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Maternity sportswear

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CardiCorgi Tue 06-Apr-10 09:44:20

Having been given the go-ahead by my doctor to carry on being sporty during pregnancy (within reason, no competitions allowed), can anyone give any tips about sportswear? There seems to be no shortage of yoga kit for bumps, but those wide-legged trousers are not that practical for running or rowing and I think a couple of decent sweat-wicking tops and a swimsuit would come in handy. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Petsville Tue 06-Apr-10 10:29:08

Speedo do a good, practical maternity swimsuit called Grace (though it seems to be sold out everywhere in small sizes at the moment and I had to get a Zoggs one instead, which I don't particularly recommend). There are plenty of maternity leggings about which would be fine for running or rowing. As for tops, I've just been buying non-maternity ones in stretchy fabrics a size or two bigger than normal (I cycle everywhere) - if you're sporty you probably won't show much for quite a while so maternity ones would be a bit of a waste of cash.

barkfox Tue 06-Apr-10 10:53:03

I wish I could help, but I've been trying to find a pair of maternity running tights/below knee 'shorts' to exercise in, and have gotten nowhere! The problem with cotton leggings is that they give me impressive 'I've just wee-d myself' sweat patches because they aren't sweat wicking/lycra-ey material. I also get friction problems and find the material pulls all over the place with cotton leggings.

Swimsuits I've had better luck with - I got this - from Simply Swim, which is fine, although I can still fit into this very comfortably at nearly 6 months -

And I like the long legs because then I don't have to bother mowing the lady garden everytime I go swimming.

barkfox Tue 06-Apr-10 10:55:17

I'm sorry, I have no idea what I did with linking there - I meant to link to THIS the 2nd time -

notyummy Tue 06-Apr-10 11:12:36

I am casting my mind back now to 2006 as I exercised throughout pregnancy (was in the gym on my due date - not killing myself, obviously!!)

I was hoping to be more helpful, but on reflection I didn't buy anything new because I never got a big bump at all (kept on getting sent to hospital because I was 'small for dates' - and ended up with a 9lb baby. Being 5ft 10 with more room for baby to stretch out in may have had something to do with it!)

I did but new sports bras as my boobs got bigger, and I wore 2 sports bras when running (stopped at 6 month point). Just wore my bikini when I went swimming/pre-natal aqua aerobics so my tummy had room to grow.

I wore shorts later in pregnancy, but again these were ones I had before with elasticated waists so they fitted. I had a few fairly baggy t-shirts that I had got from entering races etc so they fitted fine throughout. Bought one pair of relaxing, soft 'Yoga' style long trousers from Mothercare that I wore doing pilates and sometimes when doing a weight session or just walking on the treadmill/on the crosstrainer. Thses were handy to wear for a few weeks after the birth as well as they so comfy.

TBh I wouldn't buy a lot as you may not get wear out of it in the long run.

emsyj Tue 06-Apr-10 13:02:44

I've got 2 pairs of non-maternity capri style fitted pants (Nike dri-fit ones) that I wear for aerobics etc and they still fit me (at 30+2) thanks to S T R E T C H fabric and the waist adjuster ties. You might get away with normal clothes, plus a bump band or long vest underneath. I'm managing okay like this.

I gave up on trying to find anything properly 'maternity' as ranges are very very very limited (think there's a website called Sporty Bump that has one top, one pants etc) and quite expensive.

CardiCorgi Wed 07-Apr-10 17:55:01

Thanks everyone. I like some of those swimsuits and I had a look at the Sporty Bump stuff. I´ve not bought a single maternity or baby thing yet (still not quite sunk in even though I´m 9+4) but it is good to know where to look when I expand in ernest. Alas at 5´3" and usually a size 8/10 even if I don´t put on much non-baby fat I think I´m going to start showing soon and I´m fully expecting to look like a whale by the end of this.

notyummy did you manage to keep up your gym habit when the baby had arrived?

BearBear1981 Wed 07-Apr-10 19:20:55

I ride horses full time and trying to find maternity breeches is a complete joke. However I just rolled mine down last time and wore 2 sports bras, will do the same this time.

CardiCorgi, you'll bloom don't worry. Don't worry about the baby fat, just be careful that you don't fool yourself that you need to eat LOADS. I made that mistake last time and still have the flab to prove it. Thought I may as well have another baby just so then afterwards my breeding days are over and I can get going in earnest.

Please be careful everyone of breaststroke during pregnancy. In some people (me!) it can bring on SPD, which lead to me being hospitalised at 37 weeks and having a 38 week c-section. Ligaments are very stretchy down there during pregnancy and can easily be over stretched. Just to warn, not scare you. Am right as rain now!!!

Petsville Thu 08-Apr-10 15:48:44

CardiCorgi, I'm even shorter than you and a size 8 pre-pregnancy, and at 22 weeks I haven't needed any maternity clothes yet - I have a small bump but can still wear my normal jeans and work suits (though tops are beginning to be a bit of a problem as I've gone up 4 cup sizes, so I have to leave jackets undone and my fitted shirts don't work any more). A lot depends on the state of your stomach muscles, and if you're very sporty yours are probably tougher than mine and you won't show for ages.

