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Pityriasis Rosea in pregnancy - anyone had it?

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DillyDora Sat 17-Apr-10 12:11:54

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can help. I have had a rash for a week and saw the GP about it yesterday, he thinks it's pityriasis rosea which is essentially totally benign - just annoying. He wasn't sure what its effects could be in pregnancy, but wants to see me next week to see how it's progressing (as it's not looking quite typical).

Like a fool I looked it up on the internet and while most info says there's no problem in pregnancy there is one study from 2008 with 38 women which says it can cause miscarriage and premature birth. I'm 13 weeks pregnant. So, you can imagine, trying to be logical and failing miserably and freaking out.

Anyone had it/know anything?

LondonLlama Sat 17-Apr-10 16:55:36

I haven't had it while pregnant, but I did have two occurences at uni - I had the classic 'Christmas tree' symptoms with patches all down my body...well sexy.

It never made me feel unwell, but both times it happened when my immune system was already low - so I'm not surprised it's kicked off for you during pregnancy.

I can't reassure you in terms of effects during pregnancy, but I wouldn't get too stressed about what you see online - there are studies linking just about everything to miscarriage & premature birth.

Both times for me it went away on its own with absolutely no other side-effects.

I know it's really hard, but try not to stress about it too much - I get the feeling it's no more sinister than any other skin complaint, like exzema (something I've had a lot while pregnant).


DillyDora Sat 17-Apr-10 18:17:26

Thanks LondonLlama it certainly is a rather 'unfortunate' looking rash! Nice to hear a voice of reason from out there in mumsnet land!

Feeling a bit calmer generally now as time passes.


toomuchtooyoung Sun 18-Apr-10 18:15:17

I had it in the 2 weeks post conception, pre test. Once pregnant and at my booking in I told the midwife who wasn't interested, but then she wasn't particularly interested in anything!

I don't know whether it helped but I found washing myself with head and shoulders rather than soap cleared up the rash a lot quicker than my doctor had predicted. It goes away soon enough, and no visible marks are left, but yes, it is horrible to look at!

DillyDora Sun 18-Apr-10 18:51:37

Thanks toomuch I read somewhere else about the head and shoulders thing - might give it a shot! I'm currently covered in calamine lotion - always a good look!

DillyDora Thu 22-Apr-10 11:49:07

Bumping my own thread here as the horrid rash continues - wondering if anyone has any thoughts/advice.

newmomma Thu 22-Apr-10 15:45:57

I had it during my last pregnancy - about half way through from memory.

Horrible to look at and incredibly itchy - started with a 'herald' patch?

Anyway - can't really remember what they gave me for it - some crappy cream probably, but it caused my pregnancy and my son no problems whatsoever. I didn't even know there was a risk to pregnant women/babies from it.

It did go before my pregnancy finished too from memory. Hope this helps ease your stresses. Googling is never advisable!

DillyDora Fri 23-Apr-10 11:06:57

You're so right newmomma! blush Thanks so much, yes, getting itchier by the minute - argh!

AnaYorks Tue 01-Jun-10 17:08:56

I've just been diagnosed with PR myself. It's nice to know I'm not a freak - I sure feel like one at the moment!

Toomuchtooyoung: I was really interested to read your comment. I haven't had a positive pregnancy test yet, but I think I might be expecting as my usually reliable period is a couple of days late. Glad to hear that the general consensus appears to be it isn't likely to harm any potential baby - not even positively pregnant yet (although I've 'got that feeling...') and already paranoid!

Only nine months of anxiety to live through, then...

FloweryBoots Wed 02-Jun-10 21:44:37

I got this years ago and sometimes still get a few spots reoccuring if stressed or run down. I've had a few during pregnancy, but not much, and it never even occured to me to mention it to any one, oops! I've been putting bio oil on and it's been very soothing. When I had it badly originaly, pre bio oil existance, I remember using baby oil to try and sooth the skin as it got very dry and flakey after the initial red patches, though I did tend to put camomile lotion on top for a lot of the spots. I got it all over my face and felt the rash alone was bad enough without the camile lotion ontop on my face so just used the oil there!

LAF22 Tue 17-Jul-12 18:51:20

I have just been diagnosed with PR and I am 15 weeks pregnant. My doctor said it's nothing to worry about and prescribed a mild antibiotic cream. She also wrote down "pityriasis rosea" on the prescription specifically to enable me to look up further details on the net. I wish she hadn't!

Upon googling, the first thing that came up was the Italian Study in 2008 which says, amongst other frightening things, "62% of the women who developed PR within 15 weeks' gestation aborted". Obviously I am now freaking out and completely disregarding all the advice on the NHS website which says there is nothing to worry about.

Considering PR seems to be relatively common in pregnant women, does anyone know of any other studies which have produced more reassuring results?

This is my first pregnancy and although I am usually quite calm about things I'm now getting myself into a bit of a state sad

PeggyCarter Tue 17-Jul-12 19:02:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PeggyCarter Tue 17-Jul-12 19:05:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rogersmellyonthetelly Tue 17-Jul-12 19:21:51

I had it very early with ds, I started with it a couple of days into the 2ww and was prescribed antihistamines and some cream. It lasted until I was about 6 weeks, ds was born perfectly healthy 8 months later

Laineyjane2014 Fri 27-Nov-15 03:55:11

I was 6 months pregnant in 2014 and was diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea and was scared. I went to the dermatologist and she said not to worry that it would go away by itself in time and that it would not effect my pregnancy. I was really scared.
I did a ton of research and the only thing that would make it go away was UV Rays.
So my OB signed a form that I could stand in a tanning bed. I tanned for 5 days for about 5 to 8 min each session and by the 5th day the spots were all dried up and gone. Do not take HOT showers, work out or get overheated or it will make it worse.
I ended up getting preeclampsia and my daughter was born a month early, she was a prefect healthy baby. The rash did nothing to my pregnancy.
My advise is to lay in the sun or a tanning bed. It's the ONLY thing that gets rid of it.

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