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Come and make me feel better about daft things you have done whilst pregnant

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Saucepanman Wed 24-Mar-10 08:38:17

I missed the Dcs parents evenings last night! blush I was thoroughly convinced they were tonight, to the point that I have booked a babysitter, checked dh will be home and turned down other plans for the night. And told anyone who mentioned it that "mine is on wed". I have no idea how or why I became convinced of it, and now have to do school run and face both teachers whilst feeling like an idiot blush

musicposy Wed 24-Mar-10 08:45:47

I have a scan tomorrow, so I dutifully rearranged all my teaching for today (I work from home), telling them I was sorry but I had a hospital appointment.

Then I found the card and it said 25th - I had trouble believing the evidence! No idea why I had Weds 24th in my hesd!

So I had to phone all my pupils and rearrange them back to this morning.. blush

Saucepanman Wed 24-Mar-10 09:20:36

Thanks musicposy, I have calmed down a bit now, and lovely teachers have fitted us in for tonight smile

rochester Wed 24-Mar-10 16:23:20

I am 25 weeks and have developed an acute inability to remember:-
Why i have walked into this room? hmm
Why have I opened this cupboard? confused
To turn the gas ring off shock
Close windows & doors before leaving the house
To pour water NOT milk into the kettle
Where did I park the car ? angry
There are many more but I just can't remember them! wink

MathsMadMummy Wed 24-Mar-10 16:24:57

I got to the end of our driveway wearing my penguin slippers.

Alicetheinvisible Wed 24-Mar-10 16:29:28

2 weeks ago i left a candle burning from lunchtime til the next morning.

Last week i missed my MW appointment as i was convinced it was the following day, so much so that i arranged my day around it.

On monday i was set to go the 2yr toddler review with the HV until i realised it is next monday,

Does that make you feel any better? grin

DaisymooSteiner Wed 24-Mar-10 16:39:32

Dh and I went on holiday when I was about 24 weeks with ds1. We very almost didn't make it as I left our plane tickets and passports on the train on the way there shock Luckily a kind train guard brought them back to the airport for us <phew>

RaraAvis Wed 24-Mar-10 18:11:55

last wednesday i got dh to drive us to next town for parentcraft, he repeatedly commented that he thought it was on mondays until i snapped at him that it was definately wednesdays and i should bloody know i keep track of everything! we get there, don't recognise anyone going in, go in and ask, it was on monday. blush now missed one and too embarrassed to turn up next week blush blush

morethemerrier Wed 24-Mar-10 19:23:56

At about 23 weeks (now 33 weeks pregnant with DC3), I had parked the car and done a bit of shopping,went back to the car and saw my set of keys on the passenger seat?!?confused

Thought oh dear, that's not good the car could have been stolen! Only to find the doors locked! hmm

Convinced myself that the car must have some self locking device (despite it NEVER having happened in the two years I have owned it!), and debated my predicament.

I then decided I had no option but to walk the 45 mins home, passing my 10yr old sons school on the way where I would have to enlist his help to break into the house (through the groundfloor playroom window)to get my spare car keys then walk back to the car.

Having explained to the school sec she summoned DS1, and off we went!

I should mention that DH was in meetings during all of this, but called when we were just about home.

When I told him what had happened, he said, "but did't you take your car key off your set yesterday?"

At which point, I looked in my bag to find my car key staring right back at me! blush

We had swapped cars the day before and he always moans about all my keys and key rings so I had taken it off, but I can honestly say that up until that point I had NO idea how my keys could have become locked in the car! confused

DS1 and DH thought I was a complete loon, and by the time I had dropped DS1 back at school (having consumed his body weight in chocolate for his silence!), I had walked for the best part of two hours! blush

I am NEVER this forgetful I even know my national ins number off by heart fgs, and can only put it down to pregnancy!!!


DwayneDibbley Wed 24-Mar-10 19:48:47

Message withdrawn

MammyG Wed 24-Mar-10 21:49:22

Im on my third pregnancy and in each one I have lost my sense of self/spatial awareness. Have closed cupboard doors on my own head! Pulled the boot down on my head once. Got into the car and bashed forehead as didnt duck far enough. Pulled too close to the counter and mis judged height - nearly wet myself with the blow. Have had to ban DH or anyone from throwing things to me!
This time round I have given up on trying to remember things and put them into my phone calendar straight away - its nearly full already as even the most basic memo has to go in there!

Champagneforlunch Thu 25-Mar-10 09:53:41

With DD1 I managed to forget I had a car. Had a midwife appointment and realising I didn't ahve enough time to walk to the surgery decided to get a taxi. I then had to hunt all over the house for money to pay the taxi so was running even later wasn't until I was sittng in the taxi heading to the surgery that I remebered that the week before I had bought a car and it was sitting in the car park round the corner.

Nymphadora Thu 25-Mar-10 10:20:30

I am getting so forgetful. I regularly losing the indicators in the car although my parking is getting better hmm

I am worried about the holiday next week as I am going to have to rely on DH to make sure we have all the paper work etc

parkj83 Thu 25-Mar-10 11:23:37

We had guests round for dinner one evening, and I picked them up (their car had broken down), and on the way back, nipped into tesco to get a few things for pudding, and for brekkie the next day.

