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Anyone due in August??

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bunnyrabbit Thu 26-Jun-03 11:25:31

I'm due on 29th and have done nothing to prepare for baby bunny except order a push chair. Please someone else tell me they are as unprepared as me....
Oh and I'm working till 38 wks...

princesspeahead Thu 26-Jun-03 11:33:55

I'm due on 30th!
It's my third so I sort of feel that I don't have anything to prepare. This is, of course, complete rubbish - I haven't even got the baby clothes/breast pump/etc out of the loft let alone thought about buying mininappies, maternity pads, etc etc etc.

Have managed to order my birthing pool though - and a friend delivered back my moses basket and bouncy chair that I'd completely forgotten I'd lent her - so that's something!

Only working until 32 weeks as I have masses of accrued holiday and am fed up, so the end is in sight hurrah hurrah!

bunnyrabbit Thu 26-Jun-03 11:37:04

So next week is you last week!!! Good for you.
Don't wish to sound dumb, but where do I get maternity pads??? What sort of breast pump would you reccommend?
Sorry, first baby.... BR

princesspeahead Thu 26-Jun-03 11:45:14

maternity pads from boots or somewhere - they are gross and like having a brick in your knickers, but necessary for the first few days. then I'd get onto superabsorbent nighttime ones pronto.

I think the best home electric breast pump is the Medela minielectric - I know my local branch of boots stocks it (in a small market town) but probably not all of them do.

some people are happy with non-electric ones by avent, but I find them a bit hard work

princesspeahead Thu 26-Jun-03 11:55:10

sorry to sound a bit brusque, typed that while I was on the phone to someone else!

anyway congrats on the first baby, and do let me know if you need any more info...!

Jess234 Thu 26-Jun-03 21:28:14

I'm due on 25th, not prepared yet, have brought some little bits but thats about it. will be giving up work four weeks befoe and can't wait. First baby aswell, so just guessing really.

bunnyrabbit Fri 27-Jun-03 08:41:05

Glad to hear I'm not the only one whose not prepared. Hope we don't sprog early or we're in trouble!!
Thanks for the advice on breast pump etc.. will have to get my bum in gear and sort this out pretty soon....

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