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experience of Kiddicare website? Plus cot and crib necessary??

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flexab23 Thu 18-Mar-10 21:03:28

Has anyone bought anything from kiddicare website? After yet another falling out with sister (long story) decided I'd rather buy new cot and crib than her be able to retract the offer/loan at any point!

Seem to be some good deals on Kiddicare and quick delivery. Do I really need a crib and a cot/cot bed? Thinking of cotbed as lasts longer - any views/advice ladies?

moaningminniewhingesagain Fri 19-Mar-10 10:44:18

I have used Kiddicare a lot, for pushchairs, car seats, buggysnuggle etc. Always been great and good deals.

I only used a carrycot/moses basket and proper cot for the children, DD went into a big bed at about 20 months to free up the cot for DS. I felt that cotbeds and cribs were an unneccessary expense basically, cot beds v cute but not needed.

Travel cot you can keep downstairs for trips to toilet without DC/ to sleep in on really bad nights is handy though.
Would have loved one as a gift thoughsmile

roary Fri 19-Mar-10 11:23:26

They are great, very fast delivery - only flaw is that you have to pay for returns if it's not quite right (they will pay if damaged or the wrong item). With large things this can be a huge hassle, so make sure you are certain before you order!

glasgowlass Fri 19-Mar-10 11:49:20

I have bought so much from Kiddicare and cannot sing their praises enough. Excellent service, speedy(free if over £29.99) delivery(they text you when item out for delivery and now provide an hour time slot for said deliveries). Deliveries have always been on time and they even price matched a recent purchase where I found it online cheaper. (they refunded diff + 15% of diff).

Not sure about returns service, never had to use it to be honest.

The other thing I like it that on the website you can access demonstration videos for items you may wish to buy.

AKMD Fri 19-Mar-10 12:06:14

I've used Kiddicare and found it excellent for all sorts of things.

I bought a cot bed and a second hand moses basket (new mattress) as I wasn't sure how useful it would be. DS (3 weeks) sleeps very well in the cot bed, although he does look very tiny in it and the moses basket is great for keeping downstairs so there is somewhere safe to put him down while I am cooking/have visitors etc.

flexab23 Fri 19-Mar-10 22:31:04

Brilliant, sounds to me like a cot is the way to go and I've already got a moses basket so your advice will defo save me some cash - thanks all!

JanineL213 Fri 26-Mar-10 11:42:27

Just thought i would give everyone here a heads up.. My second little one is due in 3 weeks and i have purchased everything from a company called!! I can't speak highly enough of them, at first i was very sceptical about using them as i had never heard of them before. However once i played my order, i received it with 24 hours and the communication was great so that eased any fears i had. To top it off they were the best price by quite a bit on all the products i purchased.

I hope this helps

JBroRo Fri 26-Mar-10 16:02:33

We ordered a nursery chair from Kiddicare and I was so impressed by their service.

Delivery was so quick and they even gave a really specific delivery time which I have never had before from any other company.

Would definitely use them again x

vq1234 Sun 17-Feb-13 12:08:19

I'm afraid I can't agree with these experiences, we've had problems with Kiddicare. We ordered a chair and Moses basket from them. Basket was fine but the chair arrived without any nuts & bolts or instructions. We called up to ask for them to be delivered & they could only send on a Monday (we had paid for Sat delivery - which to be fair they did refund), but when the pieces arrived finally (Tuesday) there were no instructions attached. My husband called up & was assured they would be sent out, nothing received, then after a week I called up and asked for them to be emailed as this chair and all it's pieces was still sitting un-assembled in our living room! They assured me these would emailed, but today left me a message saying they only have hard copies so will post them out to us. Luckily my husband used his Initiaive and has made the chair anyway but what a palaver! Avoid!

StateofConfusion Sun 17-Feb-13 12:28:30

used them for all large purchases after motherboard proved horrendous when we shopped for pfb always excellent service can't recommend them enough.

wrt crib etc my eldest is the only one who slept away from me in the early days he bad a carrot and Moses basket my girls however slept with me im about to order a new cobed mattress from them for dd2 to side car it to my bed to make co sleeping g a bit roomier

Snusmumriken Sun 17-Feb-13 12:36:14

They are great until you buy a faulty product and need to return it and get a refund. We had to return a pushchair that had faulty breaks. It was an absolute nightmare. We ended up having to reschedule the pick up day three times as the service they used never came. I had to take time off work each time.

Long story short- try calling the number they tell you to call if you have a complaint. When it is manned it is manned by incompetent and rude a- holes.

MiaowTheCat Sun 17-Feb-13 14:05:44

Only issue I've ever had was an in-store purchase where their console paymenty things (if you've been in-store you'll know what I mean) screwed up, we were told we hadn't been charged twice - but had been.

Considering it was £700 on a pram it was somewhat eyewatering having to sit and wait for THAT to be re-credited to the account!

Online stuff's always been fine.

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