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heartbeat - when do you start to hear it?

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yoghurtgirl Tue 08-Jul-03 21:02:38

Hi - am just wondering when the medical staff start listening for the baby's heartbeat. I am just going into week 16 and had my booking appt (at Queen Charlotte's) last week. I was surprised (but didn't think about this until after I'd left) that they didn't do any tests to listen for the heartbeat which I thought they would be able to hear by about now. Is this normal? They didn't scan me either as I'd had a nuchal in week 13 and they said that was enough. I don't have my next appt until week 21 - six weeks away - and (being a first timer and a bit nervous) am wondering whether I should book an appt with the GP to ask her to listen in and reassure me that all is well (as far as she can). I've been praying for morning sickness to wear off but now it (sort of) has I don't really have the 'comfort' of feeling pregnant (if that makes sense).

Thanks everyone, YG

Bekki Tue 08-Jul-03 21:17:12

I know its very scary at this stage when you can't feel the baby move and you have to wait 4-6 weeks for someone to tell you that your baby is o.k. With this pregnancy I heard the heartbeat at around 18 weeks. But it just depends on how your appointments fall. If you are worried in any way then you can ask at any time for your gp/midwife to check the heartbeat.

Hayls Tue 08-Jul-03 21:24:40

I've had the same feelings. My midwife will try to listen to the heartbeat at 14 weeks (at 12 weeks now) but I still worry quite a bit. I'm sure that when you hear it for the first time you relax a bit - here's hoping... Like Bekki says, if you're really worried then it might be an idea to ask your gp/ mw to check it, if only to put your mind at rest.

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