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Cystic hyroma - any info please!

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Rachey1969 Mon 25-Jul-05 13:49:53

My friend who is 14/15 weeks pregnant had a dating scan last week and they found a lump under baby's arm. Unfortunately it looks like bad news - she was scanned again today and they think it's a cystic hygroma. Many nasty enlarged lymph nodes on neck/face/chest. Has a 50% chance of being associated with a chromosonal disorder so she had an amnio today as well. The really bad news is it looks like there is fluid on the baby's lung because the heart is working too hard.

Has anyone had any experience of this or know any children with it?


Rachey1969 Mon 25-Jul-05 21:21:25


Rachey1969 Tue 26-Jul-05 06:37:12

Ok bump for the last time - this must be rare! On the only archived link I can find the lucky girl found out it was a mistake on the scan - not in this case I fear...

AnotherHelen Tue 26-Jul-05 17:29:52

Hiya again rachey! - i hope you dont think im some mad stalker, but i just spoke to my sister who is a nurse just in case she knows anything at all about this condition, and she said although she hasnt actually worked with the condition itself, one of her coleagues HAS the condition! she said her friend is covered with what looks like acne spots/lumps but they are bigger and she has had them all her life! they as far as she knows arent treatable but are in no way a threat to her life! as for the fluid on the lungs she says obviously that isnt a good thing, but it doesnt automatically mean the worst! Anyway i will stop hassling you now with my babble, but should you need any more info, my sister said she would be happy to answer what she can!
All the best!
Helen xxxx

Rachey1969 Thu 28-Jul-05 16:25:25

Gosh, really? It seems very unusual, well the latest is that the amnio results show its not one of the main four chromosonal disorders and she's scanned again next Tues with a couple more weeks until the full results. Will keep you posted!

AnotherHelen Thu 28-Jul-05 17:36:37

Thanks rachey - will keep my fingers crossed tight for all of you! xxxxxxx sending lots of positive vibes too the little bundle too!! xxxx

Rachey1969 Tue 02-Aug-05 20:39:52

Bad news I'm afraid...friend had another scan today and cysts had tripled in size in a week. The initial results from the Amnio cawme back negative but it seems likely to be a rarer chromosonal problem. Still fluid on the lungs too so the heart is struggling. Fetal hytrops seems to have a near 100% mortality and even if baby did make it - surgery may be impossible as the cysts are invading the muscle of the chest and arms She has decided to terminate on Friday, so awful after all she's been through and I think I'm taking it worse than she is. Baby would have been due on her birthday and a termination at 17 weeks with a bump seems so heartbreaking.

AnotherHelen Wed 03-Aug-05 09:13:18

Oh rachey!! im so sorry, really really sorry!!! i wish it could have worked out better, but by the sounds of things your friend and her poor baby have been fighting a loosing battle! i guess like you say if baby did survive, she would have problems and what sort of quality of life would she have? im so sorry, i have been thinking of you all and keeping my fingers crossed. I hope you and your friend can manage to get through all this, and i wish your friend all the strength in the world on friday, isnt life cruel sometimes!

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