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still bleeding after 11 days

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horseshoe Thu 21-Jul-05 19:18:23

Well still bleeding...

It started last Monday after I had a gush of water and then lots of blood as I urinated. Hospital confirmed vaginal bleed and said my cervix looked open and the likelyhood was a m/c. However a scan showed all was well the next day and I was sent home to rest!

I went back to the hospital yesterday for another scan as midwive is getting concerned about the amount of time I have been bleeding (11 days). The scan shows all is well and the urine, blood and swab tests have all come back clear but I have been getting sharp pains recently.

The doctor told me that at around 14 weeks pregnancy, the placenta moves up to take over nourishing the baby and it's likely that part of the placenta has detached from the uterus wall. Although I have only heard of the placenta detaching in late pregnancy, the doctor said this was a fairy common occurence at this time and in 70% of cases, it fixes itself.

The good news is that my cervix had closed and although still bleeding, doctor says my condition is improving compared to last week so outlook looks good.

I just wondered if anyone had heard of this or had same type of thing.

Mirage Thu 21-Jul-05 20:21:29

Horseshoe,I don't know if this will help,but I have had prolonged bleeding in both of my pregnancies & despite scans & swabs,no one has ever been able to find out why.Both of my girls were born fit & well.

I'll keep everything crossed that things continue to improve for you.

AnotherHelen Fri 22-Jul-05 13:12:20

Hey horseshoe! my sister had this with both her pregnancy's and she gave birth to a healthy son 2.5 years ago and then a healthy daughter 7 weeks ago! she did have placenta problems again very late in both her pregnancies where she had a tough birth with her first as the placenta started coming away with contractions and she was told afterwards that they were VERY worried about her son during delivery and advised her to have a c-section next time, she went into labour 3 weeks early with her daughter and refused a c-section, she gave birth after a very short labour of 3 hours to a healthy 8lb girl, but hadnt realised at the time that her placenta had almost completley detached during labour and had she been any longer or had she not gone into labour early it would have gone completley and obviously so would baby!!! so she was very lucky, and Dr's have said if she were to have anymore she would be scanned regulary and have a c-section booked early as possible! Im sure your Dr's will keep a good eye on you and your baby! Hope your pregnancy goes from strength to strength! im sure you will be fine!
Helen xxxxxx

horseshoe Thu 28-Jul-05 12:29:30

Still's been nearly 3 weeks but baby looks fine.....

triceratops Thu 28-Jul-05 12:32:10

I had this at around 18 weeks. I bled for over a month. You could see where the placenta had come away on the scan. It was very scary but it stopped and everything seems fine now.

Fingers crossed that it all works out.

Mirage Thu 28-Jul-05 20:34:57

I've been wondering how you were Horseshoe.Glad that your little one is still ok.

horseshoe Fri 29-Jul-05 16:51:43

Thank you Mirage.

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