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Anyone felt WORSE after 11 weeks?

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BarefootMama Fri 29-Jul-05 15:25:55

I swear I am feeling worse and worse - more nauseous - tireder and today ratty as hell and feel like a migraine could be brewing.......I feel so let down - just want to start coping and feeling better.

DP losing patience with me and actually said the dreaded words ' its not am illness' arrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!

CarolinaMoon Fri 29-Jul-05 15:33:03

I kept feeling worse and worse till about 13-14 weeks (although we did go on a very lovely holiday in Italy then, so maybe that's why it all improved ).

And then I didn't "bloom" either for months after that.

It will get better soon though, hang on in there...

BarefootMama Fri 29-Jul-05 15:34:02

that sounds hopeful - is your baby born CarolinaMooon - or do you know what you are getting?

CarolinaMoon Fri 29-Jul-05 15:40:25

he's 9mo now. In fact, it'll soon be time to think about doing it all over again - I'm dreading doing the 1st trimester again though, I felt so sick and miserable with ds.

The rest of it's more fun though, especially when everyone starts cooing over your bump

lulabelle Fri 29-Jul-05 16:35:21

BarefootMama, I know how you are feeling, I was really rough and I kept thinking once I got to 12 weeks I would be fine, I got to 12 weeks and felt worse! I'm 18 weeks and just starting to feel a but better (although you will see on another thread I have gone off most foods!) I don't feel as sick as I did but I still get feint and tired. As for your DP he sounds like my DH, he thinks that I can carry on as I did before! We have a ds (3.5) and I get very tired with him, I'm quite big already but he doesn't seem to notice!!

goldenoldie Fri 29-Jul-05 16:36:15

Yes, I still feel dreadful - sure you are not having twins?

BarefootMama Sun 31-Jul-05 19:10:49

i am certain its not twins lol!

Just wondered if its an age thing? Any thoughts?

novadandypowder Sun 31-Jul-05 22:03:14

My sickness/tiredness didn't start until 7wks and then it was hell until about 17wks. I'm 26wks now and still get a bit of sickness and need to nap during the day, so i've resigned myself to the fact that it's not going to go away. I'm 29 with first baby, I don't think you'll find it's an age thing though - just luck of the draw. I am lucky though that DH is understanding, although a little clumsy with what he says at times. Just make sure you throw up in front of him as often as you can, or maybe one him, and then see if he thinks it's not an illness

chloe55 Mon 01-Aug-05 11:00:07

I felt rough up until 11 weeks and then thought I must be starting to lose the sickness, tiredness, rattiness etc but oh no I am now in week 12 and am beginning to feel worse than I have all pregnancy! Hope I am not coming down with anything, I think we all probably wear ourselves out what with worrying, feeling like crap etc and are probably run down at this point on top of everything else!

BarefootMama Mon 01-Aug-05 22:31:10

Novadp!! Good idea - by some fluke on saturday night after a good film at 1.00 am i got up to go to the loo and threw up all over the bathroom ( tiled) floor! i was secretly pleased because he is always at owrk when i am sick and i am sure thinks its nnot so bad! Guess who cleared it up - yep you are right - well i was too ill!!

Still feeling like crap and so stern with it too! like bad pms!!

mummyhill Tue 02-Aug-05 10:46:04

I felt dreadful and was still throwing up at 23 weeks. I am now 35 weeks and feel shattered I bloomed briefly between 25 weeks and last week i am wondering if this is because it is my second and i am still frantically trying to get everything ready whilst racing round after dd who is 3.5 yrs and into everything.

BarefootMama Tue 02-Aug-05 11:10:55

Poor you mummy - that sounds like torture! Try to rest whilst you can!

PeachyClair Tue 02-Aug-05 11:18:29

I had severe vomiting until 20 weeks, awful. there are some tips on here to help, and as I used to volunteer for the group, please feel free to CAT me if you need some support.


PeachyClair Tue 02-Aug-05 12:46:22

Here is the site for anyone wanting advice with sickness in pregnancy (their tips are good for any level of sickness):

blooming awful

bigdonna Wed 03-Aug-05 16:59:22

sorry to put a dampner on it but i threw up until i gave birth!!.try pasta,rice.chips.And coke settled my tummy so i could get through the day.

PeachyClair Wed 03-Aug-05 18:40:29

Tiredness is widely acknowledged as a cause / exaccerbator of pregnancy sickness, sleep really does help!

I ended up on a drip because I became so dehydrated my DH found me uncionscious, if you are sick enough that you are worried go see your GP, there are lots of medical solutions to this (if it's that severe it is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum).

Good luck!

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