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Rhesus -Negative: Advice for 3rd stage needed - urgent!

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mirashark Mon 18-Jul-05 13:37:41

I am 40+4 so just about to pop and have done lots of research on Rhesus but got a lot of conflicting advice on what to do about the 3rd stage of labour for the best. I chose not to have Anti-D during pregnancy so will only be receiving it if baby is +Positive.

To avoid blood exchange as much as poss during birth and delivering afterbirth is it better to

A: Accept syntometrin and quicken the placenta delivery?

B: Let it come naturally with no physical help or tugging?

C: To clamp the umbilical or not to clamp?

Apparently clamping can cause a swell inside and force blood back and forth through the placenta but if you just get them to let the umbilical just bleed does it complicate the process of taking blood for the baby's rhesus test?

And what if it's a water birth with all that blood swimming about?

Any advice greatly accepted as I have to compose a birth plan like, yesterday!!!

thanks so much X

starlover Mon 18-Jul-05 21:38:09

don't know, but bumping for you!

lilaclotus Mon 18-Jul-05 21:42:18

is this your first pregnancy? i had no problem with this in my first pregnancy and had the anti-d injection after i gave birth. they said dd was rhesus positive and it might be more of a problem in a second pregnancy. i talked about it with my gp as we're ttc, but he said they will just monitor my bloods on checkups. will be following this thread for more info on the subject.

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