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February 2011 babies

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suzym1984 Sun 30-May-10 08:25:25

Hi everyone!

Well, I got my BFP on Friday morning and it is only just starting to sink in! According to my dates I am due 2nd Feb and I thought it would be nice to have a Feb babies thread, where we can all share our news/worries/excitement!

Cant wait to hear from you

HazB2010 Sun 30-May-10 18:58:29

Hello, did 2 tests this weekend and both positive (very excited). Not exactly sure when due, but should be early February. Look forward to chatting

suzym1984 Mon 31-May-10 07:53:19

Congratulations HazB!! Thats fab news! It does take a while to sink in, I even did another preg test this morning just to be sure!

R u finding that u are starving all the time? Or is it all in my head blush!

Lovely to hear from you, hopefully we can reassure each other!

applecharlotte Mon 31-May-10 08:27:39

Congrats Suzym and HazB!!

Can I join you? I did two tests on saturday morning both strong positives I'll be due 9th Feb if all goes well.

Like you i'm v excited but also feel terrified. I tested 3 days before AF so am worried AF might still come and i'll have a chemical pregnancy (sorry to bring a downer to the thread but its all scary stuff this!). Fingers crossed all will be well.

Suzym - my symptoms are crazy, i feel deathly tired, like i have jet lag. Also the reason why i tested was because my shampoo that usually smells of bubblegum smelt of mint, plus i had implantation cramps for a few days!

Can i ask you both - when are you going to the docs - this week? Also, when are you going to tell people? So many things to think about...

Congrats again, look forward to talking more.

HazB2010 Mon 31-May-10 11:27:27

Yes, I have the same fears as you applecharlotte... But am going to worry about the bad stuff if it happens and just go with it for now. Feels right though - and I def had something that I assume were implantation cramps last Monday.
I'll make an appointment this week to go to my (not very nice) doctor. I've told immediate family - and will tell my best mate (and soon to be bridesmaid), as she's organising a hen night and don't want her to pay big deposit for possibly inappropriate activity!!
As for symptoms, really tired and - attractively - really bloated and windy!! Also feel permanently seasick and PMT-y, which I think is normal...
Are you both first-timers too?
Chat soon, X

StarflowerGirl Mon 31-May-10 12:08:24

Hi everyone!

I got my BF(Digital)P yesterday after suspecting for about a week and having a couple of very faint BFP from FirstResponse tests. We'd only been trying for a month and are both a bit taken by surprise. This will be our first child.

AF isn't due 'til tomorrow so, like applecharlotte I'm worried that AF might still turn up and ruin everything.

The only people who know are me, my partner and Mumsnet as I'm really cautious about telling anyone until I've seen my Dr. I might have to let on soon though as I already have morning sickness that's pretty much confining me to the couch. I seem to have nausea through the day and throw up just before bed.

As for other symptoms: bloating, low cramping pain, low backache, needing to pee like a racehorse, strong sense of smell, things tasting "off/musty".

babynelly2010 Mon 31-May-10 14:21:33

Congrats all!
I got my BFP about a week ago and the baby should be due 2 february according to due date calculator! We are so excited

carabee Mon 31-May-10 14:24:03


I did a digital test yesterday, as i didn't trust the faint line on the first response test last friday!!! Due date according to an online calculator is feb 3rd. Have had bad heartburn, metallic taste, tiredness, vagueness!! and i go to the loo at least every half hour (or so it feels).. Only DH knows - i don't want to tell anyone else until week 8 in case. I have a 10 yr old DS who is desperate for a brother or sister!!

I'm going to need all the help i can get!!!!!!!

suzym1984 Mon 31-May-10 15:58:47

Hi applecharlotte, starflower, babynelly and carabee!

Congratulations to everyone!!!!

Well I have lots of new symptoms developed over the weekend! Starving, tired, headaches and also dizzy spells. And I feel like I cant have a coversation....I keep saying random words!haha!

I am also terrified AF will come along and ruin everything,but I keep testing every day and so far have had 7 positives blush. I think thats a bit excessive tho!

I went to the doctors on Friday, the day I got the digital BFP. He gave me a leaflet with midwife drop in times and the next one is this wed, so I'm gonna go along to that and see what happens. I will of course report back.

