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Maternity walking clothes?

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Cosmosis Sun 23-May-10 22:21:17

Is there such a thing? I've had a google but not come up with anything. I've been wearing a friends size 14 walking trousers (I'm usually an 8) but they're getting too tight and as they are already comedy loose around the leg, I don't want to go up another size really - also given the weather (assuming it continues) I'd really either like shorts or trousers that you can zip off.
Any one any better at googling than me?

japhrimel Tue 25-May-10 20:47:48

I'd try regular maternity shops like JoJo and make do with some cotton shorts and vest tops.

barkfox Tue 25-May-10 21:12:27

Cosmosis, I was looking for something similar a while back, and couldn't find anything specifically 'maternity', but Sweaty Betty had some v useful stuff.

I looked in the Yoga range, thinking the running togs might have less give round the waist, but the yoga lot should be pretty stretchy. I'm coming up to 32 weeks pregnant, and these are fab, I wear them for the gym and on long walks -

I'm wearing the waistband 'underbump', but everything stays up perfectly, and there's so much give in them, I expect to be in them at full term, esp in this weather....

dinkystinky Tue 25-May-10 21:14:16

I'd say go for maternity exercise wear or sweaty betty stretchy stuff (like Barkfox suggested) - dont think there is such a thing as maternity walking clothes

fuddled Tue 25-May-10 21:19:37

We do lots of walking and outdoorsy stuff. I got maternity combat pants (blooming marvellous, iirc) and yoga-style pants ad a big comfy t-shirt. It's yonks ago since I was pg in the summer, but I did spend summer in mat shorts and vest, with a big cotton shirt unbuttoned (cos not maternity) over the top to avoid gettting burnt.

megonthemoon Tue 25-May-10 21:23:33

I have found Dorothy Perkins maternity combat trousers to be good for walking. Not tight around your bump, and loose enough but not too loose for walking. They don't zip off, but have buttons so you can roll the legs up to just below the knee. I was pg in winter last time; this time round I've bought DP 3/4 length combats and they're proving ideal for walking again.

fuddled Tue 25-May-10 21:30:36

that's the sort of stuff I was meaning, meg!

Can only find these atm, but there were roll-up ones back in the dark ages when I was pg!

LooL00 Wed 26-May-10 09:45:05

Fuddled have you looked at the soft cord combats in the blooming marvellous sale? I have them, nice and lightweight and comfy elastic side panels.Roll up too but I havn't tried that.

Cosmosis Wed 26-May-10 12:48:48

thanks all, some good suggestions, I'll have a look.

MtnBikeChick Wed 26-May-10 13:40:27

I was in South Africa recently and did lots of walking, was 26 weeks PG at the time and found surf shorts with the drawstring at the front a godsend - particularly as it was hot. You can tie them lose and they are generally low cut so sit under bump. Together with some vests from JoJo (they do maternity yoga and gym vests) or camis from M&P these were perfect. Also the light surf short fabric dries super fast if you want to give them a quick wash out over night!

SamJenx Mon 29-Dec-14 15:10:43

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

InfantHercules Mon 29-Dec-14 22:19:59

Agree about Sweaty Betty bottoms. I have both Urdhva reversible leggings (in the sale now I think?), and also tessellate luxe leggings. Both are bump friendly. And can of course be used for Pilates or yoga etc too. Have just spent a weekend hiking, and am going on an outdoorsy week away too. Currently 23wks. Have borrowed tops from DH and DF to fit over the bump!

InfantHercules Mon 29-Dec-14 22:21:16

Can wear with a long top if you're worried about having your bum out. Only drawback is price of course - SB isn't cheap.

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