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Doulas - advice needed ladies please!!

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marinda Tue 02-Aug-05 20:09:52

I am 32 weks and am getting cheesed off with NHS approach round here to birth. Seems to be "Get them in and out quickly " with no time for discussion. Saw article about doulas and was inspired. Has anyone hired one ? and what do you think of what service they provide ? Would be so grateful of replies ladies - Thanks

marinda Tue 02-Aug-05 22:10:53


KemalsStilletto Wed 03-Aug-05 14:12:53

My friend is a doula here in Manchester. She basically cares for baby, advising mother during and after birth, doing shopping, running errands, getting up in night with baby so parents can get rest, answering any questions mum or dad may have and just generally helping the parents in the first few months of the newborns life.

marinda Wed 03-Aug-05 14:53:01

Sounds pretty good to me - I think also they accompany you to hospital for the birth. Does your friend travel as far as Stafford KemalsStiletto ?
Anyone else out there with any advice/experiece of Doulas ?

marinda Wed 03-Aug-05 17:31:04


KemalsStilletto Wed 03-Aug-05 18:58:44

Hi Marinda, i'm afraid she doesn't. She will only work in Manchester and parts of cheshire but advertise on and i'm sure you will find someone who would be willing to travel to stafford.

KemalsStilletto Wed 03-Aug-05 19:00:11

oh, and yes, they do go to hospital with you for birth, just to be of moral support, advise alongside the midwife, go home or shops to get anything you need and make the birth as comfortable for you as possible.

Kiwifruit Thu 04-Aug-05 11:10:55


I've hired a birth doula, as I was a bit worried about the NHS approach to maternity care too... She's lovely, and we have paid £650 for 2 ante natal visits (plus interview when we met her), birth services (she will come to our house when we call her, come to the hospital and stay with us until after the birth) and 2 post natal visits. Plus unlimited phone calls and emails. DH and I are feeling much happier now that we know we will have someone with us who has been through this whole process before (it's our first baby).

£650 seems to be about standard for London, but some doulas are cheaper if they are less experienced. Try this link - it gives you contact details of doulas in your area, and tells you more about the role of a doula.
Doula UK

acnebride Thu 04-Aug-05 11:39:07

Hi there, doula is a great idea, hope pupuce sees this!! I searched via Doulas UK and could only find one who was available around my birth (the rest were taking a break or pregnant) and we didn't see eye to eye - at our first meeting she told me all about a recent research study that said sheep who had epidurals didn't care for their lambs. So the initial meeting(s) are very important to ensure that you feel she is on the same wavelength IMO. Still slightly wish I had had one, especially in the postnatal period - I wd care more about that than the birth, now. What a ramble but HTH

SoupDragon Thu 04-Aug-05 11:42:07

Pupuce, a MNer, is a Doula and her website is here

marinda Thu 04-Aug-05 17:48:11

Thanks so much for your advice ladies.

Steppy1 Thu 04-Aug-05 18:12:05

...if you're near the Wiltshire area Birth and PN Doula's available through, their doula's are listed on the doula UK website mentioned and also Good Luck !

astonished Thu 04-Aug-05 18:17:34

If you search on the find a doula page on DUk website you should find a doula close to you. The main advantages of having a doula are having continual support from someone you have got to know and trust throughout labour. A doula can give you practical and emotional support and help with focus etc, she will do as much or as little as you want and is trained and experienced in responding to the individual needs of a woman. She will not give you advice but share knowledge with you so any decisins you make are informed ones. HTH and good luck, I know some lovely doulas xx

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