I am so excited that we are all due at the same time

suzym1984 Mon 31-May-10 16:01:52

Oh, and I forgot to mention about telling people. I went out last night and a few of my close friends guessed (not being drunk was a huge giveaway!). We havent tols parnets yet as DH parents are on holiday, but will tell them altogether then, so week 6/7 maybe. I know we should maybe wait but i am so excited!

applecharlotte Mon 31-May-10 20:21:24

HazB- I love your attitude. I need to adopt it also, there are so many things we can worry about and 99% of it is out of our control so its pointless too. Yes I'm a first timer - we seem to have matching symptoms! Ooh you've told lots of people. Bet that was nice, were they lovely reactions? Are you getting married as well? Wow you have lots on your plate!

Starflower - your post made me giggle - totally relate to the peeing like a racehorse. I can't believe you have proper morning sickness, thats SO early poor you. Hopefully you're getting it out of the way early on Know what you mean about tomorrow, its going to be so weird (hopefully) not getting AF. I've got everything crossed for both of us.

babynelly - yay! Congrats.. it is v v exciting.

carabee - Congrats! Pleased that your week of not being sure have turned into a massive BFP, that must have been hard. I think I'm going to do the same as you and wait until 8 weeks. Mainly because I just can't bear the thought of telling people and then having to untell people iykwim.

suzym - Oh please do report on the midwife session. Hope it goes well for you. Its really hard lying to people regarding the non drinking thing. I had my first exp yesterday. Met a friend who i usually drink buckets of white wine with. As soon as I ordered a soft drink she said 'oh you're pregnant then' and as I had only known for 24 hours and still a bit dazed ended up telling a very unconvincing lie (something along the lines of not being able to resist appletiser if I see it in a bar - terrible I know!)and turned bright red. So I don't think I'm going to be able to get away with it for too long

Right, I need my 5th meal of the day (oh good lord my arse is going to get huge at this rate!) Its really nice to find you all. Especially so many first timers. Have a good night.

MissTFied Mon 31-May-10 22:40:59

Hello all,

Did a test last night and saw a faint line. Not going to do another as I feel pretty much pregnant.

Bit freaked out (but maintaining a calm, if snappy exterior) as I already have 3 DC under 4.5!

What am I doing?!

And breathe...

earlgreyismynectar Mon 31-May-10 23:06:05

Hello everyone, can I join?! Congratulations to those of you who are pregnant & loads of luck to everyone else!! I tested faint positive on ClearBlue this morning which is 4 days before my period is due, so I'm not accepting it yet! But I FEEL pregnant (2nd time) and there are some definate familiar feelings... We have only made a conscious effort to try for another baby once (thanks to iPhone Period Tracker app pinpointing fertile time!) so would be surprised if it happened so quickly!! My symptoms are a lot of cramps for the last 7 or so days since ovulation, bloated feeling, feeling of indigestion and being full, big tits with veining!! Woolly headedness, overwhelming tiredness and erm feeling extra horny... I've been driving myself demented spending too much time googling various things. I'm due to see AF on Thursday and have another ClearBlue to use then (if I can stand the wait!). Estimated due date is 11th Feb which spookily enough is my late dad's birthday. It all feels v meant to be. Anyway lots of luck everyone!

earlgreyismynectar Mon 31-May-10 23:14:34

Miss T! Awesome! You should know the symptoms by now! You'll be fine, you'll have gofers to help! Sounds like a lovely family you will have and it can only be seen as a blessing! I have thought long and hard about adding to my family and almost made the decision that my daughter, now 3.5 would be an only but I have always truthfully felt a gap in me and wanted another (logical, denial head took over) but this feels SO right. I think one or many siblings is a lovely thing, both myself and my bf are one of three. All the best!

MissTFied Mon 31-May-10 23:30:25

Thanks earlgrey. DD is already quite helpful fetching nappies and wipes.

Prob still in shock. We only had sex once last month FFS! We mostly sleep in separate rooms too! I'm sure people will think we're at it all the time! (Will not tell anyone until 12 weeks if we can help it).

Always wanted a large family, but when we got to three, I realised it was quite hard work. They do get on well though and it is sweet to see these little people we created scampering around the house. I often think 'Where did they come from?'

