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Baby clothes (done 100's of time but pls humour me!)

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JamieJay Tue 18-May-10 20:38:07

Having bought a few bits and pieces on eBay and in the sales I've now been given a couple of bundles of clothes from friends so I'm feel like we're drowning in baby clothes!

Could I be really cheeky and ask people to have a look at the list of what we've got and see if there's anything else I should be looking for? Baba is due in August if that makes any difference.

Sleepsuit - 3 x newborn / 19 x 0-3 / 10 x 3-6

Sleeveless vests - 2 x newborn / 11 x vests 0-3

Short sleeve bodysuit - 14 x newborn / 8 x 0-3 / 1 x 3-6

Long sleeve bodysuit - 4 x 0-3 / 2 x 3-6 / 1 x 6-9

Long sleeve t-shirt - 3 x 0-3

Cardigan ? 1 x newborn / 3 x 0-3

Trousers/leggings - 4 x newborn / 7 x 0-3

Dressing Gown x 1 / Socks x 10 / Tights x 9 / Bibs x 2 / Hats x 3

Thankies grin

rubyslippers Tue 18-May-10 20:40:50

hmmm - the only i thing i would mention is if you have a tiny baby then you will need to get some tiny baby stuff (for babies less than 7 ilb - most newborn stuff seems to be for babies up to 9 lbs)

both mine have been way too small for newborn (cue mad dashes to mothercare the day after they were born)

i wouldn't buy anything else at this point TBH

also, DS was a June baby and basically only wore a nappy for the first few weeks as it was so blimming hot

thisisyesterday Tue 18-May-10 20:44:02

you may want more newborn stuff...
my 3 were all big babies (all over 9lb) and still wore newborn clothes for a fair while

but then I just have a weird dislike of rolled up sleeves and too-big clothes in general! so if that doesn't boither you then i reckon you're probably fine

ds3 was a June baby last year and wore sleepsuits and cardigans the whole time because it wasn't that hot

JamieJay Tue 18-May-10 20:49:26

Thanks both.

Have been debating the whole newborn aspect, DH and I were both big/long babies and baba is currently growing well so suspect she may be on the big side too!

Thankfully we live in a city so planning to send DH out to mothercare/supermarket etc. if we need anything little.

LeoniPoni Tue 18-May-10 21:08:00

It's so hard to know what you'll need before you see the size of baby isn't it? I've got TONS of 0-3 months for his arrival next month since everywhere I have looked for clothes that is the smallest size. Hmmm maybe I need to find some newborn babygrows and vests too?

ReshapeWhileDamp Tue 18-May-10 21:18:03

Only thing I think I'd stock up on would be more newborn size sleepsuits.

I didn't think I'd need much, if any, newborn clothing for DS - he was predicted to be large until about 36 weeks, when he 'normalised' hmm but I presumed he'd still be chunky. He came out 7lb 4! grin I was in hospital a week afterwards and he must have wet through three or four sleepsuits in 24 hours, some days. I don't know why, I blame it on the badly-fitting nappies! Anyway, I kept on sending DH out to Mothercare to get more of them. It took me a while to realise that anything that says '0-3 months' doesn't, in fact, fit a baby at 0 months!

Oh, and I think a cardigan is a good idea with a newborn - more than one if you like. Even in august it can get nippy at times, and it's lovely to put on over a babygro and looks very cute. Does the baby have any knitting grandparents? smile

JamieJay Tue 18-May-10 21:22:46

LeoniPoni the supermarkets seem to be good for newborn stuff (up to 10lbs type of thing), nice quality and reasonable prices so not so bad if it only gets worn once of twice.

Reshape no knitting grandparents but mums next door neighbour is a demon with the needles and I suspect would love a new project so may get mum to drop a few hints wink

Have just bid on a bundle of 5 newborn sleepsuits on eBay for piece of mind.

AndieWalsh Tue 18-May-10 21:23:45

To be honest, I'd wait until a week or two before the baby is due and then get your DP to get down to Tesco or Asda and buy a load of cheap white sleepsuits and vests in newborn size (maybe 10 or 12 of each?). Keep the receipt in case your baby is very small/big an you need to exchange for a different size.

A couple of cardis will suffice. You can always send relatives out to buy more stuff once you're home.

Once you know what you've got and how big he/she is, you can have fun buying the cute stuff.

pixiestix Tue 18-May-10 21:27:23

I'm watching this with interest as I only have two sleepsuits in the cupboard so far and feel completely overwhelmed by it all! smile

debka Tue 18-May-10 21:32:39

*DRESSING GOWN?????!!!!!?????*

LeoniPoni Tue 18-May-10 21:32:52

Thanks JamieJay will check out Tesco and see what I need! Here I was thinking I'd been all organised...this preparing for baby lark is quite confusing!

JamieJay Tue 18-May-10 21:41:43

I know debka, I never thought I would buy something purely on the cuteness factor!

But this dressing gown is the cutest little fleece thing that I got on eBay for £3. Couldn't resist it and figure that I can put it on over sleepsuits in the morning (well maybe, otherwise it can just hang next to the cot looking cute!!! blush)

debka Tue 18-May-10 21:43:15

I had some baby slippers that I put under the Moses Basket before DD was born! She never wore them!

debka Tue 18-May-10 21:44:32

Maybe I should put them on ebay for you to buy.... grin

JamieJay Tue 18-May-10 21:47:26

LOL debka - sorry but this is one and only baby item that has been bought on cuteness factor! Haven't even done any of the tradional 'decorating nursery' activities grin

sarahjamie Mon 08-Aug-11 19:27:53

HELP!!! I have nothing and don't know where to start!! Does anyone know of a site where you can hire baby clothes bundles? I'm just back from the states and there are quite a few websites where you can hire clothes (nice stuff) and then send it back when they grow out of it and they send you the next size up! Several of my friends said it was great as you didn't end up with loads of clothes to store it is also eco friendly!!

allthefires Mon 08-Aug-11 19:33:26

Good idea but don't think there is such a thing. Sorry!

Beesok Mon 08-Aug-11 20:50:32

oh man am just trying to figure out blankets let alone baby CLOTHES! smile I have bought a bunch of stuff and given a huge bag of (really nice) hand me downs so hopefully, am covered smile at least for a while but wanted to check - when you buy "newborn" is it equivalent to a size 50 or 56? I was told in the shops to go for the 56 as that seems to be "average" idea how big baby will be but she is consistently on the 50th percentile (whatever that means ;)

Jamie I think you might need a few extra sleepsuits in a smaller size - maybe I'm wrong but I am assuming that they spend the first few weeks mainly in sleepsuits and vests?

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