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Campylobacter in pregnancy - medics/MWs?

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princesspeahead Mon 30-Jun-03 11:37:40

Any medics or midwives out there who can tell me exactly how worried I should be that I have got a campylobacter infection? Had it for 2 weeks, only just been picked up. Now 31 weeks pregnant. Have been told I need to go onto antibiotics but am allergic to penicillin and erythromycin so GP is checking out what I CAN have and coming back to me.

Trying to do internet searches but haven't come up with much (except something which says it is a cause of stillbirth which I'm desperately trying to ignore)

Please, any info would be a huge help, I'm worried.

princesspeahead Mon 30-Jun-03 11:58:20

aurghh, can't take any other antibs in pregnancy so having to go onto erythromycin (haven't had it since I was seven) on a low dose and hope I don't itch myself to death.

v depressed

SamboM Mon 30-Jun-03 12:05:36

Poor you PPH, sorry i have no advice, but DH, Ddog and I all had campylobacter a couple of years ago and it wasn't nice. Hope you feel better soon.

princesspeahead Mon 30-Jun-03 13:01:22

thanks sambo.

feeling v sorry for myself

codswallop Mon 30-Jun-03 13:02:27

You POOR THING!!! I =had it and ended upo using wet wipes because I was so sore..Have environmental health called you yet? They did me...

SamboM Mon 30-Jun-03 13:04:13

Did you get if from your dog? If so, I think that the Sanex antibacterial handwash says that it kills campylobacter. I don't really agree with antibac handwash, but after that i use it before preparing food, bottles etc as don't want us or dd to get it!

Marina Mon 30-Jun-03 13:23:19

PPH, I just googled this and got reassuring info from both the Food Standards Agency website (which is excellent) and also the Babycentre website.
Both of these confirmed what I must admit I thought was so: that campylobacter (and salmonella) are horrid to have at any time, and might make you iller than usual in pregnancy because of your different immune system responses. BUT they are not thought to be responsible for miscarriage or stillbirth. Some further thoughts: campylobacter is not included in the TORCH screening you have after a pregnancy loss (it wasn't in mine), therefore one could conclude it is not considered a risk factor by the NHS in this country; and it is not listed as a potential cause of miscarriage/stillbirth/infant death in the excellent book "When a Baby Dies" (Nancy Kohner, produced in association with SANDS and very comprehensive).
I think the only time these food poisoning bugs can be deemed a pregnancy risk is if they cause some other secondary condition: salmonella can lead to high fever and secondary kidney infection, for example. I am guessing that if you have had campylobacter for two weeks and it has only just been picked up, that your symptoms have not been acute or worrying?
Do hope that helps - but am most emphatically not a medic or MW...

princesspeahead Mon 30-Jun-03 13:44:48

marina, you are a superstar and thank you very much. haven't really had any other symptoms apart from an exploding bottom (sorry, all! hope you've finished your lunch). Not even really any stomach cramps and no fever or anything. Don't know if I got it from the dog sambom - I delegate most doggy related things to dh at the moment but I suppose you never know.
- I actually think I got it from ds who had fever and diarrhoea 2 weeks ago, but seems to be fine now. Still, having him and dd tested now as well (hmm, going to enjoy that little job this evening - sample collection!)

apparently environmental health are going to call me but not sure what I'm going to be able to tell them really!

thanks for the sympathy everyone, and marina, many thanks for all that research, it has put my mind at rest.

now just have to wait for the itching and hives to start from the antibiotics!

chanelno5 Mon 30-Jun-03 21:07:06

Hi princesspeahead

I had horrible food poisoning with what turned out to be campylobacter when 10-11 wks with no. 2. Don't know where I got it from, though with hindsight, think it may have come from a dodgy made-in-China water-filled eyeball key ring which burst in my hands (don't ask!) Anyway, was really poorly with it for ages, but GP assured me that although I felt crap, baby would not be affected. He was right, no probs with her, fit and well. Try not to worry, I'm sure your little one will be fine, and make sure you look after yourself, need to build up your strength for your big day!

Ghosty Mon 30-Jun-03 21:24:10

PPH ... sorry you are feeling so sick and poorly ... hope you get better soon!!

princesspeahead Mon 30-Jun-03 21:50:44

wonderful chanelno5, thanks very much for that. i'm 31 weeks so even less chance of anything going wrong then. and thanks too ghosty, serves me right after being so flip posting on your "what can't you do in pregnancy" thread!!!

bossykate Mon 30-Jun-03 21:55:46

hope you are feeling better soon, pph. don't worry about posting on the other thread - what you said was common sense despite what's happened.

btw - i remembered today going to at least 2 people's houses last time and doing the pregnancy "cant't haves" on them...

bossykate Mon 30-Jun-03 21:56:30

spelling has gone to pot! *can't* even blame the wine...

princesspeahead Mon 30-Jun-03 22:02:30

at least it isn't listeria, following a huge soft cheese and pate orgy (I have been staying away from them, I promise!)

KMS Mon 30-Jun-03 22:50:52

PPH-sorry to hear you have campylobacter. I had it when DS1 was 4wks old. not much fun! can only liken the "explosion stomach cramp" to transition stage of labour! Hope you are on the mend soon and not too much reaction to the erythromycin! Allergy may be less while pg?

mears Tue 01-Jul-03 19:24:32

A friend of mine had campylobacter when she was pregnant. Delivered a healthy big boy with no problems at all. I am sure you will be OK. Hope the erythromicin doesn't cause too much upset. Can't remember what my friend was treated with - she is away on holiday. She was so ill she had to be admitted to hospital for a few days.

princesspeahead Tue 01-Jul-03 22:49:01

thanks for your messages everyone - no bad reactions to the antibs yet, except stomach ache. just need to keep taking them for a couple more days and that should do it apparently.
you've all been very kind, thanks!

codswallop Fri 04-Jul-03 13:11:58

are you still poorly Hrh?

princesspeahead Sat 05-Jul-03 12:58:05

feeling groovy thanks cod!
last day of antibs today. no exciting reaction, hurrah...

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