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What are you missing most.....

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Mimi1977 Thu 13-May-10 13:14:54

Heavens anyone would rather be in any other position but ours and being pregnant is (for most) great (exluding the piles, the heartburn, constantly getting up for a wee...!) but is there anything you do miss but need to avoid? For some reason I seem to want the stuff I can't have more when I'm pregnant. My top three are:

*Soft Boiled Eggs
*Hot Baths

Only about 9 weeks so know I'll soon be adding sleeping on my tummy to the list!

ktwiltshire Thu 13-May-10 13:29:27

* wine/being able to go out properly, not having to leave early because im sooo tired
* exercise
* sex

DuelingFanjo Thu 13-May-10 13:32:17

Cherry Coke

toja555 Thu 13-May-10 13:40:04

* Shandy (beer + lemonade) on a hot day
* Egg Benedict with soft poached egg
* Moulded cheese

Everything from food/drinks as you can see...

Xavielli Thu 13-May-10 13:43:09

More Pate
* um.... Pate.

notnowbernard Thu 13-May-10 13:43:15


I am treading carefully with the rest of the banned items, but have indulged every now and again...

Had a bit of Camembert once or twice

And pate

And can't eat a well-done steak

Are you not sallowed to eat runny yolks? shock

Could murder a G&T though...

2ndDestiny Thu 13-May-10 13:54:33

Soft / runny yolks are ok IMO if you make sure you get British eggs from the supermarket - all from vaccinated hens and very very very unlikely to have salmonella. Just don't eat raw/undercooked eggs used in catering cause you don't know where they've come from.

notnowbernard Thu 13-May-10 13:56:14

Good smile

'Cos I eat a soft boiled egg at least once a week!

Rinnyx Thu 13-May-10 14:02:16

White wine
Runny eggs

All this I will be buying when christmas comes around, forget the presents I want my drinks and food grin

GreenwichB Thu 13-May-10 14:23:15

A big cocktail or two at the end of the week. Looking forward to unlimited pate, sushi and oysters again though.

mum2oneloudbaby Thu 13-May-10 15:06:30

vodka martini
blue cheese
a rare steak
exercise (but this may be remedied in the next week though grin)
riding my bike with dd on the back (we are way too wobbly)
chinese and indian food (the smell makes me sick)

MadameCheese Thu 13-May-10 15:07:08

Brie and blue cheeses

I read that you could have rare steak as long as the meat is completely browned on the outside.

EmmaKateWH Thu 13-May-10 15:07:09

not feeling like crap all day every day...............

MadameCheese Thu 13-May-10 15:10:25

btw this is in the NHS pregnancy book

LittleBeth53 Thu 13-May-10 15:16:36

* Sleeping on my stomach.
* Sex, or rather orgasms as they induce premature labour & I'm not meant to be having them anymore.
* Quite miss some cheeses too like a nice piece of blue cheese on a beef burger. Although runny eggs have always turned my stomach.

And I'm not missing alcohol at all weirdly enough!

Sarahlou8 Thu 13-May-10 15:17:10

Walked past Tesco cheese counter today and the Brie and Stilton were just screaming at me!
And a nice glass of Pinot Grigio...
And licking out the cake mixture bowl...

PixieCake Thu 13-May-10 15:18:04

Why can't we have hot baths? I have been. No one told me that.

Alicetheinvisible Thu 13-May-10 15:22:29

Alcohol (i have the odd glass)

Not being able to ride my horses

Not being able to fit in my nice clothes

The fact that i have the 'get up and go' of a 95yr old isn't helping much.

LittleBeth53 Thu 13-May-10 15:27:45

The hot baths thing is something to do with the baby's temperature getting too high & bein in distress or something like that although the chances are really small. It's recommended we have bath water just a couple of degrees above body temperature.

Alicetheinvisible Thu 13-May-10 15:31:38

I think it is mostly in the first trimester though, i thought it was the risk of mc if your body temp went above a certain point.

LadyintheRadiator Thu 13-May-10 15:32:05

Hot baths, rare steak, and runny eggs = the height of paranoia, IMO.

I miss tea, because for some reason it tastes so completely different

That's it.

Rinnyx Thu 13-May-10 15:33:38

LittleBeth53 I hear you on that, I miss old Mrs O haha

Oh I miss shark fin soup, some people dont agree on this still being made but my inlaws introduced me to it (their Chinese) and I love it

Twittle Thu 13-May-10 15:41:05

White wine - especially now the evenings are getting warmer!
Runny Eggs...

But only 11 weeks to go and I shall be indulging in the above and more besides, some lovely homemade pate on toast I think as well!!!!

LittleBeth53 Thu 13-May-10 15:45:49

Rinnyx, I know, it's like - whats the point in doing it if your not allowed to reach the end target, the end target being the reason you started in the first place! Haha! To please our men regardless it seems!

legallyblond Thu 13-May-10 15:54:36

A cold glass of Chablis with chevre blanc cheese (out because of the rind sad)

Sushi for lunch

Rare steak

Really hot bubble baths (I like them so I come out pink and scalded!)

But actually I don't miss any of the above that badly - its only 9 months after all (and I'm over halfway through now - 21 weeks!)

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