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ClearBlue digital scaring me :(

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miamix Fri 28-May-10 09:48:44

I am 6 weeks today (4 weeks from conception). My early line tests (on 5+1 and 5+3) were quite faint and the last ClearBlue digi I took on Tuesday (5+4) said 2-3 weeks.

I thought this was weird as obviously by then I was technically over 5 weeks so should have seen 3+.

So this morning I took a test thinking my hCG levels surely would now ensure it read 3+ but I am still getting 2-3 weeks.

I'm scared this means my pregnancy is ectopic? I have read that hCG levels are lower than normal in ectopic pregnancies. I haven't had any other real symptoms that this may be the case, but I have had PID, and I am out of my mind with worry.

Are these tests as reliable as they claim to be? 92% accurate for the conception indicator?

Snuppeline Fri 28-May-10 09:51:34

Why don't you give your GP a call? You GP can make a referral to your local hospital where they can do a scan and put your mind to rest. Not sure how accurate they are or why your tests keep showing the same week range but perhaps someone else on MN will come along and inform us.

Disenchanted3 Fri 28-May-10 09:51:42


the tests rely on how much HCG is in your wee at that tme, its not like blood tests where they give you a difinative number, your HCG wee levels can be affected by the time of day, how much you have drank and how many wee's you have had lately.

The test says pregnant, I really would not worry about the '2-3 weeks' bit.

Have you 'booked in' yet with your GP or midwife?

miamix Fri 28-May-10 09:55:04

Thanks for replying - I have an early scan next Friday when I will be 7 weeks (at EPAU - this is because of the PID history). No point in getting a blood test in the mean time because it will take a week to return anyway.

Hopefully someone who has experienced similar with ClearBlue digi can reassure me?

I'm pretty sure I sound like a paranoid idiot, I'm just petrified

japhrimel Fri 28-May-10 10:12:09

Step away from the tests!!!! grin

I had exactly the same issue but everything was fine. I'm now 11 weeks and had a great 8 week scan.

The conception indicator is far less effective than the pregnancy indicator and is very affected by how strong your urine is. I found that as I was getting up to pee in the night, I struggled to get concentrated enough pee to make a comparison test.

The other thing to consider is, are you basing how pregnant you are just on your LMP, or do you know exactly when you ovulated? If you ovulated later than 14 days into your cycle, you'll be less pregnant than you thought anyway.

I've since heard that midwives hate those tests because they worry so many people.

BertieBotts Fri 28-May-10 10:24:10

I have seen quite a few threads where people had this, and it all turned out fine, don't worry. If you ask me it's pretty crap of them not to put a warning on the box that the levels can be different at different times of day and result in a false reading.

miamix Fri 28-May-10 10:39:43

Japh, yes this is exactly what I am basing it upon. I have no idea about my cycle and ovulation dates to be perfectly honest blush - this pregnancy wasn't planned but it is very much wanted. Your explanation makes perfect sense.

Bertie, I agree, it makes me irrationally angry that they don't put a warning on the box about this! I imagine this must be such a source of worry for a lot of women?! I am torturing myself a bit by reading worst-case scenarios online too (bloody internet is a curse sometimes) but I am almost too scared to believe the pregnancy could be normal because of that bloody conception indicator combined with all of this! hmm

Disenchanted3 Fri 28-May-10 10:42:20

Mia, with DD I ovulated and got pregnant day 21 rather than 14 and my cycles were usually very regular!!

It caused lots of confusion as i didn't get a positive test for a week later than i expected and results were weak.

but all was fine!

MrsC2010 Fri 28-May-10 10:46:10

As far as I know they are quite unreliable on the dating side, especially as everyone's levels change differently.

I kept retaking them for a few weeks wanting to see that magic leap and never got about 1-2 wks if I remember rightly. And I am now 31 wks pregnant with a little girl who keeps insisting on wriggling right when I am trying to teach! So don't lose heart.

miamix Fri 28-May-10 11:39:22

Thanks, Disenchanted and Mrc C. This is reassuring. Also Mrs C all the best during the rest of your pregnancy! Naughty girl dancing when you are teaching! ;)

JamieJay Fri 28-May-10 11:58:51

I did one of these tests at 8 weeks after some bleeding, got 2-3 weeks and totally freaked myself out.