Cosmosis Thu 08-Apr-10 16:46:55

Cardicorgi we keep meeting up on these threads 

I am still wearing all pre maternity sports wear at 20 weeks, and am only in one maternity item in “normal” clothes (jeans) as well, so don’t worry too much. If you get shorts /leggings which have wide panels at the waist rather than actual elastic they’ll last a while – there are a couple of pairs of my cycling shorts I can’t wear any more, but I can still get in to my endura ones fine, and also into my addidas gym 3/4 shorts as well.

I’d leave it a long time before even looking tbh, I haven’t bothered yet (although I did have a chat with Debbie at Minx who told me not to bother with maternity cycling shorts).

Ps am 5ft 3 and just over 8 stone pre-pregnancy (size 6 or 8), about 9st 4 now.

CardiCorgi Thu 08-Apr-10 21:00:01

Hello again Cosmosis ! Cycling shorts are all fine at the moment and I went out for a lovely road ride earlier which was great - so nice to do something normal after all of the dos and don´ts of pregancy (food restrictions are really getting to me). I have a couple of pairs of shorts without elastic at the front including the horrendously expensive Assos ones which should see me through for a while. I suppose I can borrow some of DH´s stuff too if I need to. Oh that´s also made me feel better about not necessarily getting huge straigt away, I´m feeling a little on the bloated side but my weight has remained the same.

Cosmosis Fri 09-Apr-10 09:06:43

Oooh assos, you must be posh ;)

the early bloating is grim, but it does go, I promise!

CardiCorgi Fri 09-Apr-10 13:25:07

Posh? Me? Well DH was raving about the Assos kit that he got for a bargain on ebay (including their cow-print jersey) that I thought I would save up for a pair. They are just the normal shorts, not those rather interesting looking bib-shorts and I think they are ok and for century rides possibly worth it but the Bontrager pair that I picked out of the bargain bin for a fraction of the price are nearly as good and for short rides I do fine with tri-shorts. My sister has converted me to the joys of Assos minty bum-cream, though grin
I am not going to admit to how many cycling jerseys I own.

Cosmosis Fri 09-Apr-10 13:37:09

Oh you'll have to now you've said something grin
I promise not to be shocked, I'm too used to people commenting on the amount of bikes DH and I own wink

CardiCorgi Sun 11-Apr-10 10:08:40

Eek, I totted it up and if you include sleeveless and long-sleeved then we are talking about double figures. Then of course there are arm-warmers, wind vests, silly socks etc. We won´t start on rowing kit or cross-country skis. Oh dear.

DH is one of the few men who can´t moan that his wife won´t let him buy any more bikes as I actually own more than him and have been encouraging him to consider a mountainbike for ages.

Now, at what age can we put the baby on skis???

Cosmosis Sun 11-Apr-10 16:31:14

Oh he definitely needs a mountain bike! grin

Skis, just after they learn to walk I guess??

CardiCorgi Mon 12-Apr-10 20:58:29

Exactly what DH thinks - play skis that strap on over snow boots for Christmas 2011, proper cross-country skis (they start at 90cm) for the following Christmas and then downhill skis from the age of 3.
Our ski technician has a picture in his shop of himself at the age of two on skis and with a dummy in his mouth and another one, almost the same of his son.

Still feeling nauseous but I tried a half-hour rowing machine session today which took my mind off it. I can´t believe how slow I´ve got though.

Cosmosis Mon 12-Apr-10 21:29:41

I have found that you have to just shut off all your speed expectations and just do it for the enjoyment. I have to rest up hills I usually fly up, but I am just appreciating every ride at the moment as I keep thinking I may not have many left for a while

barkfox Tue 13-Apr-10 08:59:20

Just to share a 'find' - I bought these last week -

Capri length trews (don't be put off by the 'yoga' name, they are stretchy and close fitting, not long and wafty. They say wideleg, but that seems to mean 'slightly looser than leggings' on me). I LOVE them - they will do for gym/treadmill work, but also look fine for everyday wear, in a way that a running short wouldn't (on me, anyway). The ties at the knee are a bit annoying, but with determined knotting, you can get them out of the way.

They aren't maternity trews, but have a very roomy stretchy waistband with ties. V comfy on me at 25 weeks and growing.

CardiCorgi Mon 19-Apr-10 20:01:31

They look good, thanks for the link. I also found a German online shop with plenty of kit, should I need it:

suepa Mon 12-Sep-11 22:30:44

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Woodifer Tue 13-Sep-11 09:57:01

I'm still wearing my gore 3/4 length bike tights (not bibs) at 32 weeks - i just pull them up to under the bump.

Then I wear a maternity vest - not really got a technical (sweaty) top at the moment - was in my normal stretch thermals for a while - now i just wearing maternity tops - but i'm not getting that sweaty what with the cooler weather and reduced effort.

haven't been able to run since 14 weeks due to SPD (sob) - but can wear most of my normal tights low under bump - which then cover with long top.

My bump is really sticking out and measuring average for dates.

I got a swimming costume in a bundle of maternity wear that circulates between me, my DS and SILs but unhelpfully can't remember make.

user1479469822 Fri 18-Nov-16 12:27:06

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Liv1234 Thu 24-Nov-16 13:25:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

sweetchilli77 Thu 24-Nov-16 14:13:47

are you getting commission for this brand? yo have pulled up threads from years ago to tell them what you wear? sounds dodgy to me

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