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Chicken pox & 3 weeks pregnant

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juba Sat 20-Mar-10 13:13:37

Hi, I'm covered in chicken pox and 3 weeks pregnant, very worried and trying to understand whether congenital varicella syndrome (CVS) effects on baby are related to the stage of development the fetus is at when you have the pox. I've read CVS can cause birth defects, such as skin scarring, small head, and can affect baby's development. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks.

babynumberthree Sat 20-Mar-10 15:54:53

Risk to baby seems very small. Here's a link to nhs website
I'm not very good with links so hope it works and hope you feel better soon.

monoid Sat 20-Mar-10 15:56:07

NHS direct

It seems to be a rare coondition, but you need to tell your doctor or midwife.

nickytwotimes Sat 20-Mar-10 16:00:10

Have you been given immunoglobin or anti-virals yet? If not ask. Might be too late, but worth checking.

The risks are fairly small, but worth finding out more from specialist, definitely.

Hope you are well again soon and all is fine. Must be horribly worrying.

juba Sat 20-Mar-10 18:35:48

Thanks all, and for the link babynumberthree.
Very odd but I had a blood test on what must have been my 1st contagious day and it was negative. It was over 10d since I'd been exposed so I wasn't given anything for it. I understand there's nothing we can do to manage it now it's here but I just want to learn what, if any, complications a fetus at 3-4 weeks is most likely to develop.

juba Tue 14-Dec-10 22:14:37

I'd totally forgotten I'd started this thread but thought it worth adding a (very late) update.

My pregnancy did actually end up in miscarriage at 7 weeks. I just can't help wondering whether the chicken pox had something to do with it, even though everything I read doesn't seem to think so.

Just thought anyone in my position might like to be aware of this because if I'd had a vaccination early enough it's possible it may have turned out differently.

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