Am now 31 weeks and being kicked to death so think I can safely say that in my case it wasn't accurate.

Try and step away from the tests as they cause nothing byut stress and good luck for your scan.

legallyblond Fri 28-May-10 12:00:33

I had this!

When I first tested with CB digital, it said "pregnant - 2-3". Over a week later, in a somewhat paranoid way, I decided to test the morning of my GP appointment (to book me in etc) just to check I really was pregnant. By that stage I should have been almost 6 weeks, so I expected "pregnant - 3+"... but no, it said "2-3".

I am now 23 weeks pregnant!!!

STOP TESTING - YOU ARE PREGNANT and all will be fine!!!

miamix Fri 28-May-10 12:20:46

Thanks Jamie and legallyblond x

starshaker Fri 28-May-10 12:23:20

I didnt find the predictor very accurate. I didnt get the 3+ weeks ever (gave up) and im pregnant with twins so my hcg lvls should be through the roof. Dont stress about it

wannaBe Fri 28-May-10 12:26:57

they are the work of the devil. And they are probably thus designed to make women buy more of them at 12 quid a pop just to keep reassuring themslves but instead ending up with women in a permanent state of panic. Step away.

Mimi1977 Fri 28-May-10 12:33:17

Please don't worry about this - I had very similar happen to me and everything has been fine. I would never use these tests as too many people seem to have the same problem with them.

hubbahubster Fri 28-May-10 13:01:27

I started a thread a little while ago with a v similar problem and it seems we're not alone in getting freaked out. Wish I'd never done that darn digital test – doesn't look like they can be trusted!

miamix Fri 28-May-10 13:48:25

hubba - I did look for a similar thread but couldn't find one? Do you have the link?

(I know I shouldn't be torturing myself with all this reading etc but can't help it!)

starshaker - that is very reassuring. Congrats on the twins and all the best with the rest of your pregnancy!

DuelingFanjo Fri 28-May-10 14:07:15

Mia - I started a thread a bit like this a few weeks ago. I was scared because I had 3+ on my first test (Morning wee) but when I did another a week later it had gone down to 2-3. I seriously panicked and rushed to the hospital for a blood test.

On my way back to work I bought another digital test and tested again that afternoon (ie Afternoon wee!) and it came up with 3+.

My blood test was fine and I am now over 11 weeks pregnant and have seen a heartbeat.

I don't thik digital tests can be trusted, certainly not the conception indicator.

Hope that your scan goes well, I completely understand your panic.

miamix Fri 28-May-10 15:14:22

Finally figured out the search option blush and can see there have been other similar threads so am slightly at ease now... still got one digi test left tho so will obviously HAVE to use it next week before my scan wink

sally24xX Sat 01-Nov-14 15:42:59

Hello smile I'm having tge same problem,did a clclear blue test 10 days ago it said 2-3 so ive just done another test 1hour ago (had 4wees already) and its still saying that I am 2-3 weeks. Really stressed out because this is a miracle baby (beat cervical cancer few months ago) any advice would be great xx

sally24xX Sat 01-Nov-14 15:44:12

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Jodie1982 Sat 01-Nov-14 18:55:56

This thread is from 2010 Hun.

Mentalnurse08 Wed 05-Nov-14 06:54:53

Hi Sally, please let me know how you get on. I also have the same problem and am so scared. I feel pregnant (on the pill) in June and m/c at 5 weeks 1 day. This time there has been no bleeding at all which is good but I did a clear blue digital a week ago today (in the morning same time as last time) and it still says 2-3 weeks. I am also 6 weeks (and 2 days) and am panicking as it's not like I could go to the drs as it's too early to scan etc. if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated xx

Kitty1971 Wed 05-Nov-14 17:02:25

Hello I'm the same today I am 5 weeks 6 days did clear blue today it still says 2-3 I'm panicking as I have also had 3 misscarriages not sure after reading these if it makes me feel a bit better but u still can't help but worry xx

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