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Brown spotting at 11 weeks

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sparkle1981 Fri 12-Mar-10 14:56:57

I am 11 weeks preganant and had light spotting (brown) yesterday and today. I also have slight stomach pains (just uncomfortable, not too bad). Has anybody else had this? I'm not sure if it is anything to worry about or not? Thanks in advance for any replies.

PrivetDancer Fri 12-Mar-10 14:59:30

it's most likely nothing, i had very similar with my pg, and most people seem to get a bit of spotting around this time or a bit later on.
You could always ring your midwife and she might send you along for a scan to check things out to save you worrying. That's what they did for me anyway and it certainly calmed me down. Are you due a dating scan soon anyway?

sparkle1981 Fri 12-Mar-10 15:08:01

Thanks for the reassurance. I am due a scan in a couple of days anyway. I was really excited about the scan but now i'm a bit worried as until this everything seemed to be going really well.

PrivetDancer Fri 12-Mar-10 15:39:59

well I won't say don't worry, as that won't help much, but I bet it's nothing and all will be fine. Brown is definitely a good thing, rather than bright red too. It's probably just the baby bedding in properly. Let us know how the scan goes!

auburnlizzy78 Fri 12-Mar-10 18:17:37

If it helps to reassure you, I am 11 weeks 6 days now, and at 11 weeks 1 day I started bleeding bright red blood - it lasted 20 minutes then stopped, and has been off and on as light brown spotting since then. I went straight to the hospital when I saw the bright red blood (brown blood is old, and would have scared me much less) and the baby was completely fine. I had my 12 week official scan today and everything's still perfect. Midwife wasn't that bothered, the sonographer today said it happens a lot. Several theories - it's either your body trying to have a period, or it's a little blood vessel around the placenta bursting (harmless) or it's from your cervix (if you've recently had sex) - but sometimes it just happens and it can't really be explained. I'm not a doctor or anything, this is just what I was told.
Good luck - I'm sure everything is fine. x

dragonrides Fri 12-Mar-10 18:45:45

I had some light bleeding (red) and brown discharge few days after at the very beginning of the 12th week, accompanied by cramping in the lower abdomen. It happened right after a 5-hr flight and the night before I got too tired from preparing for the trip - cooking and cleaning and only slept for 4 hours, I remember standing in the shower and could barely stay in position. Throughout the trip I was definitely not as active as I normally were and rested in the hotel for three days. Everything turned out to be fine, I am at the end of 24th week now and never had bleeding since then - I think making sure that you have a good diet and having enough rest will help.

Bumperlicious Fri 12-Mar-10 18:58:30

I had brown spotting at 7 weeks and just had my 12 week scan and all is fine. Obviously it is very worrying, but the chances are more than likely that all is ok.

Take care, and rest up (not that it will make any difference but it might make you feel better).

SarahAlice Fri 12-Mar-10 19:27:33

Hi ya! I had brown spotting at 7 weeks and feared the worst. I am now 14 weeks and all is well (still keeping everything crossed!) and I was told that it was either my body trying to have a period or trying to ovulate. I had crampy pains too, which I still get. Try not to worry, it is really common and when I told the lady in the EPDU the week after at the dating scan she said that it's nothing to worry about at all. Good luck, and let us know how you go!! xxx

theansweris42 Fri 12-Mar-10 20:54:03

same here and just had 12 week scan oday and all is well
good luck!

LittlePoot Fri 12-Mar-10 20:56:12

Hi Sparkle,
Hopefully all is well, and there are lots of positive stories here to reassure you. In my case however, I had a tiny tiny bit of bleeding at about 8 weeks and at a scan a week later we found out the baby had stopped developing at 7 weeks. Although the bleeding can be normal, it can be a sign of a problem so I'd suggest you go to the early pregnancy unit to make sure. That's what they're there for - and you'll feel much better to know. Good luck.

sparkle1981 Sat 13-Mar-10 12:26:14

Thanks everyone for all your replies. I am having my scan today so i am keeping my fingers crossed all is well.

missmoopy Sat 13-Mar-10 12:38:12

I hope it is good news. I had brown spotting at 12 weeks and it all was well. They said it was normal and very common. Good luck x

sparkle1981 Sat 13-Mar-10 15:28:35

Not good news i'm afraid. Apparently baby died at 6 weeks but i had no bleeding or pain so thought eveerything was going well.

mumatron Sat 13-Mar-10 15:34:16

so orry to hear that.

hope you have someone there with you.

take care.


