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Negative test with clear blue digital

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jillamona Sat 08-May-10 01:43:48

My period was a week late so took a clear blue digital test, after spending ages in boots trying to decide the best one to buy. I am not planning on getting pregnant so was delighted when result was negative. BUT 2 days later still no period and am feeling definitely different. Am tired all the time, have cramps in my lower abdomen that I keep telling myself is my period coming on but it feels different. Can't drink alcohol, it makes me sick and am starving all the time. Should I do another test? has anyone else had a similar experience? What tests would you recommend? any advice is very much appreciated xx

LittleSilver Sat 08-May-10 06:06:50

I am not certain, but think that the CB digi hCg miu/L is a little higher than some others. Personally I always go for a superdrug own brand, has worked beautifully for me three times. I would stay away from a CB non digi though, have had nasty evaps off them.

I hope you get the result you want.

Hevster Sat 08-May-10 06:24:51

my first test was a clear blue digital and it was negative, poss coz i didn't use first pee of the morning, 4 days later i got a positive on a clear blue digital, now 18 weeks! - hope you get the result you want.

jillamona Sat 08-May-10 12:01:27

thanks for your advice, i'll wait a few days and take another test. its weird because my partner and i hadn't planned a baby but now o think i might be preganant i'm excited!

cookielove Sat 08-May-10 12:04:45

oooh do a test, we all want to know

Rhigwyn Sat 08-May-10 12:18:41

I was exactly the same as Hevster. Clear blue digi said negative 4 days later did another and it was positive. Now 20 weeks! Good luck!

Champagneforlunch Sat 08-May-10 12:30:24

I was the same supermarket own brand gave positive and was week before a digital gave the same result, never bothered with them this time and trusted the cheap internet ones.

bellabelly Sat 08-May-10 13:11:55

First Response is supposed to be very sensitive - ie, most pregnant women would get a positive result on the day their period is due. If you are going to buy another test, go for a twin - pack - works out so much cheaper! Good luck!

jillamona Sat 08-May-10 14:07:02

Cool, thanks again for all the advice will try a different kind of test but most of the advice on the net says to wait a few days before doing another test what do you think

vmcd28 Sat 08-May-10 14:28:34

First Response, ASDA own brand or the Poundland ones are the most sensitive.

I got a positive with a FR one on a Wednesday, but then LOTS of negative tests until the following monday (inc using another FR one), so it was a bit odd.

But like you, I was certain I was, so I couldnt understand why all the tests were negative.

Anyway, on the Monday (when I did about 5 tests ), the first morning urine one was very very very faint, and I couldnt decide if it was an evap line or not. So 2 hrs later, I did another, an ASDA one, and the line was much much darker, so I dont actually agree with the first morning urine thing now

I'd go and by a First Response one, but thats just my impatience with these things!
Just make sure it's the one that says on the front of the box that you can test 4 days before period is due (or words to that effect), cos FR also do a normal preg test that isnt so sensitive.

Let us know how you get on. And good luck!

jillamona Sat 08-May-10 23:18:51

Seriously confused now. Took your advice and did a first response test and still negative. The instructions say to wait a week and if there's still no period to take another test. Don't know if I can wait a whole week but what else can I do. I suppose I should wait at least a few days, from the replies here it seems like most of you waited a few days between doing tests, I was just impatient doing 2 in 2 days. So now all I can do is wait! But the first response test says it should be able to detect pregnancy from even before a missed period and I am now 5 days late. confusing stuff!

bellabelly Sun 09-May-10 01:07:55

Maybe you just ovulated a little later than usual this month? So you could still be pg but a test wouldn't be picking it up yet iyswim? If it were me, I would try again first thing in the morning when your wee is more concentrated BUT I am a testing addict and it would indeed be more sensible to give it a few days!

