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fatty-bump-bump!! ;-)

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teuch Thu 04-Aug-05 10:47:44

Just a bit of fun for those of us who carry a 'few' extra pounds anyway...

at what stage did you start to notice a proper bump (as opposed to a flabbier version of your own tum, or two tums in my case!).

(can you tell I'm impatient for the bump? )

Toothache Thu 04-Aug-05 10:49:30

Teuch - with my dd (2nd baby) I was probably about 28wks when I got that tight bump feeling! I looked pg before then but it was a bit flabby. I'm about 1.5stone over weight.

dyzzidi Thu 04-Aug-05 10:49:57

God I'm 18 weeks and still fit into all my trousers I am desperate for someone to actually notice i am pregnant.

I will wear maternity clothes soon even if don't need them.

teuch Thu 04-Aug-05 10:52:35

mwah!! 18weeks!! 28weeks!!

I'm about 15wks and don't fit into any of my own clothes

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 04-Aug-05 11:10:05

i was still carrying extra jessica weight when i fell pg and havent been in any of my old clothes since about 12 weeks this time round!

Proper bump appeared at about 17-19 weeks!

dyzzidi Thu 04-Aug-05 12:01:48

My boobs have grown huge but thats it.

Oh and people keep saying you look different oh yes its your hair its gotten really long!!!!

I feel like screaming no its because I am pregnant please notice that I am pregnant you stupid people

I'm not hormonal at all

sweetkitty Thu 04-Aug-05 12:06:11

17 weeks today think I've got a definate bump now though still in my normal jeans so it might just look like flab.

With DD would say at around 20 weeks had a bump was a stone overweight with DD but have lost it since. Started wearing maternity clothes at 18 weeks last time.

chloe55 Thu 04-Aug-05 12:19:20

God I will upset you all now and say I started showing at 11 weeks! I am a small 12 on waist but have always had big boobs (size E before preggers and now I am an F) I look obviously pregnant to family/friends but I think I could just look like I am carrying a few more pounds to the not so keen eye.

Littlefish Thu 04-Aug-05 22:23:21

I was about 3.5 stone overweight before I got pregnant. I never bought any maternity trousers because my bump (when it finally appeared at about 28 weeks!) was really high. I kept waiting for it to drop, but it just never did. I was desparate for a "proper" bump to appear, but as my boobs are so big, I had to wait until my bump stuck out further than my boobs before anyone really noticed

bonkerz Thu 04-Aug-05 22:38:30

ok well im 19 weeks and morbidly obese! I did lose 2 stone in my first trimester and dh told me tonight i look very pregnant and that i am starting to waddle!! Have been told by friends my bump appeared about 4 weeks ago!!

Chuffed Fri 05-Aug-05 13:17:58

17wks with no 2. With number one the 'bump' appeared at just after 20wk scan I think still in my larger normal clothes till 5mths.
Number 2 never went through that 'looks a bit flabby' phase it came straight out in an obvious bump from 12-13wks. It is still quite small though still in some normal clothes.

Iklboo Fri 05-Aug-05 13:40:46

Put it this way - I've got a t-shirt saying "I'm not fat I'm pregnant"
Actually, i think it was about 18 weeks. Now I'm getting such lovely remarks as "Jesus Christ woman! How many have you got in there" - I'm 27 weeks today.

TicTac Fri 05-Aug-05 17:17:42

I am 13 weeks and huge anyway (lost 5 stone last year need to loose another 5!!) DH says he can tell I am preg coz bits stick out that never did before. Since loosing weight I am a definate hour glass figure...well I was until about 3 weeks ago!!!

george32 Fri 05-Aug-05 17:24:07

19 weeks here & not normally the slimmest person around. I grew out of all my clothes by about 12 weeks but still no-one is offering me seats on the tube so must just looking fat still!!

TicTac Fri 05-Aug-05 17:25:21

George - I bet you look preg, they are just mean on the tubes

mogwai Sat 06-Aug-05 00:30:51

I had a party for my birthday when I was 11 weeks pg. I had to change into some "comfy trousers" and one of my friends said "oh I can see your little bump"

I'll never forget that!

So, 11 weeks!

eidsvold Sat 06-Aug-05 10:31:27

with dd1 - never just looked fatter than normal... no real rounded bump - she was just 6lb. she was all rounded and almost laying across my belly.

No 2 - I remember having to buy bigger clothes earlier and proper maternity clothes rather than the next size up ( shape of the bump) - about 13 weeks or so..... THis bub was much bigger than her sister. I was all out the front and hard belly - she was 9lb 7. I was also two stone lighter this time round but still big. People kept asking me how many babes I had in my belly...

dramaqueen72 Sat 06-Aug-05 10:45:53

same as alot of ladies, this is my fourth so could have somtehing to do with showing earlier and earlier, or the fact I definately dont have tummy muscles at all showed alittle proper bump by about 11wks and now, sat here at 19.5wks, am used to 'omg! look at that bump, its huge' type comments. sigh. am just getting to the stage where its difficult to bend in the middle......LOL

coppertop Sat 06-Aug-05 12:48:30

With ds1 I was about 16 weeks before I had a bump. With ds2 it was about 14 weeks. I'm now 7 weeks pg with no.3 and scarily I already have a large high bump!!! I look about 5 months pregnant. I'm seeing the MW next week for my booking-in appointment so hopefully they'll be able to give me some idea of whether (a) my dates are wrong (b) there's an enormous baby on the way or (c) if there's more than one in there. Eeek!

champs Sun 07-Aug-05 15:46:23

ds1 and ds2 I had to wait an age to look pg and not just fat. was prob past 30 weeks with some people not even knowing I was pg until I had ds2 but this time round, although I'm heavier (much heavier) than before my bump started to grow at around 16wks. although I now have a week to go and people still say "you're pg??!!" when someone tells them I am, I say "do i look like i've eaten too many dounuts?" and laff it off but it is a bit annoying to think that people just think I'm extra fat. I even have the pg waddle and everthing!
Ikbloo, I really want that tshirt

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