Mummyisamonster Sat 13-Mar-10 15:41:54

Oh god, what awful news. I am so sorry. x x

auburnlizzy78 Sat 13-Mar-10 16:02:50

Shocked, and so sorry for your loss x

PrivetDancer Sat 13-Mar-10 16:14:30

i'm really sorry to hear that sparkle

randomimposter Sat 13-Mar-10 16:37:26

sparkle am SO sorry to hear that. When I saw your original post and (at that stage) only positive responses I didn't want to be the only dissenting voice. (That probably sounds cowardly but there is never anything to gain by worrying maybe (and hopefully) unnecessarily).

It's a terrible shock I know, have had 2 MMCs. The first one was without any spotting or symptoms at all. The second, had the tiniest amount of brown, but just had this feeling.

Hope you're getting lots of RL support. I found reading and posting on here very helpful in the early weeks.

Best wishes to you. x

sparkle1981 Sat 13-Mar-10 18:02:10

Thanks for your lovely messgaes everyone. I was slightly worried going into the scan after the spotting yesterday but was hoping to be told everything would be ok. I had a miscarriage last year at 5 weeks but thought that everything was ok this time as i had got to 11 weeks without any problems (so i thought). I still feel pregnant now which makes it even worse. I have to go up to the hospital on monday to decide what to do now. :-(

missmoopy Sat 13-Mar-10 19:31:04

I am so very sorry. Big hugs xx

liahgen66 Sat 13-Mar-10 20:11:23

Hi sparkle I too saw your post but didn't say anything for fear of upsetting you, I am in same position as jollster and have had more than one mmc. It's so shit and i'm very sorry you are having to go through it.

If you feel like talking to thers in the same boat, you could come

over here. You don't have to be ttc to come over, we all know what you are going through on this thread, maybe we can be of some comfort to you.

Be gentle onyourself over the next few days, talk about your little one as much as you like, and talk to your dh too, he must be as shell shocked as you are.

(((())) hugs to you. x

dragonrides Sat 13-Mar-10 21:14:19

I am very sorry to hear that...I could remember how terrible I felt when I had the bleeding...but I guess it doesn't always end the way we want it to be.

Rest up and give yourself some time to recover (I heard from my naturopathic doc that miscarriage is as if giving birth, needs a lot of rest, time and good diet to recover). But look at the bright side and prepare for your precious baby to come in the future! And I hope your family will be a strong support for you emotionally...take care!

randomimposter Sat 13-Mar-10 22:12:32

sparkle - if it helps at all, have had one ERPC (which was totally fine, quick recovery, felt physically fine the next day and "you know where you are" IYSWIM), and one natural MC (awaiting a delayed ERPC). This was also ok, though a little bit scary at the time (mostly because I didn't know how much worse the blood loss would get - basically had 5 hours attached to various bathroom facilities - but pain was very manageable).

I hope whatever you decide/or actually happens goes as well as possible and as Liah says, do come and join us on the MC thread if/when you feel you want to. REALLY lovely (and funny) women who will listen and give support and make you feel that all the things you are going through and feeling are absolutely normal.

PS the still feeling pg thing? SO remember that from my first MMC. It seemed unbelievable.

SarahAlice Sun 14-Mar-10 20:06:10

Oh Sparkle, I am so sorry to hear that darling! I had a MMC at 9w2d last year (1st pregnancy). I had an ERPC and it was very quick and after a friend of mine had the same and decided to go home and let nature take it's course (which took 2 more weeks) I think it is the best way too. My bleeding lasted 6 weeks and it was light and I had no pain. Once the bleeding stops they reccommend you have one period and then you can try again. I know how you are feeling, and it's horrid. I was lucky in the sense that the day I had the scan I also had the op. Let us know how you get on tomorrow and try not to be too sad, all these things happen for a reason. Sorry for the cliche! Lots of love and let us know how you go tomorrow! MWAH! xxxxxxxx

sparkle1981 Mon 15-Mar-10 16:40:11

Thanks for the messages. think i may have a look at the other thread that was mentioned. Decided to go for a ERPC and am booked in for wednesday.

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