vmcd28 Sun 09-May-10 15:15:40

the first response is the most sensitive, but still gave me some positive, some negative tests until the day my period was due, when I got lots of positives. Go to Poundland and buy loads of tests, and do one or two every day!

jillamona Tue 11-May-10 13:26:29

so am now 9 days late still testing negative. went to dr today she said some people never show ps test with home kit took blood test so will know for sure tomorrow can't wait just want to know one way or another

vmcd28 Tue 11-May-10 18:49:10

i know when I was at the stage of doing tests, I read a lot of online stuff, and there are loads of reports of people not testing positive for weeks and weeks, and others never getting a positive result. I'm not sure why, but it is known to happen.

toja555 Wed 12-May-10 09:19:43

jillamona, from my experience that's how you start wanting babies... First is No No to a baby, then you make a test, it is negative, you should feel relieved but in the depth of your heart you think "oh, I wouldn't have minded".. and that's how you start trying
sorry for off-topic

mandyj9999 Wed 12-May-10 09:29:56

i am in the same boat, im driving myself mad!! my period is late, ive had brown spotting(sorry) and i have had 3 or 4 faint line positives (same brand) predictor i think it was called.. very faint though, but other tests are coming up negative, although after half an hour they are turning faint positive!! im sick a peeing on a stick now, ive done about 17 in the past 6 days! and im still clueless. however jillamona.. with my first i had negative results for about a week (no faints) but didnt feel right so i went t odocs, they did a test and it was negative.. week later i started getting faint lines. took a digital test and it said not pregnant, went backt o doctors, not pregnant another week later!! i got a postive on a digital. its just a cruel waiting game, and it costs a bloody fortune! just keep testing my love, i found the superdrug own brand quite good xx

toja555 Wed 12-May-10 09:34:06

mandyj9999 in your case, I think you are pregnant! Positives never come without reason. Congratulations!

mandyj9999 Wed 12-May-10 10:15:13

really??? oh i would looooooooooooove to be pregnant again butim driving myself mad, do they still count if its within half an hour do doing it if they are turning faint positives?? i know you cant geta false positive but you can get evaporation lines??xxx

vmcd28 Wed 12-May-10 12:27:25

Well, a faint positive line will have some sort of colour to it, ie pale pink or pale blue. If there is not a definite colour to it, think of it as a negative for now, and test again tomorrow (or later today, if you're as impatient as me!!).
An evap line will be grey or like a faint shadow.

HOWEVER, I have to say, I ONLY ever had evap lines when I then went on to have a positive a few days later. I NEVER had an evap line with any brand when my period arrived a few days later.

toja555 Wed 12-May-10 12:31:28

To be honest, I have never heard of false positives... I am happy if that's a good news for you, mandyj9999!

nunnie Wed 12-May-10 12:37:51

mandyj9999 go and see your gp and request the blood tests, then you will be certain. Does sound promising in your case though false positives are very rare.

glasgowmandy Wed 12-May-10 12:40:00

it would be great news to be honest, not planned right now but a babys a blessing right! and i want a big family, i just dont know how i could be so unlucky to evap lines like 14 times!! it must mean somthing??? dya think it matters if its off the time limit by a bit? they have definate colour to them, i dont know whata evap line would look like but its not grey or anything x

vmcd28 Wed 12-May-10 14:06:49

glasgowmandy, it sounds like a positive to me. Like I said, I never had evap lines when I was defo not pregnant, but I had what I thought were evap lines, which turned into definite positives in the next day or two.

jillamona Wed 12-May-10 14:09:25

I never knew that the home tests were so unpredictable all the stuff on them about being 99% accurate. mandy9999 congrats if you are you pg i've read so much on the net the last few days all seems to say the same you can get false ng but not false ps. so i'm now 9 days late going dr at 4 to get blood tests results. she says that the blood tests are never wrong but some of you ladies on here have had false results with blood tests. but i think it should be the right result now i'm so late. what do you think? i don't know what i want the result to be so confused!

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