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Hospital f*ck up, WHATS GOING ON?

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marne Tue 19-Jul-05 20:28:07

Realy anoyed with my local hospital, went in sunday with a bleed, im 5 weeks pg, waited for an hour to see a nurse another half an hour to see doctor. They said the couldnt scan me because it was sunday and booked me in for a weeks time. Anyway went to see GP yeataday for check up, told doctor about sunday, he asked me my blood group so i told him rhesus neg, he then told me that i should of had a anti D injection at the hospilal and that they should of checked my blood for antibodies. The hospital never even asked my blood group, anyway now i have to wait to hear from the doctor to find out when i can go to hospital to have anti D. It has to be given up to a week after the bleed, still havnt herd anything,
Anyway not sure what will happen if i dont have anti D so does any body know? could i misscary?

MascaraOHara Tue 19-Jul-05 20:31:52

no but it might mean you have difficulty carrying further children. If antibodies have developed. The dr/midwife should have given you loads of info. I'm Rhs Neg too.

MascaraOHara Tue 19-Jul-05 20:32:10

Sorry what blood group is the father?

marne Tue 19-Jul-05 20:38:24

Cant remember what group dh is but i know hes not rhesus neg as we had problems when i was pg with dd (had to have anti D twice)

MascaraOHara Tue 19-Jul-05 20:40:35

You should get an Anti-D then just to be on the safe side!

marne Tue 19-Jul-05 20:43:10

Think i will phone gp tomorow to make sure they are sorting it out, what could happen if i dont?

MascaraOHara Tue 19-Jul-05 20:45:06

If antibodies develop your body can reject future babies. I'm just working from memory now though and I'm no nurse! I don't want to give you misleading info so I would phone your GP/midwife to be on the safe side..

Did they not give you loads of docs to read and a red card?

marne Tue 19-Jul-05 20:49:10

All the doctor said is that the babies blood must not come in contact with mine, didnt realy say why, think he thought i knew why as i have been pg before. I havnt seen a midwife yey, i see her in two weeks hopefuly she will explain thing to me.

MascaraOHara Tue 19-Jul-05 20:52:12

You really need to see somebody ASAP. It's very important that if the bloods have contacted you get an anti-d. I don't know what the timescale for that is, sorry

marne Tue 19-Jul-05 20:55:10

Was told a week, thought they could do it at the doctors, seems stupid to send me to hospital to have it done. Doctor said he would phone me but i havnt herd from him, should i phone doctor tomorow?

MascaraOHara Tue 19-Jul-05 20:56:57

I think the midwife will do it for you.

AnotherHelen Wed 20-Jul-05 12:26:21

Marne i have always been told you have to have anti-d ALOT sooner than that! i too am rhesus neg and had a concern that i never got my anti-d after my last baby and i had to check later on, my gp and midwife informed me that it needed to be given no more than 48 hours after a bleed of anykind - delivery/miscarry/just a bleed! i had to my relief had it and obviously not realised, but i was told and have been many times as im now pregnant with baby no.3 that if you have a bleed of anykind you need a shot of anti-d ASAP otherwise you will develop antibodies and any further pregnancies will be trouble as your body will see the growing baby as a foreign body to fight and will attack it! I cant understand why your gp said up to a week (hopefully im wrong) i would REALLY REALLY chase them up and start causing some hell if they dont get a wriggle on!
Let us know how you get on! i have some info somewhere i will try and find it and check on there!

Gomez Wed 20-Jul-05 12:28:19

This might help marne - I am 0 rheus negative and bled at around 10 weeks with DD2. I was advised that there was no need for anti-d if the bleed was before 12 weeks so you should be okay given the early stages of your pregnance. HTH

hester Wed 20-Jul-05 12:30:06

Marne, don't panic: my doctor says you don't need anti-D before 12 weeks pg. I bled for six weeks starting at 10 weeks, and they only gave me anti-D once I was over 12 weeks.

My understanding is that at five weeks you will not be producing enough antibodies to make it an issue.


Gomez Wed 20-Jul-05 12:30:39

snap hester!

hester Wed 20-Jul-05 12:30:50

Sorry to repeat Gomez - just seen her post

Nik72 Wed 20-Jul-05 12:33:09

I'm rh neg too. The policy at my hospital is not to give anti D for bleeds before 12 weeks as the risk of forming antibodies that early in pregnancy is very low. Not getting anti D will not make you miscarry. I know the guidelines here for antiD have changed fairly recently as they used to give it for all bleeds but I think the latest research suggests it isn't necessary. Hope that helps.

Nik72 Wed 20-Jul-05 12:34:07

OOps,snap too..... At least we all agree.

Gomez Wed 20-Jul-05 12:37:02

Hey confirmation is good. Hope you are feeling calmer Marne.

AnotherHelen Wed 20-Jul-05 12:49:57

Wow - i never knew that! just shows what conflicting advice you get of Dr's and nurses etc....

Nat777 Wed 20-Jul-05 12:58:37

Ohh I am quite worried now! I am 36 + 2 and found out on Monday that I am Rehsus Neg, no one has really explained anything to me and I am confused!

As far as I can make out, they will test mine and baby's blood just after birth and if they have mixed I will then require an Anti D injection. Is this correct?

Sorry to hijack thread, its just that talk of needing an Anti D throughout pregnancy has worried me slightly, although I am sure I would only have needed if I have bled (which I havent)


hester Wed 20-Jul-05 13:05:29

Nat, I'm really surprised you've just found out you are rhNeg. Did they not test your blood when you booked in?

Standard procedure now is to give preventative anti-D at 28 weeks and 34 weeks in the first pregnancy (unless the father is also RhNeg), plus if you have any bleeds. I'm not sure what practice is in further pregnancies.

Sounds like you should ask your midwife about this, but don't panic if they've missed you out. Preventative anti-D has only been routine practice for a few years and is seen a bit of a belt-and-braces, I think. They will of course check if you need anti-D after birth, and as you haven't bled I'm sure everything will be fine.

Gomez Wed 20-Jul-05 13:06:07

Nat, I don't think there will be any testing of baby's blood - well certainly wasn't here. But if you are rh neg then you will be given the anti-d fairly soon post-delivery. In any subsequent pgs you will be tested for anti-bodies or stuck with anti-d at regular intervals depending on policy in your area. There is nothing to worry honestly.

Nik72 Wed 20-Jul-05 13:06:19

You'll need anti D if your baby is rhesus positive - it's to stop you forming antibodies that could affect your next pregnany & cause a type of anaemia in the baby. After the birth they take blood from the cord to check baby's blood group & blood from you to see how much of baby's bood got into your boodstream during birth so they can work out how much antiD you need.

Nat777 Wed 20-Jul-05 14:00:35

Thanks so much, feel alot better now. Didnt find the Midwife very helpful and when I questioned her she looked at me like I was stupid!

Thanks again.

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