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Calling mumtosomeone!!!!!!

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baggybear Thu 28-Jul-05 22:33:02

Just been reading your thread!!


Just had to talk to you as we seem to have a little in common. I have just discovered I'm pregnant with number 4. I'm due 28th March! And I'm not sure what my DH thinks. He didn't want another baby but I was desperate. DH and I have had a rough week since we found out but I think he's cool with it now. He's worried about money and where we are going to put everyone in the house as we can't afford to move yet. And all this means my plans to go to college will have to go on the back boiler. But never mind, I'm happy!!

Have you got other children?

baggybear Fri 29-Jul-05 08:24:05

Hi mumtosomeone! Just thought i had better let you know that if you post here and i don't get back to you for a couple of days, i'm not ignoring you (!) but I've gone away for the weekend.

Hope all is good with you. xx

baggybear Sun 31-Jul-05 19:20:32

Hi mumtosomeone! How are you doing?? Back home after weekend away now.

How are you feeling? xx

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