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Maternity Leave started - what to do with myself?!

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princesspeahead Mon 07-Jul-03 11:23:36

Well it is my first day of maternity leave (as it is for Marina I think - hope you are enjoying yourself so far Marina!). I spent an hour or so yesterday sorting out baby clothes - all present and correct - and have done a bit supermarket shop and now I've hit a blank. Not due for 8 weeks yet, but shouldn't I have a big list of things to do which I should be getting out of the way earlier rather than later? Anyone have any suggestions?!
Feeling a bit useless...

LucieB Mon 07-Jul-03 11:27:26

I went swimming regularly until I had my baby - it was lovely to be able to go at a time when the pool was quiet and during the summer months it helps to cool you down....

Jaybee Mon 07-Jul-03 11:31:42

I think, as it is your first day at home you will take a bit of time getting used to the idea that you have extra time on your hands. There are bound to be jobds that you have kept putting off as you have not had the time and will not have the time once junior is here. Sorting out the kitchen cupboards, cleaning the windows. I decorated the baby's room and the bathroom after I left work, I also enjoy tinkering with craft stuff so I made some bits the baby's bedroom. Could you sign up for some aquanatal classes at your local pool.

princesspeahead Mon 07-Jul-03 11:37:15

Definitely going to try and swim every day that's true. The main job I've been putting off is dealing with a load of unpacked boxes from our move in December (!) which I slightly can't face but know I should, you are right jaybee. Eurghh. Maybe I'll aim to do that by the end of the week. Nursery already decorated very nicely by previous owners and since this is my third I have most of the stuff I need, I think...

SoupDragon Mon 07-Jul-03 11:38:00

Relax and enjoy it!! you'll have plenty to do sooner or later.

iota Mon 07-Jul-03 11:41:52

On mat leave with my first I did all the preparation: - shopping for baby stuff, doing the nursery, making the curtains etc etc.

On my second, I sat in my conservatory with my feet up (ds1 was at nursery)


sobernow Mon 07-Jul-03 11:44:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fio2 Mon 07-Jul-03 11:45:15

start having an afternoon nap(thats what I used to do)

Metrobaby Mon 07-Jul-03 11:45:35

SLEEP !!! As boy will you miss it once jnr arrives

princesspeahead Mon 07-Jul-03 11:51:54

Oh dear, I can see I'm going to have to train myself to do not much.
Should have cracked it by Wednesday!

Northerner Mon 07-Jul-03 11:58:58

I went to an aqua natal class at my local pool, and a yoga class for pregnant Mums. But it is v important to rest, sleep and rest!!!

KeepingMum Mon 07-Jul-03 12:02:18

Relax and enjoy the time, I'm still sitting here at work and I'm 38 weeks. Hopefully I can have everything finished by the end of the week, but would love to be outside enjoying the sunshine while ds1 is at his childminders!

motherinferior Mon 07-Jul-03 12:02:59

Ring friends and gloat?

Sort out baby stuff, pack your hospital Just In Case bag (I didn't till in labour!) and enjoy. Must be weird, I agree. Mind you, I only got one proper day of maternity leave

butterflymum Mon 07-Jul-03 12:09:22

Enjoy some time to yourself, but also spend as much 'quality time' with your other two children and do some special things together - very soon they are going to have a new little brother or sister to take the attention away from them.

Take care and best wishes for the big day.

iota Mon 07-Jul-03 12:10:34

Can't believe that noone has mentioned spending long hours on mumsnet

oliveoil Mon 07-Jul-03 13:48:27


oliveoil Mon 07-Jul-03 13:48:37

Er, sleep

oliveoil Mon 07-Jul-03 13:50:47

Ermmmmm, sleep (did I mention my dd is teething again )

SamboM Mon 07-Jul-03 13:50:55

PPH are you just rubbing it in I would kill for 8 weeks off even if I did feel like a whale!

Why not go for a nice walk? Or sit on your bum and read a book? Or why don't you pop round to mine and do some work for me and I'll go out and have fun!

SamboM Mon 07-Jul-03 13:51:23

Oliveoil, so is mine

M2T Mon 07-Jul-03 13:54:34

If you want to feel useful PPH then why don't you come up here and do my garden? That should be at least an 8 week project and all that squatting should loosen up yer pelvis for the labour!

Just drop me an email a couple of days before you arrive and I'll hire some industrial garden equipment.

Bobsmum Mon 07-Jul-03 13:58:02

Buy loads of books that you've been meaning to read for ages. Go to the cinema. Sit in a cafe which sells large hot chocolates and giant slices of Rocky Road and people-watch for several hours. Go shopping for many pairs of groovy flipflops - essential wear for the final stretch!
Then, after you're finished at SamboM's, I've got a load of irong needing doing.

Bobsmum Mon 07-Jul-03 13:59:03

that's ironing. M2T - your garden will have to wait - I'm sure i was next.

M2T Mon 07-Jul-03 14:04:07

Yeah Bobsmum, but my garden is more of a challenge. My dp tried to tackle it at the weekend and he still hasn't emerged!

SoupDragon Mon 07-Jul-03 14:40:48

My garden would take more than 8 weeks so that's probably not an option.

You could spend the next 8 weeks perfecting your tan so you don't look washed out and pasty in those lovely post-birth photos

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