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Need Some Advice Desperately

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SugarBee Thu 04-Aug-05 08:31:39

I found out 3 weeks ago that I was finally pregnant after taking Clomid and Metformin off and on for the last year. I am now 6 weeks pregnant.

My HCG levels were doubling fine,until I started to Bleed and Cramp 2 weeks ago. Suddenly the HCG levels stopped doubling and started to rise slowly instead. My last blood test (done yesterday) has shown that my HCG have dropped from 1454 on Monday to 1118 yesterday.

The hospital suspected at first that I was having an ectopic pregnancy but due to the fact that I am no longer bleeding or cramping they refused to perfom a Laprscopy as they still thought that there was a chance that the pregnancy may progress as normal.

Now that my HCG levels have dropped, they are still unsure what is happening and have suggested that it may still be Ectopic or I may be having a miscarriage.

I am losing faith with the hospital at the moment as this has been going on for the last 2 weeks with the hospital taking blood every 48 hours. They have scanned me twice and are unable to see anything in my urterus. They are planning to do another blood count on Friday and another scan to see what is happening. Every time we go we see a different doctor who all think something different and then when speaking to the nurses they are just giving me the worse senarios of what could be happening.

This whole thing is getting me down and my partner too as we were both so excited that I was pregnant. We are trying to be positive but at present I feel like the hospital is playing games with us, as they are not being constant with the information they are giving us.

Has anyone been in similar situation as this, and if so what was the final outcome?

MissChief Thu 04-Aug-05 08:53:10

sorry to hear about that, sugarbee - don't know what to say. I think at this early stage it's a waiting game for both you & hospital - I've been in a similar situation twice -first time miscarried, 2nd time no problem and never found out why i had been bleeding - unfortuantely this is all too common..
Try and rest, if you can and do everything you can to relax - v difficult I know.
Good luck.

Twiglett Thu 04-Aug-05 09:00:16

what a horrific position to be in .. I am so sorry you are going through this

unfortunately with much medical procedure there is no definite thing they can do. I think we go along in life thinking that if I get ill I will be given this pill / op and everything will be fine, it is only when one gets ill that you begin to realise its a little more trial and error

it sounds as though the hospital is doing everything within its power to try to ensure they do not interfere with a potential pregnancy .. all they can do is monitor and scan and you unfortunately have to play the extremely anxious waiting game

even if someone else has experienced exactly the same it does not mean the outcome will be the same for you

I wish you luck and sanity over the waiting game

Mum2girls Thu 04-Aug-05 09:03:31

Sorry SugarBee that you're going through this.

Find out if your hospital has a Patient Advice and Liaison Service. Most do.

I've just googled 'hospital PALS' and a lot of hospitals have a PALS website. Anyway a simple call to the hospital will advise you. Off one of the sites I looked at it said:-

PALS people will:

Provide information for patients, their families and carers about health and local health services.

Put people in touch with voluntary organisations and support groups.

Help people sort out problems and concerns quickly, before they get more serious and cause anxiety.

Advise on how to make a complaint if that becomes necessary

Act as an early warning system, by listening to the views of patients and their families and alerting NHS services to any gaps in services.

Liaise with other NHS staff to improve local health services.

Understand basic medical terminology and the internal structures of the NHS

Also want to know when things are going well and you have received good service from the NHS

Maybe they can help sort this out for you. Good luck.

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