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Sickness getting worse at 11 weeks anyone else?

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nunnie Thu 15-Apr-10 19:58:29

My queasy feeling has been there throughout the day but just niggling. However over the last couple of days it appears to become more intense late afternoon, and stays till around 10ish. I can't stomach food just the thought of it makes me retch. Then in the middle of the night I am waking up starving and having to go downstairs to eat.

Has anyone else had it where there morning sickness has got worse?

Or where they're missing a meal cos of it, how do you cope so you don't have to have a early hours feast?

Thank you in advance ladies smile

lljkk Thu 15-Apr-10 20:33:38

11 weeks was about the worst point in one of my pregnancies.
Hang in there. Just eat what you can when you can.

BrightonMum2Be Tue 20-Apr-10 15:14:48

Hi nunnie, I am 11 weeks and also reckon my queasiness/lack of appetite is worse than ever (and I've been signed off work for 5 weeks now with constant nausea).

I thought it might have started to ease off, but it's really horrible - and like you it's worse in the afternoons and into the evenings.

Eating is a horrible experience, like having an eating disorder or something. But I have to force myself or I'll be awake all night with nausea. As it is I already have to eat crackers a few times at night, while lying in bed, to get through.

My only advice is no matter how horrific it is trying to eat, you've got to try even some toast or cereal a few times a day. The best thing is to get your other half to put something in front of you - I find preparing food even more traumatic than eating it.

I hope the sickness eases off soon, I know how debilitating and depressing it is.

lizardqueenie Thu 22-Apr-10 09:57:26

Hello I am so pleased & relieved that I have found this post - I am in week 11 and feeling awful, it really seems to have got worse this week, yesterday I wasnt too bad at all then it really hit me late afternoon and in the evening- I was sick in ikea!

Have taken today off of work as I just can't stand to feel sick/ be sick at the office today.

Jacksmybaby Thu 22-Apr-10 11:03:35

My sickness has got worse at around 12/13 wks both times - just when everyone around me was saying "oh you must be starting to feel better"... making me want to hit them! angry
Both times have ended up on medication at 15 wks. sad. This might not happen to you, and obviously I hope it doesn't.
The only "good" news (!!) is that, if things remain bad into your 2nd trimester, a GP is more likely to take you seriously and do something about it, i.e. give you drugs if you are really bad, whereas in the first trimester they are far more likely (IME) to dismiss you saying "it'll disappear by 12 wks".
Lots of sympathy and well-wishes to you all! smile

2ndDestiny Thu 22-Apr-10 13:22:55

Mine got worse at 11wks after being manageable (ish) from 8-10wks... Got a bit better again after 13 weeks and a LOT better after 15 weeks so hang in there. When I was in the thick of it I could not believe it would ever go away or that I would ever be able to enjoy food again, but when it finally went I quite quickly started feeling normal again...

jennimoo Thu 22-Apr-10 13:23:10

I only started actually being sick at 10 weeks, but did start to feel better a couple of weeks later.

Hope you feel better soon.

LeylaHP Thu 22-Apr-10 15:52:11

Oh no!! I'm only at 7 weeks. I have all this to look forward to!?

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