Parked up, no problems, started serving dinner, no problems. Wanted to make the pudding.

I couldn't find the shopping, asked my friends if they remembered me bringing it in, they couldn't. Thought it was in the footwell of the car, so coerced DH to go down and get it.

He came back empty handed, and I started to worry. Couldn't find it in the kitchen anywhere.

DH: Did you have it in a shopping bag?
Me: No, I'm positive I carried it in just as it was.

DH goes into the kitchen, rustles a bag, and produces the shopping. It was there all along, in a Tesco bag... blush

DH is getting good at dealing with episodes like this...!

Dibbydab Thu 25-Mar-10 13:11:18

In fit of domestic goddessness made DH a delish cooked breakfast - sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms with a huge hunk of toasted homemade bread with proper butter to mop it all up - he normally gets a cup of coffee flung in his general direction. So far so good.

Unfortunately I also had the dog's bowl on the work top filling up his food bowl - yes ladies, I promptly put DH's breakfast plate on the floor for the dog who thought all his Christmases had come at once and proudly presented DH with the dog's bowl of kibble.

DH made himself a bowl of cornflakes whilst shaking his head, but the dog thinks I'm the best mum in the world. blush

ARbaby Thu 25-Mar-10 13:18:34

mostly oven related forgetfulness.

Ive left the gas ring on the cooker lit all day long. My fiance wondered why the room was so warm when he arrived home from work.

I've cooked my entire dinner on the hob but still had the oven going throughout with nothing in it.

I've made some biscuits and totally forgotton about them, even though I never left the room whilst thay were baking! Some time later when I could smell burning I couldn't understand where it was coming from, I had no recollection of putting them in the oven. They were of course inedible.

I've also forgotton how to drive whilst driving.

Now I'm 38 weeks pregnant and daren't leave the house incase I burn it down or kill myself on the roads.

darcymum Thu 25-Mar-10 13:28:01

Feeling a bit emotional I was looking for asparagus in the supermarket and couldn't find any. I asked the assistant if they had any, he had a quick look and then said they had sold out. At this point I started crying in the middle of the store. Trying to console me he said he would have a look in the back and emerged with a bunch for me. I then didn't want to buy it because it was too expensive but felt I had no choice.

parkj83 Thu 25-Mar-10 13:45:35

pmsl at Dibby!

mamjo Thu 25-Mar-10 14:10:22

I had my parents over for the weekend and made them crumpets for breakfast. Everyone finshed their plates and drank their tea. I realised about 20 minutes later that I had forgot to turn on the grill and had therefore just given everyone cold, uncooked crumpets (eurgh). When I asked why no one had mentioned it they reminded me of some of the emotional (angry and crying) reactions to other things I had had over the previous days and admitted that they were currently scared of me.

BessieBoots Thu 25-Mar-10 14:18:03

When I was about 30 weeks pg with DS2, I went for the day with my dad's new girlfriend. We went for lunch, and then shopping. However, I went to the toilet and my blood ran cold- there was blood in my pee. Rushed straight to casualty, where I was crying (dad's lovely girlfriend had no idea what to do with me.)

Went in to see the doc, he examined me and was very sympathetic. The penny finally dropped in my mind when he asked what I'd had for lunch.

A very nice beetroot salad blush

LuckyC Thu 25-Mar-10 16:25:02

mamjo grin

Great thread. Unfortunately I am perfect and never do anything odd even though I am 34 weeks.

(A blatant and outrageous lie. Actually just can't remember anything to say. I am so forgetful at the moment I can barely remember my name, let alone a string of . Could not tell you what day of the week it is right now with any confidence without checking.)

mamjo Thu 25-Mar-10 18:21:31

Hi LuckyC, I know what you mean, I was gonna ask hubby for other stories of daft stuff I've done recently but realised that he spends most of everyday laughing at me and that I really didn't want all the craziness laid bare for all to see.

MPuppykin Thu 25-Mar-10 19:43:40

I have been forgetting what I am saying by the time I am half way through the sentence.

DH has spent most of today shaking his head at me and saying i really ought to go lie down because I am acting daft, but I have no iidea why.

LilyPad72 Fri 26-Mar-10 09:06:17

Dibby and Mamjo - Oh so PMSL!

Am obviously just a beginner, currently have only so far found weird things in the fridge I have no recollection of putting there, and locked myself out of the house while righteously clutching my purse - having picked that up instead of my keys before shutting the door... But - am only 17 weeks, so I presume I have all these other delights to look forward to yet... Would it be fair, or just cruel, to warn my DH...??

BusyMissIzzy Fri 26-Mar-10 10:17:47

grin Dibby, your poor DH (and lucky dog!)

I managed to swap the times of two antenatal appointments in my head (even though I had them written down on my calendar), so ended up and hour early for one and an hour late for the other blush

Also returned to car park after shopping to find I'd left my window completely open shock Actually maybe completely open was less obvious that partially open IYSWIM, but still..

Also used to take me a good minute at least to figure out which dial on the hob I had to turn for the burner I wanted. Even though they have a little picture beside each dial to show which corresponds to which burner.

P.S. I'm now almost 3 weeks postpartum and it hasn't gotten any better...

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