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salt in pregnancy...

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KemalsStilletto Wed 03-Aug-05 13:34:24

is salt allowed in pregnancy?

also vinegar, fizzy pop, mayonnaise in shop-bought sandwiches, e.g. egg mayo?

Also heard that spa-pools, sauna's and steam rooms should be avoided! How true is this?

Janbo25 Wed 03-Aug-05 13:35:51

not sure about the sauna etc, but you are allowed salt obviously moderation is recommended and shop bought mayo is absolutely fine

aloha Wed 03-Aug-05 13:37:09

Salt not an issue, nor vinegar or fizzy pop (where do you get these ideas from? ) Mayonnaise is only a problem if it's homemade using fresh raw eggs and then IMO still not a problem as salmonella isn't an issue in this country any more but that goes against official advice. Some people are wary of sandwiches because they might have been hanging about for ages, but it wouldn't bother me. No official advice on them. I'd certainy eat them if I liked egg, which I don't.
Are you pregant then?
And yes, there is some advice to avoid saunas etc as a prolonged increase in body heat may not be good for the foetus.

sweetheart Wed 03-Aug-05 13:38:08

Not sure what the "official" guidlines say but I'm 22 weeks at the moment and this is what I would say.....

Salt?!?!? Never been told it's not OK. Would just try and limit use in cooking (but then I'd do this anyway)

Vinegar - is fine, it was my craving with my 1st pregnancy.
Limit fizzy drinks because of the caffine they contain.

Most mayonnaise now a days is OK. If in doubt stick with Helmans. If your worried perhaps avoid it for the 1st 12 weeks.

Spa pools, Sauna and Steam rooms are all out of the question as they raise your blood pressure to dangerously high levels.

Hope this helps

dyzzidi Wed 03-Aug-05 13:39:45

I think you are not allowed in sauna's jacuzzi's (sp) due to raising your body temperature.

RedZuleika Wed 03-Aug-05 14:06:37

I think hot baths are included as well, for the same reasons.

There was this article in the Sunday Times about fizzy drinks causing calcium deficiency - but you seem to have to drink it in quite large quantities.

Some shop-bought sandwiches (like those from M&S) state that they are made with mayonnaise using pasteurised egg - so I tend to look out for those. I haven't been bothered enough to investigate egg production in this country to discover what happens with the others. I've been a bit slack with hard-boiling eggs at home, though - I like my yolks a little runny. I guess it's the first trimester-ish you need to be most careful; I've been a bit more naughty as things have progressed and my appetite has come back. Even had some illicit pate last weekend.

KemalsStilletto Wed 03-Aug-05 14:10:15

I am getting a test later to see if I am pregnant, although I do feel very much pregnant IYSWIM, although I did spend 2 hrs in the sanuna suite yesterday! I was going to test tomorrow or friday but cant wait so doing it tonight!

Janbo25 Wed 03-Aug-05 15:17:44

let us know how it goes

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