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Antenatal yoga in Grenwhich?

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MrsFogi Thu 21-Jul-05 22:02:23

Does anyone know if/where there are antenatal yoga classes in (or near to) Greenwhich? (or yoga classes where unfit pregnant women are welcome!)

MissChief Fri 22-Jul-05 13:58:08

think there's one connected to arches leisure centre in greenwich (run by teacher there anyway but class held in deptford i think). really worth a tube trek though is the iyengar yoga institute in maida vale for brilliant ante-natal yoga classes.

MrsFogi Sun 24-Jul-05 21:51:32

Thanks MrsChief I'll try out the Maida Vale one

soapbox Mon 25-Jul-05 00:09:10

MrsFogi - not quite what you are looking for, but have you considered pilates??

There are excellent pilates studio based sessions at LABAN in Deptford creekside.

They work with pregnant women there. The sessions are broadly one teacher to 4 people which means that you get a lot of individual attention.

It might be worth trying one session and seeing what you think

rubles Tue 26-Jul-05 11:32:46

Is Bethnal Green too far for you because there are a couple of places there that do it - Bodywise and the Yoga Centre (I think it is called). I went to classes at the latter which I enjoyed on a Sunday morning.

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