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Scar rupture.........

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HelenEmjay Wed 10-Aug-05 13:01:30

Hiya everyone, this is my third pregnancy, i had an emergency section with my first and an elective with my second, while talking to my consultant at 12 weeks with this baby he said it shouldnt be a problem but to be aware of any pains around the scar area in late pregnancy as although its rare your scar can rupture during pregnancy, well i havent had any 'problems' as such but i am now 34 weeks and have in the last week had some very sharp pains on my right side just under my belly button not where the external scar is - thats fine as far as i can tell! but obvioulsy there are scars inside that you cant see, if these inside scars where to cause a problem where would you expect to 'feel'it, im not worried yet but sometimes when baby moves in that same spot it can be very very sensitive it feels like i have been punched there and its bruised! i just wondered if i should be worried or not? should i try and arrange to see midwife? i only went last thursday and i dont think she is expecting to see me again for a while! not sure what to do?

Helen xxxx

Joseyjo Thu 11-Aug-05 12:45:09

if you have been told to look out for pain and you are experiencing tenderness then i would definitely mention it to someone.
i am in a similar situation to a degree - emergency cs with no.1 and am now having to have a planned cs for no.2 (in about 6 weeks!!) a bit early to try and prevent me from going into labour and potentially rupturing my scar (special circumstances for me though). i have been told to tell my consultant if i experience any pain/discomfort and have told her about the tenderness that i have felt in what feels like the muscle scar between my belly button and the skin scar. she said not to worry - quite normal. i am seeing her every 2 weeks so she is monitoring me quite carefully.
hope that helps..

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