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Advice needed re discharge

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wobblymum Mon 23-Jun-03 03:06:23

I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice. I'm 40 + 3 today and last night when I went to bed about 8, I noticed I'd started getting quite a bit of clear discharge. I was shattered so I didn't worry about it and just went to bed. Now I've just got up and it's still coming quite noticeably, like a heavy period but totally clear and doesn't smell. Also I've had aches like really light period pains and worse backache for about a week.

Either way I'm going to ring the midwife about 9ish but is it likely to just be the start of a show or could it be something serious? I really don't want to go phoning round at this time of night when it doesn't seem serious but is there anything it could be that means be I should phone now?

I probably sound really panicky and paranoid but now I've got this far I'm scared of something suddenly going wrong at the last minute!!

Thanks for reading, I'm going to have to rename myself paranoidmum if this carries on!!!

princesspeahead Mon 23-Jun-03 08:47:57

this may sound a bit silly and obvious, but it isn't your waters leaking is it? I assume it is a bit heavier in consistency than that, but you should have a think. if not, it sounds like mucous and is probably just a sign that things are beginning to happen with your cervix - how exciting! keep us posted...

Demented Mon 23-Jun-03 10:05:49

wobblymum,judging by your other symtoms it sounds like labour. Personally though I would get it checked out. When I was pg with DS1 I had a similar discharge at about 39 wks, I went to the hospital to have it checked out as I thought it may be waters and the midwife took a swab, found no trace of waters but I tested positive for Strep B, so probably worth checking out. All the best, it sounds as though your little one will be with you soon.

pie Mon 23-Jun-03 10:06:36

Sounds tome like your waters have broken, as pph suggests!

I had a show with DD and it was thick, pink tinged mucus, not clear and it was a one off rather than continuous as yours sounds.

Let us know!

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