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35 weeks with severe low abdominal/vaginal pressure

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aerokitkat Wed 07-Apr-10 23:03:21

Hi all
I'm 35 weeks pregnant and am having some serious pressure issues in my low abdomen.
It feels like the baby's trying to push her way out!
I'm not having any contractions (other than Braxton Hicks) but have what feels like moderate period pain (not cramps though... just a constant ache).
NB I had a show a couple of weeks ago.
I'm seeing my consultant tomorrow but wondered if anyone was(/has) experiencing anything similar?

llareggub Wed 07-Apr-10 23:05:50

Call your midwife/labour ward. Good luck!

aerokitkat Wed 07-Apr-10 23:09:40

Thanks for the good luck xx
I think I'll see how tonight goes as I'll be at the hospital tomorrow anyway. If I start getting 'proper' contractions I'll get straight up there!
They gave me steroid injections when I had the show and at a scan last week they said she's around 5lb 7oz already, so hopefully she's building up strength in there.

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