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Possibly Pregnant?

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KemalsStilletto Thu 28-Jul-05 20:08:14

I had sex with dp other day (Monday) and condom split and he ejaculated inside. I don't know why but I have a feeling he could have some kind of STI (chlamydia namely) and also obviously I could have conceived but if I have conceived I am worried how chlamydia can affect the foetus. I am going for an STI test tomorrow, but that doesn't stop me worrying.

meto Thu 28-Jul-05 21:20:29

hay I had the exact same thing at 16, except the condom came off inside, unfortunatly I was PG even after the morning after pill, (althou M/C at 7.5 weeks) thankfully didn't get any STI's, it's worth getting everything checked and taking the MAP incase, is there any chace your DP would have an STI?

<changed name as DH know's my log on>

KemalsStilletto Fri 29-Jul-05 11:38:30

Hi Meto, thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear about your m/c

My dp and I have a past together. We met at college about 5 yrs ago and slept together (without condom - stupid I know) and after that I went to get checked out for any STIs and found out I had Chlamydia. I was a bit of a wild child back then and was sleeping with my unfaithful boyfriend too and so I could have caught it of any of them, but was sure I caught it from college guy (who is now my dp) and which is why I have always made sure since we got back together this time, that he wear a condom, rather than have to broach the subject of him having to get checked out, because i'm not sure how to ask him.

morningpaper Fri 29-Jul-05 11:52:31

I would insist that both of you go together and get a thorough screening. I've been a complete slapper but with any new relationship I've done this with my partner. I've had all sorts I'm afraid. There's no other sensible way to approach it.

You could always say that you suspect YOU'VE got something (thrush is normal) and you want you both screened so that you are not passing anything to each other.

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