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Does everyone get diarrhoea before labour??

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aerokitkat Mon 05-Apr-10 22:28:44

Sorry guys! I know it's not a pleasant heading. But I've been reading quite a few pre-labour posts and the most common 'symptom' just before labour seems to be diarrhoea, so I'm curious, does this always happen?

whydobirdssuddenlyappear Mon 05-Apr-10 22:32:09

It happened with one of mine, but not the other. I'd blame the iron for the first one (iron constipation, nice) but I was on it both times so it can't have been that that made the difference.

bloss Mon 05-Apr-10 22:33:06

Message withdrawn

aerokitkat Mon 05-Apr-10 22:34:37

I have iron constipation too. It's not pleasant!

glasgowlass Mon 05-Apr-10 22:34:37

Not for me, no.

SlinkyGoober Mon 05-Apr-10 22:35:55

I did for all 3. The smell/ consistancy of the farts was the worst bit. Pooooorh!!

LadyOfTheFlowers Mon 05-Apr-10 22:36:05

I had the trots with onset with DS1 and a show with him, but have not experienced either again.

aerokitkat Mon 05-Apr-10 22:36:55

I'm glad to hear it's not everybody. If only because I was starting to think 'right, that's it, ignore all the other niggles.... wait for the diarrhoea to kick in!'
Is it just me or does this looking for labour signs become obsessive?!

thisisyesterday Mon 05-Apr-10 22:37:22

not proper diarrhoea, but definite much softer than usual (sorry way TMI!)

and yes, all 3 times

aerokitkat Mon 05-Apr-10 22:39:34

I'm starting to realise it's pretty much impossible to discuss labour without TMI! wink

chegirlWILLbeserene Mon 05-Apr-10 22:42:28

I do.

bexxaa Mon 05-Apr-10 22:46:15

Message withdrawn

plonker Mon 05-Apr-10 22:48:05

Just 1 out of 3 for me

aerokitkat Mon 05-Apr-10 22:56:26

Aww bexxaa! Your partner could have kept that to himself!! lol

minouminou Mon 05-Apr-10 23:42:26

Both times with me - and I also chucked my guts up, and it was quite thorough (IYSWIM), and so saved me from pooing in labour, which i'd spent around 8 months worrying about!

Nemain Mon 05-Apr-10 23:44:42

I didn't.

I thought I was going to poo when I was pushing grin but no, nothing of that sort at all thoughout while pregnancy.

Pineberry Mon 05-Apr-10 23:48:39

i always do
Even when induced
I call it 'natures enema'

MrsSawdust Mon 05-Apr-10 23:58:19

I didn't, but I did have a very thorough (but ordinary) poo in early labour. No accidents during pushing - but I honestly wouldn't have cared much if there had been!

bexxaa Tue 06-Apr-10 10:32:03

Message withdrawn

nunnie Tue 06-Apr-10 11:54:27

I got it before labour, went to hospital as informed by mw, and was 5cm's when I got there was pushing within 30 minutes.

FatSeal Tue 06-Apr-10 12:36:03

Had 4 days of "clearing out" kind of trots before going into labour with dd, so I'm in the yes camp.

mistressploppy Tue 06-Apr-10 12:39:35

Yeah, I had about 10 days of 'clearing out'. Come to think of it, maybe I was a bit poorly..

Bathbaby Tue 06-Apr-10 12:40:25

I had for my 2 previous labours-I think it is due to the increased prostaglandin levels that are associated with labour, and that's why it's also common to get "looseness" when you're induced as well!

Francagoestohollywood Tue 06-Apr-10 12:46:24

It happened to me with both my dc, just as soon as the first mild contractions started.

Meglet Tue 06-Apr-10 13:01:12

Yes I did, just when the contractions got a bit achy, but were still few and far between.

I always got an upset tummy at the start of my period too.

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