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early pregnancy - abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea - is this normal?

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bossykate Thu 26-Jun-03 06:42:31

hi everyone

i'd be grateful for some advice. for the last 24 hours i have had a pain (feels like a "punch in the stomach" in the central/upper abdomen, accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting. the pain was bad enough to stop me sleeping much last night and we had several inconclusive calls to nhs direct. i'm four weeks pregant so i suppose this could be normal, at least the vomiting and diarrhea, but i'm a bit concerned that the pain hasn't shifted for 24 hours.

any advice? TIA.

bossykate Thu 26-Jun-03 06:42:55

that winky's not supposed to be there.

prufrock Thu 26-Jun-03 08:36:15

It could be pure coincedence bk - lots of other things can cause your symptoms. Do you still have your appendix?
Get yourself down to the doctors so they can rule out anything serious and you can stop worrying.
And congratulations

crazynow Thu 26-Jun-03 09:33:05

I'd go down to the doctors and get yourself checked out just to put your mind at rest.

Enid Thu 26-Jun-03 09:41:56

Wow congratulations bossykate, missed any earlier announcement.

If your pain is where you say it is, it is unlikely to be a miscarriage...could be food poisoning? A friend had quite severe gastroenteritis in early pg and was fine. Go to gp though.

I had vomiting and intermittent diarrhea throughout both of my pgs.

WideWebWitch Thu 26-Jun-03 09:46:16

Hi bk, I'd go to the doctors too or, if you can bear to wait a bit longer, apply the same rules you would to a child with similar symptoms: lots of fluids, paracetamol (sp?), no food for 24 hours and see what happens. IKWYM about worrying about symptoms being connected to pregnancy, I've been *completely* neurotic this time round (not saying you are) but the throwing up could easily be morning sickness and the diarrhea could be a reaction to being the opposite way yesterday (IYSWIM) couldn't it? (esp. if you did go for prunes or figs). I hope you feel better soon.

aloha Thu 26-Jun-03 11:02:50

Congratulations! Great news that you're pregnant. Sounds like a tummy bug to me. Any better yet?

Marina Thu 26-Jun-03 12:47:02

Oh, sorry you're feeling so rough today, bossykate. Agree with the others that if the pain especially does not shift soon it might not be a bad idea to get yourself checked out by the GP.
Let us know how you are getting on and hopefully this is just a short-term indisposition.

LucieB Thu 26-Jun-03 13:08:49

I had the same - I am now 6 weeks and 2 days and it has settled. HTH

bossykate Thu 26-Jun-03 20:06:48

thanks everyone.

having had a "Rosemary's Baby" type experience with pain in early pregnancy last time, i bypassed gp and went straight to A&E at St Thomas'.

came within a gnat's whisker of getting a bollocking from the staff for not seeing gp first...

however, they confirmed it's only a case of gastro-enteritis and have given me some much better painkillers.

much better today. thanks for all your messages

Batters Thu 26-Jun-03 20:45:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ghosty Thu 26-Jun-03 21:09:15

Bossykate ... glad you are feeling a bit better ... and congratulations!!!

prufrock Thu 26-Jun-03 22:38:38

Bossykate I am very very relieved for you. I've been worrying about you all day.

jodee Fri 27-Jun-03 10:10:28

Hi BK, missed this thread but posted on the other one about your happy news - glad to hear you are feeling much better, take care!

Marina Fri 27-Jun-03 11:10:27

Glad to hear you are feeling so much better today, bk. If your GP is anything like ours your baby would have been doing its SATS by the time you got to see a doctor there, so I think you did the right thing, esp. with your painful early pregnancy history.

Tinker Fri 27-Jun-03 13:42:58

bk - missed this one. Glad you're feeling better and congratulations

bossykate Mon 07-Jul-03 22:19:30

oh blimey, i've got it again!! have been laid up today with similar affliction, and will probably have to take off work again tomorow i'm sure everyone will be really suspicious as i was only off the week before last. managed to catch up with one of my team members this pm - she was a bit cheeky, actually, i'm quite irritated...

diarrhoea has been really bad and *no* loperamide when you're pregnant

can't think what it could be. we are following all the dietary rules you're supposed to follow when pregnant. must be something i ate for dinner yesterday, but dh and i had the same apart from a magnum, maybe it wasn't stored properly.

dh has been a complete star looking after me today.

thanks for listening - it has been a bit miserable today

WideWebWitch Tue 08-Jul-03 00:01:08

Oh no bossykate! Sounds horrible, hope it goes soon.

prufrock Tue 08-Jul-03 08:38:38

BK - I want a copy of the pregnancy book that told you Magnums were a dietary rule
Hope you feel better soon.

bossykate Tue 08-Jul-03 10:42:39

oh, yes, prufrock and green & blacks chocolate is compulsory too...

bossykate Tue 08-Jul-03 10:45:07

seriously, though, dh and i have been racking our brains to think what it might be... two episodes of food poisoning in three weeks... you would think we were candidates for one of those programs like "life of grime" or "how clean is your house". we're not, honest!

can't help worrying about the baby either... this can't be good.

moosh Wed 09-Jul-03 14:21:00

I am 6 weeks pregnant but with ds who is 3.5 it sometimes didn't matter what I ate I would have a bout of the runs. I remember once eating a chicken and mayo sandwich at work with a coleslaw salad and a yoghurt after. YUK!!!! I was on the train comming back from London and had to hold my breath from Victoria home bout 15 mins and luckily I only live 3 mins from the station and had to run home and was really ill for the rest of the night. Couldn't get out of the toilet and was only about 9 weeks preggas. Suffer from IBS too so am really careful what I pig out on this time.

moosh Wed 09-Jul-03 14:25:16

Sorry bossykate was supposed to answer your question. Your body is getting rid of the toxins and harmful bacteria, so I would have thought that baby is fine because you are ridding your body of what is harmful. Maybe you have IBS certain foods and stress can cause it.

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