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Rosie hospital, Cambridge.

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dizzygirl25 Tue 04-May-10 11:23:53

Hi everyone. Im 32wks and am going to be going to the Rosie maternity in Cambridge probably to there birthing center. Has anyone been in, or used the birthing pool there? Does anyone have any stories to share from there? Also does anyone know what you can bring in with you ie i pods, food, etc, and what the hospital provides ie nappies, etc. Many thankssmile

sparklyrainbow Tue 04-May-10 18:46:39

everyone I know who has been there has spoken favourably, can't be more specific especially about the birthing centre but watching with interest as I'll be there at some point (assuming I have a sticky bean this time)

runningmonkey Tue 04-May-10 18:52:15

I had a v positive experience of care at the Rosie despite a horrible birth (won't go into details ). Best thing I did was agree to have students involved both in the delivery suite and on the post natal ward - we had a lovely one who basically waited on us until we left

You can take in cd's ipods etc and basically you get food but your partner doesn't. TBH I was in for three days before DD arrived and I got DH to bring me sandwiches in from home as the food was pretty grim. Take anything special you need/want during labour.

Would prob be a good idea to take your own pillow and you also need to take towels with you too.

Ooh and DEFINITELY take earplugs for attempting to sleep on the ward if you are in before lo arrives. There was a lot of snoring when I was there!!

That's all I can think of for now and I am required for bedtime feeding duties.

Hope all goes well for you.

Libra Tue 04-May-10 18:55:14

I can only tell you that we had a good experience at the Rosie and that their toast is great.
However, since the baby in question turns 16 this month, things may not be the same now of course!

beanlet Tue 04-May-10 19:44:49

There are two birthing pools at the Rosie. Our midwife reckons the birthing pool in the delivery unit is loads better than the one in the birthing unit, so if you want a water birth you should ring the delivery unit when you go into labour to see if it's free! (Mind you, I'll probably be fighting you for it -- I'm currently 31+3)

dizzygirl25 Wed 05-May-10 19:54:23

Thank you all for replying, the information is most helpful. And beanlet i really hope i don't end up fighting you or anyone else for it, its gonna be messy enough as it is!! lol. Congrats and good luck to you.

beanlet Wed 05-May-10 20:34:02

And you too!

MargaretaA Wed 05-Oct-11 00:19:23

I had my son at MLBU(Midwifery Led Birthing Unit/Birth Centre) in 2010 and couldn't praise it enough. So much so that I am hoping to have next one there as well.

The midwives were very calm and understanding, provided us with all necessary information and went all the way to make me,my husband and the baby comfortable.

I managed to snap room with a birthing pool as it was the only one free (not mentioning I dreamt of water birth).Water and gas and air really helped with the pain in last stage of labour. I was not allowed to go in the pool until last stage of labour started (so called active labour) but had a warm bath in bathtub instead and was using birthing ball + tens machine while not in water.
The room had a bathroom but you are kind of sharing it with next door patient. It was fine for me as you lock the door while using it, and to be honest with you I heard other lady using it once only during 10hours I was there.

After baby was born and whatever needed to be done we were allowed quite a bit of time on our own to enjoy first moments together before being moved to rest bay. I have been offered toasts and me and my husband had a cup of tea, which we both needed.

My husband was with me all the time except when I felt hungry and send him off to get some food (well I had to restore my energy levels).

I would definitely recommend it to any woman with low risk pregnancy.

One advice if you don't cope with pain well you may need to ask for pain relief quite early. I left it too late and couldn't have anything as it wouldn't kick in before my son was born.

Hope this helps

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