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Just for fun- Anyone used the Chinese gender predictor and got correct sex?

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cinnamongreyhound Fri 09-Apr-10 12:07:20

According to this I am having a girl (don't know yet btw) and it works for my son who is nearly 3. Says at the top it's 90% just wondering if a straw poll shows that's true!

Give it a try

Anifersgirl Fri 09-Apr-10 12:08:18

I'm guessing it's actually right about.. um... 50% of the time?

NoahAndTheWhale Fri 09-Apr-10 12:10:17

According to that, DS is a girl and DD is a boy grin

TulipsInTheRain Fri 09-Apr-10 12:11:52

I have 3 dc's and it was wrong for all three grin

mumsie123 Fri 09-Apr-10 12:16:18

It was right for me both times, infact with 2nd DC we really wanted a girl so i waited till my motyh was a girl :-) everyone i know who has done it has worked for them :-) let us know if it was right for you.

fluffyguineapigs Fri 09-Apr-10 12:22:38

Boy - was right for me. Was right for three friends too, but wrong for one friend

Bleatblurt Fri 09-Apr-10 13:04:55

Right for my 3 boys. grin

CazEM Fri 09-Apr-10 14:14:19

Yeh, mine is right as long as she still comes out a girl in August and they didn't get it wrong at the scan! :D (24 at time of conception, concieved in November!)

CurlyCasper Fri 09-Apr-10 14:39:07

Right for me - again assuming the scan was correct. Expecting a girl in July. grin

BedtimeBear Fri 09-Apr-10 15:12:03

Yep, again assuming 2 scans were correct! Expecting a girl any day now.

plus3 Fri 09-Apr-10 15:17:50

Wrong both times but the magic ring on a necklace was completely right!

Daynee Fri 09-Apr-10 15:20:56

I've noticed that some charts go according to woman's age at conception, while some use woman's age at birth....So, which one do we use?? hmm

nunnie Fri 09-Apr-10 15:22:38

DD is a boy, and this one is a boy (too ealry for this one to say if accurate or not), but dd is definatly not a boy.

emsyj Fri 09-Apr-10 19:38:09

Right for me according to what the scan has predicted.

Raahh Fri 09-Apr-10 19:49:07

wrong for me twice so am pretty sure i WILL NOT be having a girl this time grin

del1 Fri 09-Apr-10 20:50:48

Right for me first time, I should be having a boy again according to this calander? We shall see in June!!
The ring test predicted a boy aswell! Spooky!!

xmelx Fri 09-Apr-10 21:27:19

Hi do you go by your actual age or add a year for chinese age?

sherby Fri 09-Apr-10 21:33:17

right for all 3

cinnamongreyhound Fri 09-Apr-10 21:50:00

My actual age, didn't know anything about a chinese age confused

RubyReins Fri 09-Apr-10 22:09:52

I'll let you know in June if the wee one is a wee lass then For some reason I feel sure the baby is a boy but I have no grounds for this other than a hunch. My DH has reminded me that I have been 100% wrong on the baby prediction front for family and friends so he's with the Chinese gender predictor. We tried the wedding ring on a thread thing for a laugh and that said girl, but it also said that my boy cat was having a girl as was my bowl of cereal... hmm

Jellibob Fri 09-Apr-10 22:30:53

Right for 1st pregnancy - DS
Half right for 2nd pregnanct - B/G twins!

MummaHG Sat 10-Apr-10 20:57:04

Its been right for my 2 boys & says im not having a girl so watch this space- only 4 weeks until i can find out at 20 wk scan! Its been right for my sister & best friend too

Abubu Sun 11-Apr-10 09:10:04

I have heard that apparently although you would expect this chart to be right 50% of the time, it is actually correct 90%, so I reckon there is definitely something in it.

It has been right for me both time - twin girls first time, another girl this time - assuming the scan was correct!

Abubu Sun 11-Apr-10 09:10:37

Having said that though, my Mum is Chinese and said she has never heard of this chart!

TanyaRamos156 Sun 12-Jun-11 02:02:58

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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