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Bleeding during pregnancy????

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bella8445 Wed 28-Apr-10 10:36:01

On Sunday I started bleeding and clotting heavy(like a period) and went to A&E waited for hours to be seen, when I did get seen they didnt say or do much just looked and said I was starting to miscarriage and they booked me in for a scan yesterday. I was sure it was all over, went for scan upset thinking it was gone only to be scaned and to see the baby moving around kicking and waving with a heatbeat. The doctor said she could see on sign of miscarriage and baby was doing fine. Has anyone else had this happen during their pregnancy????

Jacksmybaby Wed 28-Apr-10 10:56:56

Not personally but lots of people bleed very heavily and are still fine.

I'm v. angry shock though that they a) didn't scan you immediately and b) told you "oh it's a mc" without a proper examination!

Ladyemmalou83 Wed 28-Apr-10 11:26:15

Ive had 8 bleeds so far during this pregnancy and were now 32 weeks. The last bleed was about 2 weeks ago. Even now they make me worry, and everytime I get them checked out. Doc cant explain why there happening, other than they could be mimicking my AF. Really pleased to hear ur bean is fine. Agree with Jacksmybaby on why they didnt scan u quickly and why they told u it was a MC, thats terrible. Fingers crossed for you that everything goes smoothly from now on

ASAPWW Wed 28-Apr-10 12:17:29

I also had this about 4/5 times up to 32 weeks, where upon I had an internal examination and it turns out I had 'cervical ectropian'. The cervix is a bit soft and irritated so sheds cells and bleeds, I was assured it was nothing to worry about. Now 37+3. apparently tis more common if you've been on the pill for some years which I had.
hope all goes well for you x

bella8445 Wed 28-Apr-10 13:44:44

Thank you for your messages, its nice to here that your pregnancy are going well after bleeds, it makes me feel abit better. I have stopped bleeding now thankfully, I go and see my midwife tomorrow maybe she will give me some more info.
At my scan they told me the hospital at weekends do not have the right doctors working and the pregnancy department is closed and they do not open it, was also told that if I do need to come in again then to make sure it is during the week and between 9am and 4pm as department is closed then too..??...

hairytriangle Mon 03-May-10 12:37:34

Do you mind if I pick your brains? I have just had what I'm concluding is an MC at 5 weeks, but have a tiny, tiny glimmer of hope

The bleeding was accompanied by cramps and stabbing pains, although ws totally bearable, and I bled for 4 days only (period usually 6-7) there were clots and the blood went from light pink to deep red.

I'm guessing the only way to tell will be to see my blood results (first tests on Thurs showed positive) on Tuesday?

Doctors said a scan wouldn't show anything at 5 weeks.

Amarilis Mon 03-May-10 17:03:42

I am 9+5 weeks and had spotting from 5 until 8 weeks, then a massive big red bleed at 8 weeks (and was told it was a threatened miscarriage),then spotting ever since then (but no pain at all)...

4 NHS scans could show no reason at all. Out of pure annoyance and a desperate need for reassurance, I booked a private scan last Friday and with just that bit of extra time and attention spent on me, a Subchorionic Hematoma was discovered, the cause of the bleeding and my little sausage is fine so far.

Push them to look harder at your scans.. If it was any other part of your body that was bleeding, they wouldn't leave it, and nor would you.

Hope this helps.

hairytriangle Mon 03-May-10 19:16:10

cheers Amarilis! I havn't had any scans, as I was only 5 weeks pregnant, (three weeks since conception) and had only found out the night before that I was pregnant.

doctors told me that a scan wouldn't be able to pick up a baby at this early stage.

I guess the blood test tomorrow will tell me if hormone levels are now dropping, I feel it is most likely a miscarriage.

redllamayellowllama Mon 03-May-10 20:22:20

I had a lot of bleeding when pregnant with DS (from 6-10 weeks, from 12-20 weeks and from 30-33 weeks) and ended up giving birth at 42 weeks. It was sometimes accompanied by cramping, sometimes not and varied from brown, to bright red to clots.

I think I had anything up to 20 scans during my pregnancy. A lot of those were due to me taking myself to the walk-in emergency gynae dept at St. Thomas'.

When DS was born, my midwife told me that his placenta was in very poor condition and it looked like some of it had broken off in utero. At about 15 weeks, my obstetrician thought she could see a subchorionic haemotoma on the scan.

It's really hard to stay calm as you immediately assume that bleeding = miscarriage and I spent the entire pregnancy petrified. I don't think I could have been any other way, but it definitely impacted on my state of mind post-birth.

If you find it reassuring (I did) keep on going to your EPU and when it gets to a bit later on in your pregnancy, it may be worth investing in a heart monitor. Some people think they are more trouble than they're worth, but DS was always pretty much in the same place and I found it very reassuring to be able to listen in when I wanted to.

I found that prior to 24 weeks, the people I saw were not terribly supportive - I was just quite pushy about wanting everything to be checked out and tried not to take anything to heart.

I'm now 21 weeks pregnant and have had no bleeds thus far.

Good luck with the pregnancy.

BTW, I was told by a doctor recently that once they have seen a heartbeat on a scan, there is a 94% probabliity that you will carry a healthy baby to term.

bella8445 Tue 04-May-10 10:07:41

Thank you all for your messages.
Hairytriangle they should be able to see the sac but not heartbeat as I had a scan at 4wks and they saw nothing at 5wks they saw the sac and then at 6wks they saw the baby and heartbeat so try and get a scan, if you have to make a big deal of the pain and bleeding to your doctor do so, or go to a&e, I hope everything goes well for you.
redllamayellowllama I think if all goes well at my dating scan on Monday I will look into getting a heartbeat machine it will be reassuring.
Thank you all again and I wish you best in all your pregnancy.x

hairytriangle Tue 04-May-10 18:41:09

Bella thanks for that. I will see what I can do, but the bleeding has now stopped. If I get any good news from the blood test taken today (although I don't think there's much hope of that) I will be 'assertive' with the doctor about getting a scan!

hairytriangle Wed 05-May-10 17:30:46

Oh good GOD!

Surgery just rang - docs all on a seminar, but practice nurse says a doctor has read the results of bloods and the pregnancy is progressing!!!

She said to ring tomorrow morning to speak to a doctor

She didn't say 'normally' but I'm seeing it as good news

I really am so so lucky if it is good news

Just to give you all out there some hope!!!!!

ReshapeWhileDamp Wed 05-May-10 17:46:06

Wow, Hairytriangle! That's a great outcome and I hope your luck holds. smile

anyagujraal Fri 08-May-15 11:18:55

I had vaginal bleeding in 5th week of pregnancy. Even I was in a thought of MC only. Google this topic and found different results. Then I went for checkup, now everything is fine. There are many other causes for vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy. Here are few

Babydreams89 Tue 29-Dec-15 22:24:39

I'm 7 weeks pregnant. And started spotting Xmas eve. Brown dc. Went to a epu and they did an examination and said my cervix was closed and it looked fine but sent me for a scan as I was so worried. The baby looked ok and in place but no heart beat as it was very early. Started bleeding heavy and had some cramps the last 3 days. Went back to the epu and my cervix is still closed. But they wouldnt scan me and booked me in for the 7th January. I'm so upset and scared. It's ruined my Xmas. Has anyone else been through this and had. A heartbeat in the scan ????

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