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Preg-friendly exercise in Poole or Bournemouth?

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CisforCookie Tue 06-Apr-10 17:26:23

Can anyone help? I am looking for any kind of pregnancy-specific exercise class; pregnancy yoga, pilates, aquanatal etc. in the Poole or Bournemouth area. The only one I can find is the Aquanatal at the Littledown, but I can't go as I am at work

Does anyone know of anything else in the area that you can recommend? There doesn't seem to be much about....


CisforCookie Tue 06-Apr-10 18:55:09


HoopsAndBaby Tue 06-Apr-10 20:33:33

I live in Bouremouth and looked for ages to find a class, I didn't even find the Littledown one....not much help sorry!

poshtottie Tue 06-Apr-10 21:10:41

There is a pre-natal exercise class at Esporta in Poole. Not sure if you need to be a member. Find out who the teacher is and if they teach elsewhere. I think it she might be called Debbie and is a midwife. Handy if you go into Labour during class. grin

CisforCookie Tue 06-Apr-10 21:35:25

Thanks! Will check out the Esporta listings. I didn't think it would be so difficult to find something - if anyone out there is an exercise instructor there is a gap in the market!

poshtottie Wed 07-Apr-10 17:04:26

There is also pregnancy yoga classes with Integral yoga. The teacher is called Suki. I'll try look up some details later. I think the classes are in Westbourne.

Nikalah Wed 07-Apr-10 18:41:38

Hi, I've been trawling the internet for the same thing. I found Debbie Howells and emailed her a couple of weeks ago. These are the details she replied back:

I have classes every night now except friday.
Mondays@ littledown 6-7pm or 7-8pm.
Tuesdays @ esporta in poole 6pm-7pm.
Weds @ village hotel (opp bmth hosp) 7.30pm-8.30pm.
Thursdays@ esporta 6pm-7pm.

The classes are all over body toning and strengthening for pregnancy, standing work, floor work using equipment such as dynabands, intervals pelvic floors and 5-10 minute relaxation at the end. Classes very social too. They are suitable throughout pregnancy, the main things we need to know about are low lying placenta, high blood pressure/ pre-eclampsia, heart conditions.

Classes block paid 6 at a time, sessions carried over if unable to make a week and run on continuous rolling programme. Members of any health clubs £35 for 6. Non-members £40.

Nikalah Wed 07-Apr-10 18:46:08

& for yoga (I have a lot of time on my hands! wink)....

poshtottie Wed 07-Apr-10 20:49:53 samukhi has a class Wednesday eve in Westbourne.

Also I think there may be a teacher at Poole yoga centre, which is close to the hospital.

CisforCookie Wed 07-Apr-10 20:55:35

Nikalah - I got Debbie's number from Esporta today. I was going to ring her tomorrow, but you have answered all my questions, thank you!

Thanks everyone for all the info - now all I have to do is stop eating salt and vinegar crisps and get moving!

DomesticG0ddess Wed 07-Apr-10 22:00:48

Thanks for that info Nikalah, I am hoping to start the prenatal pregnancy in Southbourne after Easter.

FitnessQuest Mon 23-Jan-12 23:21:52

Hi, for anyone else local to Bournemouth I am looking to start pre/post natal classes, approx £3 per session soon (just looking around for halls).

If you would like any further info feel free to email me: or visit my website or facebook:


curlykate88 Tue 01-Apr-14 20:39:58


Does anyone know if Debbie Howells is still running classes in the area ands if so when and where and any contact details for her?



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