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PregnacareVFolic Acid

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munz Tue 26-Jul-05 09:27:00

what do u have and why?

i'm currently using pregnacare as I thought it was the best one, as it's also multi vitimn (sp) but after the reports of vit A being bad i'm not sure.

fellow MNetters what do u recon? plain old folic acid of pregnacare?

flamesparrow Tue 26-Jul-05 09:28:42

I'm on pregnacare, but mainly cos my iron drops the second I fall pregnant. I was assuming that because it was specially designed for pregnancy, that the vit A thing was ok

Anyone know if it is or isn't??

munz Tue 26-Jul-05 09:31:10

well that's what I assumed as well, but just gonna buy some more tablets as i'm low and didn't want to get the wrong thing if that makes sence?

flamesparrow Tue 26-Jul-05 09:32:42

I looked down the back, and can't see any obvious "I am evil vitamin A" signs...

I wasn't too sure about beta carotene, but I have a feeling someone told me that was fne.

aloha Tue 26-Jul-05 09:34:49

The form of vitamin A in Pregnacare is carotene, the animal form, which is only absorbed by the body in the amounts you need. It is impossible for carotenes to be toxic. The type of vitamin A you are warned against in pregnancy is retinol - the animal form (hence the warnings about pate). There is no retinol in Pregnacare, therefore it is perfectly safe. And of course, as others have said, it would not be sold for use in pregnancy if it wasn't.
You could just take folic acid but research does show that folic acid is more effective taken in conjunction with other B vitamins such as those in Pregnacare.
I took it through both my pregnancies and now while I'm breastfeeding.

flamesparrow Tue 26-Jul-05 09:45:41


munz Tue 26-Jul-05 09:46:02

cheers hon - think i'll stick with me pregnancare then!

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