Does this mean we'll have to get a people carrier though?

earlgreyismynectar Tue 01-Jun-10 00:03:52

Heehee MissT, we only had sex once too & bf is frequently on the sofa!! Yeah everyone will be thinking you're at it like rabbits! WHO cares! Yes I too will be keeping this one quiet till 3 months but I'm also officially OLD at 39 so even considered keeping it quiet till old mum tests are completed at 5 months but then I'll prob be the size of a house by that time so tricky. Anyway, getting ahead of myself here since it still isn't definate till I see a clear sign in the window!! Your family sound lovely, hard work for you - granted, so long as you're getting plenty of support. The crazy early years will be over before you know it and those little people will one day be bigger than you! Big congrats, it was meant to be! Oh and yes, time for a people carrier!!

suzym1984 Tue 01-Jun-10 07:55:54

Morning everyone! I am so happy to see all of these BFPs!

Welcome earlgrey and *Miss T* lovely to hear from you!

MissT you are brave to have so many children under 5, but also very lucky! They will love being so close together in age, especially when they are older.

earlgrey Congratulations! a faint line is still a line! I got a faint line at first, but they have got darker day by day (and yes, I took another one today blush)

applecharlotte I am with you on the size of arse issue! I literally cannot stop eating! 2 hours after every meal my stmoach is growling and I feel faint. Trying to just have healthy snacks tho to keep it under control.

Also, I want to get back to the gym as soon as I can, does anyone else do/plan to do excercise this early on?

HazB2010 Tue 01-Jun-10 08:30:43

I went to a gym induction on saturday (pre-booked before all this excitement) and told the guy my suspicions. He just let me walk a little... and my heart rate registered at 104! (my boyfriend's was 74) - another sign : ) And I got straight off the machine...

AF due today, so fingers crossed that's the final sign.

Thinking of y'all too!!

suzym1984 Tue 01-Jun-10 08:39:03

Hi HazB2010

So....did the instructor say that you shouldnt be doing that excercise? Is there a heart rate we should stay below? I always thought that walking etc were good in pregnancy! its such a minefield........

I know I should just ask at the gym, but feel a bit silly blush so would rather ask here

HazB2010 Tue 01-Jun-10 08:43:48

Not sure, I don't usually go... He just said I shouldn't exert myself too much - not sure what it needs to stay below (will google it!). But yes, surely some exercise is good?? Too confusing...

suzym1984 Tue 01-Jun-10 08:52:36

Everything is so confusing where pregnancy is concerned!haha! I will ask the midwife tomorrow if I get the chance and report back. I dont wanna do any damage by exercising, but also want to keep an eye on how much flab I am gaining

carabee Tue 01-Jun-10 10:30:10

Thanks to everyone for your welcome - It'll be great to follow progress and compare stories - I did'nt have this when I was pregnant with my son!!

HazB2010 Tue 01-Jun-10 10:58:21

Looking forward to hearing what happens with the midwife, suzym.
I'm going to the DR tomorrow afternoon to get things going... (still can't quite believe it!!).

applecharlotte Tue 01-Jun-10 11:11:57

Morning all, Lovely to see so many new people.

Suzym - I'm planning to do pregnancy yoga from 12 weeks. But apart from that just walking to work which is around 30 mins fast walking a day. Never stepped into a gym, they terrify me! I'm sure its fine to go to the gym, but I bet there are certain machines to take care on?! (I have no idea really so I'll stop guessing and let someone else answer!) Good luck at the midwifes.

AF due today. Thought I had AF pains this morning but turning out it was wind. My god this pregnancy lark don't half make me windy! Feel so scared it might still come

StarflowerGirl Tue 01-Jun-10 11:15:56

Welcome and congrats to all the newbies!

MissT I think 4 definitely calls for a people carrier! My partner is already looking at a bigger car for us and this is only our first.

earlgrey I had a couple of very faint lines too using FirstResponse tests but I just knew something was up as I didn't feel right. We decided finally to use a digital test rather than spend any more hours peering at the sticks under different lights, in different rooms, different hours of the day...

HazB2010 I wish I had the energy to go to the gym. Climbing the stairs just now totally took it out of me. I think some exercise has to be good for us though right? I'm thinking of getting a yoga for pregnancy DVD as I used to do a fair bit of yoga until recently.

When applecharlotte said my morning sickness was so early it got me to thinking so I phoned the local GP's surgery this morning and spoke to the nurse. She thinks it's too early as well and, when put together with some other symptoms I've had, strongly suspects I have a bladder infection. I've just taken a sample down for testing and should hear in a few hours. It's a good job applecharlotte said something because I'd have just let it carry on otherwise! I don't know what treatment options there are for infections in pregnancy but it's good to know I might be feeling a lot better in a couple days. smile

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