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Fundal height.

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pie Mon 07-Jul-03 12:31:19

I've just had my 26 week antenatal check. I have, as usual found something else to worry about and asked the doctor if the baby was growing ok as I am still throwing up.

She got out the tape measure and from the Symphsis Pubis to the top of the fundus it was 28cm. I'm 25+4 today. So she said there was certainly no problem with the size of baby, 1cm for each week being the usual measuement.

What I was wondering is whether the fundal height is ever used to estimate the size of the baby? Or if anyone has ever had a uterus larger than dates and had a small baby?

I know there is still ample room for change, but I'm just curious!

sb34 Mon 07-Jul-03 12:35:17

Message withdrawn

M2T Mon 07-Jul-03 12:44:48

I measured cm to weeks pg perfectly until nearer the end. Then the fundal height grew MUCH quicker. I find it quite fascinating.

jojo21 Mon 07-Jul-03 16:57:40

im 41+ weeks now and have been told my fundal height is 45cms which i thought was bad but its normal especially if your having a boy apparently because they usually weight more than girls!

princesspeahead Mon 07-Jul-03 18:47:09

also depends on position of the baby - if it is sitting breach (which it may easily be doing at 26 weeks) the fundus is larger because part of it isn't in the pelvis.

I think estimating size of baby is a completely inexact science - even with ultrasound. I don't know anyone who has had it estimated accurately!

mears Mon 07-Jul-03 20:41:42

We do not routinely measure fundal heights because it is so inaccurate!

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