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Terrible pains - was it heartburn? (sorry a bit long)

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lulabelle Wed 03-Aug-05 14:03:03

During my first pg and currently during my 2nd I have suffered indigestion, just the acidy type which clears up with Rennie and can be avoided by watching what I eat! Anyway on Sunday I went to bed and woke up shortly after with a real severe pain between my stomach and under my breastbone. The pain was the worst pain ever (even compared to natural birth of 8.8 baby!) I can't lie on my back any longer but this pain prevented me from lying on either side, I felt sick and generally very unwell. I thought at the time it may have been trapped wind but can that cause so much discomfort, the following 2 days I have felt like the muscles are pulled and have trouble getting up and down. Been to docs and he gave me a Gaviscon type medicene, he says it was just indigestion but I'm not convinced. I'm not concerned that it was something serious just wondered if anyone else has had anything like it and if you know of any cures should it happen again?

dizzymama Wed 03-Aug-05 14:07:02

Lulabelle, I had this a lot during preganancy, often felt as if someone was ramming their fist into the space between my breastbone and ribs (IYSWIM. Had to sit up to sleep as well so sounds similar. I spent the pregnancy suckingon peppermints whichtook the edge off but was also left with the 'been kicked in the ribs' feeling. If you're still worried could you see another doctor?

starlover Wed 03-Aug-05 14:07:41

hmm can't say for certain, but i also had the most awful heartburn EVER.

Picture this... christmas eve. about 10pm. in north devon (middle of nowhere). i NEED gaviscon. i was in so much pain i was crying... so dp took me out and we travelled miles, of course there were no all night chemists or anything, til we found an open a&e department that gave me something!!!

starlover Wed 03-Aug-05 14:08:19

oh and they gave me the most vile chalky peppermint stuff. it nearly made me sick. but i drank nearly a whole bottle cos it hurt so much!!!

lulabelle Wed 03-Aug-05 14:12:29

Honestly I have never had pain like it but the after effects were as bad, two days in absolute agony, I have been trying to remember what I ate that could have caused it, I really don't want that again! I will get some peppermints that medicene stuff they give you is awful although it does work, by the time I could get appt to see the doc it had almost gone so not sure if it helped with this, I prefer chewy rennie. Thanks for your tips.

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