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Fascinating book!

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Octaviapink Tue 04-May-10 14:09:00

I've posted this in behaviour & development as well, because that's the other place I hang out, but mostly because I really wish I'd had this book to read before my dd was born! It's all about how boys' and girls' brains actually aren't that different at birth - later differences are more to do with gender expectation and treatment from teachers and so on - and how parents can really affect the way their DCs' brains develop to give them well-rounded personalities and abilities. It really is fascinating stuff! There's a free downloadable chapter to read if anyone's interested.

Vistana Tue 04-May-10 19:59:45

Thanks for the recommendation, sounds like an intresting read.
Hoping I get time to read it along with some others when I start my maternity leave.

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