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5 days late am I pregnant

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mumtosomeone Fri 22-Jul-05 13:12:06

only had 3 periods since ds was born could I just be irregular?

Toothache Fri 22-Jul-05 13:12:45

Well how regular were the first 3 periods? Mine were regular again right away.

mumtosomeone Fri 22-Jul-05 13:14:29

mmmm regular!!!! well a day late!

Hulababy Fri 22-Jul-05 13:14:55

If yor cycles have been roughly regular (hence knowing you are 5 days late) why not take a pg test - to make sure?

Toothache Fri 22-Jul-05 13:15:35

Well then I'd say it's a distinct possibility that you are pregnant. But you know what I'm going to say..... the only way to know for sure.... is to TEST!

Would you be devastated or pleased?

WigWamBam Fri 22-Jul-05 13:16:26

You'll only know if you do a test. I hope it's the result that you want.

Meid Fri 22-Jul-05 13:20:06

When my periods returned after having DD I had 3 regular periods then one that was 2 weeks late. I suggest you do a test. Good luck for whichever result your want.

mumtosomeone Fri 22-Jul-05 13:27:51

you werent pregnant then?
DH getting a test today!
Cant feel anything till I know!!! sounds silly but we never said no more and if it happens it happens so we just have to wait and see!!!

Toothache Fri 22-Jul-05 13:45:50

Good luck M2S!!

Meid Fri 22-Jul-05 13:46:43

No I wasn't but like you, having had 3 regular periods, I thought the only logical explanation to my lack of period was pregnancy.

The test I did was negative but I wasn't completely satisfied until AF came.


mumtosomeone Fri 22-Jul-05 19:14:28

just been thinking ..I have only had 2 perods not maybe it is a false alarm. ds isnt quite 10 months!

mumtosomeone Fri 22-Jul-05 19:14:55

will know in morning is dh remembers test!!!

mumtosomeone Sat 23-Jul-05 07:24:07


LollipopSweetiePie Sat 23-Jul-05 14:14:50

Hi M2S, what was the result?

mumtosomeone Sat 23-Jul-05 18:00:13

negative and still no sign of..'af'?!!!!

mumtosomeone Sat 23-Jul-05 18:01:14

Ds has started waking in the night so wonder if the fact I am feeding a bit more has stopped my period...cant get to grips with AF!!!!

mumtosomeone Tue 26-Jul-05 09:45:35

still nothing!! 1 week late!!

colditz Tue 26-Jul-05 09:58:24

12 days late, still no positive, WTF is my period?!!!!

mumtosomeone Tue 26-Jul-05 16:51:31

you 2?!!!

mumtosomeone Wed 27-Jul-05 10:55:28

re tested!!! Positive!!!!!!

firstbabyandnervous Wed 27-Jul-05 10:59:11

Just reading this thread.Congratulations.Are you happy?

munz Wed 27-Jul-05 11:08:36

woohoooo yay well done u! what's ur due date? so pleased for u hon.

mumtosomeone Wed 27-Jul-05 11:10:05

bit mixed at the moment!! Worried but happy!
Not sure what dh thinks..think he is happy too but we both never said never but he thinks we have our hand full already!! As its basicly down to me to look after them then I guess its ok!!
Will be total brok for ever!!!
A new life has to be a good thing!!!!

mumtosomeone Wed 27-Jul-05 11:10:35

think its 27th March.
ds will be 18 months!

munz Wed 27-Jul-05 11:46:34

yay a fellow march person!

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