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What does 13+4 mean?

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daisy20 Fri 22-Jul-05 13:28:16

Been reading this board this morning and being new to pregnancy (7 weeks) I don't know what the plus sign stands for and why its used. If 13+4 is 17 then why can't we say 17.

Can anyone explain it please.


Nbg Fri 22-Jul-05 13:29:38

It normally means how far along in the pregnancy you are. So 13 weeks plus 4 days.

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 13:29:57

It maens 13 weeks plus 4 days.

Ladymuck Fri 22-Jul-05 13:30:09

Usually measn 13 weeks and 4 days (pregnant).

Congratulations and welcome by the way! You've come to the right place!

suzywong Fri 22-Jul-05 13:30:16

taken from the date of the first day of your last period, and full term being 40 (weeks)

Nbg Fri 22-Jul-05 13:30:17

Are you sure your 7 weeks or are they questioning if you are further along?

bee3 Fri 22-Jul-05 13:30:47

I think it's used when you have a firm date from which to 'start' the weekly counting, eg. 1st day of last period, and 13+4 just means 13 weeks + 4 days.

But I'm sure someone with a better grasp of these things will be along shortly!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 22-Jul-05 13:32:23

going by my scan dates im am 27 weeks today, tommorow i will be 27+1

daisy20 Fri 22-Jul-05 15:10:42

Thank you folks

Well I thought I was in week seven as week 6 was last week. Getting confused here as today I'm 6+7 so does that mean week seven is next week or this week? My last period was 4th June.

My brain has been seperated from my body!

Had an early scan on monday (due to previous probs) and it was very small, only 3mm. Got another one on 2nd august to check growth.

Take care xx

marne Fri 22-Jul-05 15:18:18

hi daisy20, im 6 weeks+1, i went for an early scan yestaday and they told me i wasnt 6 weeks, i also have to go back in 2 weeks. Good luck, hope all goes well for you and welcome to mn.

daisy20 Fri 22-Jul-05 15:25:39

Thanks marne

munz Fri 22-Jul-05 16:07:07

oh daisy snap i'm the same as u, we're both 7+0 today (it's easy to keep track as each friday is the start of another week!)

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