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Transferring Notes and Records

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Chuffed Fri 05-Aug-05 15:56:24

I am currently in UK till 20wks, having my 20wk scan and will then be moving back to NZ. I had my dd here and so would like my notes from her and this pregnancy transferred to NZ. Can I just ask for all my notes, does anybody know how it works, is there a 'proper' transfer procedure.

eidsvold Sat 06-Aug-05 10:27:10

You can apply for a copy of all your medical records from previous pregnancies - you usuall apply to the medical records office at the hopsital where you were a patient. For this pregnancy - if you have fairly complete antenatal notes in your folder then that should be fine. You could ask for a copy of the report from your 20 week scan - explaining that you were moving.

I moved to aus when about 18 weeks pregnant and had applied for both dd1's and my medical notes. You will have to pay a fee - they copy the notes - you don't get the originals. But it is pretty straightforward. Over here for early pregnancy they simply took my antenatal notes - I did have a copy of the report for my 13 week scan in my notes anyway.

Simply contact the hospital concerned and they will let you know exactly who to contact.

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