the flow, as it were. Good luck, and hope the baby turns - let us know what happens!

Neen99 Wed 16-Jul-03 09:15:14

At the hospital on Monday for 36 week check, so everything crossed
What a nightmare being pregnant in this weather! Hope he's early! (Not too early though, obviously!)

bunnyrabbit Wed 16-Jul-03 12:07:25

Due August 29th and oh how I'm enjoying travelling by train in this lovely weather....

Beccaroll Thu 17-Jul-03 20:06:40

Im due August 23rd and it cant come soon enough!! Im tired of being pregnant now especially in this heat!

Jess234 Thu 17-Jul-03 20:28:12

Hi everyone!

I am due on 25th Aug, with my first baby. Not as prepared as i would like to be, but still got some time.

Happy that its cooled down abit now!

Good Luck all!

trudles Thu 17-Jul-03 20:56:01


wellikins Fri 01-Aug-03 16:02:48

Just wondering how these August babies are coming along? I'm due on the 9th. Starting to feel really anxious about the labor and meeting him for the first time. Its my second child but can honestly remember nothing about my labor with my first, I can't remember much about the first three months to be honest! Just wondering what others are thinking now times almost up?

musica Fri 01-Aug-03 16:15:05

Hmm, well I guess I'd better join this thread now. Was due 11 days ago, so started the June/July thread - am VERY VERY VERY fed up now. Am starting to think my body is actually incapable of going into labour. Ds is really impatient too, but NOT AS MUCH AS ME!!! How are you all doing? Don't any of you dare have your babies before me!!!

wellikins Fri 01-Aug-03 16:23:13

Musica, You must be in agony!! I'm so feeling for you. I can't imagine getting much bigger than i am already. You poor poor lady, really hope everyone is being especially nice to you. Actually I expect people are starting to tut at you as if its your fault they have to wait!! My fingers are crossed for you that you can be the first August baby on mumsnet!!

bunnyrabbit Fri 01-Aug-03 16:30:55

I'm willing you contractions as I write this Musica.

Due on 29th and not finishing work till 15th. Feeling surprisingly OK as I've only put in about 9lb but starting to lose interest in anything that doesn't revolve around baby bunny.... at last I'm broody and washing all the little sock just makes it worse!!!

Why do I burst in to tears when I look at the cute little scratch mitts!!!

Oh yes, does it make you catch your breath when the baby does that turny/squirmy thing? I know it's running out of room but does any one else find it painful?

Not a very structured post, but then I'm not in a very structured moo.....

bunnyrabbit Fri 01-Aug-03 16:31:35


Katherine Fri 01-Aug-03 16:39:23

Oh Musica. Poor thing. Well I'll come and keep you company. 39 weeks today. What is wrong with this little one? Seems I'm going to cook them a little longer every time - thats it. Definielty no no. 4!

wellikins Fri 01-Aug-03 16:40:13

only 9lb!, I can't beleve it, I haven't weighed at all during this pregnancy but i'm guessing i've put on about 3 stone. I'm hoping i'm retaining water and not just a huge baby! OUCH
I find that any movement he makes at the moment is painfull enough to take my breathe away. My tummy just can't expand anymore!

musica Fri 01-Aug-03 16:44:56

I think I've actually lost weight this pregnancy (except for the baby obviously) - definitely thinner, especially round chest area - I thought you were supposed to get bigger up top! Sorry you've not had any movement either yet Katherine, although maybe your dh will have done the trick!

Katherine Fri 01-Aug-03 17:55:07

It'd better. H'es invited his brother to come and stay tomorrow. Brother will be sleeping on the old sofabed where I plan to deliver. Can't imagine him being that impressed if I ask him to shove along a bit.......

Beccaroll Fri 01-Aug-03 18:13:38

Im due on the 23rd . Saw the doctor yesterday and the baby is ROA and head is starting to engage

Im 37 weeks now and really not looking forward to going overdue, please let me be on time or even a little early if the babe is ready

I have even grown out of most of my maternity clothes! How much bigger can I get?!

pupuce Fri 01-Aug-03 19:01:16

Full moon is on 12 August - that's a bit too late for you Musica !

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