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quick question

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alexsmum Sun 07-Aug-05 23:39:56

has anyone continued to have periods while pregnant? how did you know you were pregnant? did you have other syptoms? how far gone were you when they stopped?

essbee Sun 07-Aug-05 23:44:40

Message withdrawn

alexsmum Sun 07-Aug-05 23:48:00

esbee how did you know to do the test? was your bleeding different enough for you to notice?

alexsmum Mon 08-Aug-05 00:10:44

bumping this as want some replies to what i know seems avery silly question9 especially from someone with 2 kids!)

essbee Mon 08-Aug-05 01:09:40

Message withdrawn

AnotherHelen Mon 08-Aug-05 11:38:02

Hiya alexsmum, my friend had periods most of the way through her first pregnancy! she had no idea she was pregnant until her dr recommended she do a test as she had complained of not feeling herself for some time! she had her normal periods right on time every month as normal! she took a test at her Dr's and was obviously very shocked when it came back positive and not only that but she had a dating scan soon after and found she was 6 months pregnant!!! she had a very healthy little boy who is now almost 6!

alexsmum Mon 08-Aug-05 18:58:58

just don't feel myself. my breasts are very tingly and heavy and sore and have been for a while now. just don't feel right- a bit like the way i was when i was preg.but i'm having normal periods and we're not trying, it would be an accident that we hadn't been aware of. just exploring the possibilities.

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