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Pelvic Floor toners

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confusedfirsttimemum Thu 25-Mar-10 13:15:32

Also posted in general heatlh, but no one has answered. Obviously just me blush

I should probably name change for this, but stuff it...

Since DD was born nearly a year ago my pelvic floor is not what it was. Despite religiously doing my exercises I still have to, ahem, hold it all in if I sneeze or run and sometimes have slight 'issues' if caught by surprise.

Has anyone had any success using one of those pelvic floor toner contraptions and, if so, which ones. My life is really too full already without attempting to get physio on the NHS, so I want to have given everything DIY a go first!

confusedfirsttimemum Thu 25-Mar-10 15:23:07


Crapweasel Thu 25-Mar-10 15:27:34

No idea about the tonor contraptions but the (private) physio I saw recommended the cones which are cheap enough - c.£20 from Boots etc - so might be worth a go for you?

I'm now pregnant again though so any good work likely to be well and truly undone...

confusedfirsttimemum Fri 26-Mar-10 07:55:56


LeeWT Sat 27-Mar-10 08:17:38

oo what are the cones and can u use while pregnant?

Neeko Sat 27-Mar-10 10:17:25

I used those cones after DD's birth too and they did help. You get them in the baby section at Boots. Not supposed to use them when pregnant though LeeWT so you'll just have to join the Tena brigade like the rest of us! grin

Crapweasel Sat 27-Mar-10 20:46:45

Here are the cones I have. (You can buy online if you are a real wuss grin). No, as said before, you can't use in pregnancy. They come it two sizes - the instructions say to work up to the smaller size. My physio described the larger one as "this is the one for women who have had children", which managed my expectations nicely wink

If possible, a visit to a good physio is invaluable. You may well get an internal examination - yes, slightly blush but not uncomfortable and nowhere near as undignified as childbirth - and that's the only real way to tell that you are doing your pelvic floor exercises correctly. I was convinced I knew what I was doing, and a previous physio agreed based on feeling my tummy as I did them. I found out that I was only using about 50% of the muscle. It's a biggish movement including front/back/sides, the often used "imagine you're trying to stop passing urine" doesn't help describe it properly IMO.

Plesae don't be embarrassed, there are loads of people (well, mothers) in the same boat.

cloudydaze Sat 27-Mar-10 22:22:48

Had totally forgotten about this (about to pop out DC3!) but I too used the cones after DC2 and the def helped. Will have to see if I still have them once I've given birth. I got mine at Boots & like above think they were around £20

plum100 Sun 28-Mar-10 22:01:04

Can I just ask the people who have used these cones a q?

I have them - but was never sure I used them right. It said insert them like a tampon, but not as far up. And that when theyre in your muscles automatically hold them in, thus working the muscle...

Well if I dont insert them as far up as a tampon they fall out, and if I put them in as far as a tampon , I cant feel them so how do I know they're working?

Crapweasel Mon 29-Mar-10 20:17:10

Plum, a bit of TMI here but what I tended to do was insert them about half way and then do the pelvic floor contraction that they mention in the instructions to sort of "suck it up" a bit further.

In this position you can't feel really feel the weight itself - I think at the point you feel it it's on its way out.

The way you know it's working is if you manage to keep it there for the requisite length of time - possibly when jumping up and down a bit if you're doing really well at that level. If you're not quite there, you will suddenly become aware of the weight and have to contract your muscles to stop it falling out (or give up and re-insert).

Hope that makes sense!

BlinkAndYouMissIt Tue 01-Mar-11 14:00:43

I've just ordered these from Amazon - only ~£15 there with free delivery - seem to be about £25 in Boots now.

bear1234 Sun 07-Aug-11 12:53:09

Thanks for this advice. I recently went 10 pin bowling with work and almost had an unfortunate accident on the dance mat in the amusements. Was gutted to haveto pretend i justcouldn't keep upwith the moves lol!!

This also saves getting a medical procedure - which I had also heard about.

Admittedly, I'm probably just too lazy to do the exercises religiously so at least the cones would make that a must!!

edwinbear Sun 07-Aug-11 13:34:30

I was left with an anterior and posterior prolapse after DS was born which was/is horrible. I will need surgery after DC2 is born in November but as they don't recommend the op until after you've finished having babies, I used an electronic toner, a Kegal8. I have to say it was fantastic, it meant going from being really uncomfortable and aware of it all the time to having some days that I didn't even notice it. As an added benefit I've had no continence issues at all since I used it with is generally par for the course with a prolapse.

bear1234 Tue 09-Aug-11 00:20:30

I went to Boots today. Not tried the cones out yet, but hopefully this will do the trick. Thanks again

kri5ty Tue 09-Aug-11 08:00:29

has anyone used the battery operated ones??

I was thinking of getting one after the birth, a kegal toner one...
I can just see myself now watching TV, and having it all done for me!!

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